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Job Description for Internship at CFBI

Citizens Foundation for Better India is a not-for-profit foundation, initiated by a group of spirited
professionals who had formed Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG). CAG has been credited for
redefining campaigning in India during the General Elections earlier this year through its innovative
nation-wide initiatives especially by leveraging technology in a way unknown to that domain.
CFBIs members come from top global firms such as JP Morgan, BCG, Goldman Sachs, etc., having
completed their education from the finest institutions in India & abroad, such as IITs, IIMs, Harvard,
Stanford, Imperial College etc. We share a common passion for creating positive social impact at the
grassroots level.
The Foundation aims to improve the overall quality of life by implementing sustainable solutions through
collaborative actions at scale. The focus will be on evidence-backed solutions in domains of Education,
Health, Livelihood, and Community Service. These domains are the bedrock of indicators like Human
Development Index (HDI) and therefore a natural choice for our operations.
Ongoing CFBI Projects
Consulting projects with State Governments and Quasi-Government organisations
Managing CSR programs for top Corporate Groups. Projects include developing Model
Villages, Community Kitchen, etc.
Flagship Initiatives like Central Registry for Blood and Organ donor base and Mobilization
Camps, in partnership with civil society organisations
You can find more details in our brouchure:
Ideal Candidate should be able to work in a start-up environment, think strategically, solve problems in a
dynamic setting, willing to work sincerely as part of a team and should be street smart
Responsibilities We are looking for interns that will add value to our existing projects in following ways
Conduct primary and secondary research on project related themes
Assist design the campaigns and activities related to projects
Assist in the on-ground execution of project related activities
Internship Duration: One Month
Location: Sector 62, Noida
Stipend: 15k
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