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Timeline Rubric

2100 blvd. des Laurentides, Vimont, Laval, Quebec. H7M 2R5

Tel: (450) 688-2933 ext. 3126 Fax: (450) 663-1290

Name: _____________________________ Tutor: ________________________________

Date: ______________________________ Title of Work: __________________________

Criteria Points
4 3 2 1
At least six (6) At least five (5) Less than three
At least three (3)
significant significant (3) significant
significant events
Documentation events are events are events are
are present. This ____
of Events present. This present. This present. This
includes date and
includes date includes date includes date and
and description. and description. description.

All dates
indicated on At least 1 of the At least 2 of the At least 3 of the
timeline are dates or dates or dates or
Accuracy correct and are sequences is sequences are sequences are ____
sequenced in not in the proper not in the proper not in the proper
the proper order. order. order.

Goes beyond
Meets the Meets most of Does not meet
Requirements requirements of the requirements the requirements ____
requirements of
the timeline. of the timeline. of the timeline.4
the timeline.

handwriting, Writing is not Writing is not
Legibility handwriting, ____
typing, or legible in places. legible.
typing, or


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D. Brown/2009

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