Code No: OR-304/MBA
M.B.A. III-Semester Examinations, December-2006. PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Time: 3 hours Answer any FIVE questions All questions carry equal marks --1. 2. 3. 4. Write a detailed note on historical development of production and operations management. Can you project the feature of the same? Discuss the impact of technology on product process design with suitable examples. How do facilities location decisions differ for service facilities and manufacturing plants? Management may choose to build up capacity in anticipation of demand or in response to developing demand. Cite the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches. If there is a wide variation in the yields of different production operations in a production system, will you advocate the use of the LOB technique? (Assume that the situation is one of single batch production). Write a detailed note on work study and its importance in today’s production environment. What is productivity cycle? Explain the concept and applications of total productivity model. Explain the concepts of Total Quality Management and ISO 9000 series standards. --Max. Marks: 60


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