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According to the analysis result, the need for achievement, locus of control and
creative thinking are the most important characteristics for entrepreneurship. The
family, society, education and economic environment are also important factors. We
could enhance the attitude toward entrepreneurship in students at technological
colleges and universities through entrepreneurship education. We could supply
entrepreneurial knowledge to students. We could also promote more
entrepreneurial actions and foster entrepreneurial personalities. Finally, we could
provide some suggestion as below.

The entrepreneur organizes and operates an enterprise for personal

gain. He payscurrent prices for the materials consumed in the
business,for the use of the land,for the personal services he employs,
and for the capital he requires. He contributes his own initiative, skill,
and ingenuity in planning, organizing, and administering the
enterprise. He also assumes the chance of loss and gain consequent
to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances. The net residue of
the annual receipts of the enterprise after all costs have been paid, he
retains for himself.
(Richard T. Ely and Ralph H. Hes ,1937)
There are ample opportunities in small businesses in India and such opportunities will transform
India in the coming future. For such transformation to happen there needs to be support both at
the governmental and societal level. For the government it is important to realize that the goal of
small business owners will be to remain self-employed. Such people may not need financial
assistance but they will need marketing and legal assistance in order to sustain themselves.
Practical and cost effective programs need to be developed to address their needs because selfemployed people will represent an important segment in economic revitalization.
Entrepreneurship development is the key factor to fight against unemployment, poverty and to
prepare ourselves for globalization in oder to achieve overall Indian economic progress.