FEMINISED AND FROCKED! Being one year older than John, Kay had always been bossy.

Ever since he could remember she had decided what games they would play, who could play with them and when to stay in or go out. Out of habit he followed her now when she dragged him from the game of cricket. Leading him behind the summerhouse she pushed him flat against the wall saying belligerently. "Know what a French kiss is?" John had heard of this terrible and exciting kiss. Some boys had bragged about kissing that way...but he wasn't at all sure what it entailed. "Sure...everyone knows that!" But she sensed his doubts at once. "Then do it...go on give me a French kiss!" She challenged. Her lips were only inches from his...she was wearing a bright pink lipstick. John pressed his mouth clumsily against hers. He held them there not knowing what to do next. It was not an unpleasant experience. But Kay snorted angrily and pulled away. "Not like that...open your mouth!" Before he could quite collect his thoughts Kay had crushed her lips against his and snaked her hot tongue deep inside his mouth! For a moment he thought he would gag...and he twisted his head and tried to squirm free. But Kay squashed her heavier weight against his, pinning him to the wall, and her mouth remained glued to his. As her tongue wriggled and explored the inside of his mouth John slowly relaxed. Warm waves of pleasure washed over him. Without conscious thought he probed gently with his own tongue. And as their tongues flicked and entwined, as her weight against him increased...John felt almost faint with ecstasy. He had no idea how long they remained locked together. And when she eventually pulled her mouth from his, his body felt weak and trembly all over. If the wall had not supported him he was sure he would have collapsed in a heap at her feet. "Wow." She whispered shakily. They stared at each other for ages. To John she was a stranger. How had he never noticed her budding breasts...heaving now against the tight school blouse, they seemed to be the most exciting things he had ever seen..and how come he had never noticed how full and ripe her lips were. Kay was...beautiful! Kay watched him carefully. She saw the widening eyes, the naked hunger in his eyes. Inwardly she preened. Like any teenage girl she was doubtful about her appearance...John's unadulterated desire gave her a violent jolt of pleasure and pride. He wanted her, she excited him! "Want me to do it again?" She asked. John went pink. He nodded...and Kay kissed him once more. It was at this moment that their lives changed forever. His habit of accepting her dominant role was now reinforced sexually...and he was unwittingly adopting a female role at the most psychologically important moment of his life!! In the days that followed they could not get enough of each other. They met at every opportunity. And the moment they were alone she would take his unresisting body into her arms and kiss him thoroughly. They had both watched older kids necking and assumed that is what they were doing themselves...it made them feel adult, grown-up. Not for them cricket and football...they necked at every chance they got. Even at this stage it was not too late for them to find out and accept the truth. If John had had other girlfriends; if Kay had kissed other boys. But they fell hard for each other and neither wanted or needed other peoples company. All hope for a normal relationship ended one rainy afternoon a month after their first kiss. They were in Kay's house. Her parents were away for the day and they had stayed in out of the rain. They talked. About sex. "I know what they do...in bed." Kay informed him loftily. John licked his lips. Just being close to Kay thrilled him, filled his mind with strange longings. He was hoping she would kiss him, but so far she had been only interested in talking. He touched her knee saying, "Kay...." She smiled at the longing in his eyes. She loved the way he needed her. He made her feel beautiful and attractive. "Want me to kiss you?" Mike nodded silently. "I could do it to you." She whispered as she leaned towards him. Her words hung in the air...menacing...and terribly exciting. Mike felt a hot choking excitement. "Do you want to?" His voice was thick, strange. Kay saw the lust in his face. Felt her own desire swell until it threatened to choke her. Her breasts were sore...she wanted his hands to touch her there...and a warm wetness between her legs made her want to scream at him. "Remember how we used to dress-up?" John flushed. How could he ever forget? He had told her how lucky she was to be able to wear such gorgeous frilly frocks...and she had answered him by insisting he wore one for the afternoon! In the privacy of her bedroom John had reluctantly allowed her to dress him in a sticky out petticoat and a pink satin frock. Even now, several years after the event, John could remember vividly the tight grip of its puffed sleeves, each and every pretty bow sewn into its short skirt. For weeks he meekly became her 'doll', letting her dress him in all of her childish clothes. Girls clothes! Until she had grown bored, and the whole thing ended as suddenly as it had begun. Of course he remembered! "Come upstairs." She took his hand...they both knew he would not refuse. They stumbled up the stairs together, their fingers touching exploring each other's bodies, their thighs and hips nudging. He hesitated when she opened her parent's bedroom door. He had assumed they would go into her room.

