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CBE 5779



Problem 4.22:
= 0.05
Batch and day are nuisance variables. Ingredient is the factor of interest. Batch and day are blocked. All
variables are being treated as discrete
First we do the Analysis of Variance test on the whole model.

Conclusion: p value for whole model < . Thus one of the factors batch, day, or ingredient has an
effect on the time. However from the effects test, we see that ingredient has an effect as its
corresponding p value is less than . However, batch and day does not have any effect on the time as
their p values are > . Thus it was not necessary to block these values. Next time we do the experiment
we are not going to block the values. This will make the test more sensitive. We should do a completely
randomized design.

Conclusion: For residual analysis, we first plot the residual histogram and see if it fits as a normal
distribution. From the normal quantile plot, we see that is a bit strange. We can see a pattern , a wave
kind of pattern in the graph. However, when we plot the goodness of fit test, it shows as that the
residuals are normally distributed. So our response values are normally distributed. Plot of residuals
versus predicted values shows us that we have equal spread of data at different levels. So our
assumption of equal variances at different levels is correct. Plot of residuals v/s run order shows us that
the data is scattered and random. Hence there was proper randomization of the treatments.

Conclusion: From the power analysis, we see that to see the effect of ingredient on time, we could have
done only 17 experiments which is our LSN. We did not need to do 25 experiments. However, it is not
too large a number than 17 so we are ok with the number of runs. Power analysis on Batch shows that if
we did 53 runs, we might have seen a significant effect of the batch on our response. Again for day, we
see that if we had done LSN = 65 runs, we might have been able to observe a significant effect of day on

the response. However, as these numbers are much larger than the number of runs required to see the
effect of ingredient. So it is not required and they are not that much of a nuisance. So we dont need a
blocking design.