"Come." She pulled him after her and closed the door behind them. John looked around, fear and desire mixed, it was a heady, intoxicating feeling. It was a pleasant room, white bedroom furniture, soft pink carpets and white curtains. A double bed draped in a pink satin cover seemed to stare at them accusingly. "Do you love me?" Kay asked. John nodded. "You know I do." "If we were married...we'd do it all the time. In a double bed." There was a dull roaring in his ears. He felt dizzy with excitement. He had no idea what was expected of him. Kay recognized that she would have to initiate the act. She unbuttoned her blouse. Saw his eyes fasten on her bra. It was the first time she had worn a bra and she knew it would excite him. "Like it?" "It...it's fantastic." He answered breathlessly. Kay ran her fingers through her hair, she turned this way and that so John could see every stitch, every neat curve of the padded pre-teen bra. "It's a Tangent Bra, she told him, look, it holds up my breasts and gives them that pointed look." John did look. It fascinated him. His fingers trembled slightly as he reached out and touched the lace covered cups, the satin sidebands as Kay pinned her hair up. She removed her skirt and petticoat. She had borrowed a pair of her mother's knickers. They were satin and she thought, rightly, that she looked sensational in them. John evidently agreed. He was spellbound. She turned to the wardrobe...and helped herself to one of her mother's nightdresses. It was made of soft white nylon. Double layered it was pinned together at the hem with a rim of stiff petal-pink lace and tiny satin ribbon. The bodice was similarly decorated. John's draw dropped. His eyes devoured the gorgeous nightdress. His trembling fingers reached out and touched its skirt. It was incredibly smooth and fragile. "Get undressed." Her voice full of suppressed excitement. John took off his shirt and dropped his trousers without his eyes leaving the nightie. Kay held the sheer nylon garment against him. John's palms ran down it as though he were already wearing it. "Do you want me to do it to you...as though we were married?" "Yes...yes." It was a plea. "Put this on...and lie on the bed." John didn't think. He simply took the nightie from her, tucked his arms under its hem, raised it over his head...and allowed it to slither over his head and shoulders. Later, re-living the moment in his own room, John was to remember that that single act was the most thrilling sensation he had ever experienced. Every inch of his body came alive; it was as though his skin had become more sensitive, vibrant and responsive, absorbing rapturously each new touch. The frilled hem as it tickled his shoulders inflamed his already high state of desire; the frothy caress of its skirts as it flowed over his naked body transported him to levels of joy he couldn't have imagined existed only a few minutes earlier. One hand came up to his chest...so he could caress the lace frill, so his trembling fingers could touch the tiny pink bows...and the heel of his palm brushed his chest...and his nipple budded!! John's other hand swept his skirts upwards so they could fall back and sensuously caress his naked thighs. He turned quickly to get the skirt swirling about him, wrapped in its thrilling embrace he was ecstatic! Kay led him to the bed. She was seething with desire, somehow his meekness, his feverish excitement and curious passivity combined to trigger bizarre needs of her own. Her only sex education had been the viewing of a soft porn movie the week before when she had mistakenly tuned-in to a cable film. Two girls had been making love on a bed...and the sight of one girl slamming her body against another had inexplicably reminded her of her necking sessions with John. The images had stayed with her...and now she could act out her fantasy. On John. She lay awkwardly next to him on the bed. Kissing him was difficult sideways...she slid her thigh over him..John waited passively. Kay mounted him...and bent her face to his. The kiss relieved the tension and suddenly they were necking enthusiastically. Kay kissed him with abandon and her groin worked unconsciously against his. There was no need or time to think, her body took over. The slow grinding motion of her hips rubbed the highly sensitive lips of her vagina sensuously against John's hardening penis. The silky smooth nightdress caressing them both. Lorna found herself copying the girl in the movie, her lower body ramming into John's spread-eagled form. His writhing ecstasy confirming in her young mind that what they were doing was the correct way to make love, the ways adults did it! Her own orgasm came in a series of tiny explosions that rocked her from head to toe. And she was staring down wide-eyed in awe just as John experienced his first ejaculation! His glazed eyes, slack jaw and inane grin put the final seal of approval on what she had done. They lay together, perfectly happy and content. She on top nuzzling him with her lips; he beneath luxuriating in the soft embrace of the soft nylon nightdress. "I love your mouth." Kay sucked on his bottom lip. "Not as much as I love yours, and I love that shade of lipstick. Is it your mothers?" John asked. Kay sat up. "Yes. Wait a minute...I want to see you wearing lipstick."

John ran his palms over his chest enjoying the feel of the nylon. He watched with hooded eyes as Kay rummaged through her mother's cosmetics on the dressing table. His eyes flicked across the room to a white nylon slip that was casually draped over a chair back. Kay saw him through the mirror, saw the glow on his face at the sight of her mother's slip. "You can try it on if you want." She spoke to his reflection. John went pink. Why, he's blushing. Kay thought. "Go on. You know you want to." John shrugged the nightie off his shoulders. Kay followed him with her eyes as he walked to the slip. As he slipped into its satin embrace she felt a stab of desire between her thighs. She glanced at her watch. Yes. There would be time for another bout on the bed. John knew her eyes were on him...and he wanted her to make love to him. He swayed his hips making the skirt swirl gently about his thighs. He pushed his chest upwards and out against the tight satin slip. Its shaped opera top cups giving the impression of tiny round breasts. www.pinaforepages.com

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