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All we want is to inspire people.

We want someone to look at us tomorrow and say:
Because of you, I didnt give up.

Contact details:
Coordinator: Neha Singh (+91 9472474746)
Convenor: AmeyPandey (+91 9122714501)
Co-convenor: Takshendra Sharma (+91 8560880785)
Visit us at:
Mail us at: Pre-school to NLUs

What is CLAT Junction?
CLAT Junction was founded in the year 2011. CLAT Junction is one of the Indias leading online portals
for CLAT preparations. Mr. AmeyPandey and Mr. Takshendra Sharma and Mr. Bansi Bishnoi the proud
founders of CLAT Junction and their dedicated team have been helping the young law aspirants in the
best way possible since the last three years.
The mission of the founders was to help the young would be lawyers with all sorts of help that they may
require for cracking the all India level law entrance exams. Also, the founders had a vision of spreading
awareness regarding Legal Education in India and its promotions in every possible way. Our experience
and the support from our alumni students have made us what we are today. It is an extremely
overwhelming feeling that these three years has not just added to our experience but also gave us a huge
family of supporters/followers both in real and virtual world.

What is project Swabhimaan?

The hindi word Swabhimaanmeans dignity. With this project we are giving support to the differently
abled students to stand firm with their dignity in this competitive world. If they see a dream, we want to
make it happen. We dont want them to give up.
Along with the study materials, examination tricks, career counseling, examination updates, mock test
papers, sectional test papers, emotional support and guide, CLAT junction has also been helping the
young achievers economically and financially. This is one of those financial aid projects of CLAT
Junction where CLAT aspirants who are differently abled gets the benefit. They are financed for filling
the entrance examination forms for CLAT. In addition to the finance, they are guided by our team in their
preparation and selected 25 students are given access to the ONLINE COURSES for FREE worth Rs.
5,000 each.
Yes, Project Swabhimaan is one of the dream projects of our founders which help the differently abled
CLAT aspirants free of cost and also bears their examination expenses. This is to encourage legal
education as well as empowering the differently abled students who dare to dream. Our dream is to make
their dreams make come true!
Thus, in consequence to the project we also take care of our corporate social responsibility.
Legal profession is something which requires sharp skills and knowledge. Fortunately or unfortunately it
is often misunderstood as a profession having to do everything with the outlook and personality of the
lawyer. Similarly, a person with certain physical disablement might look at it in the same manner and
could never gain the courage to opt it as his own profession.
Therefore, we are here to guide them and support them if they take up this profession. It is our duty to
make them understand it is not the personality but knowledge. It is only the skill and knowledge which
gives you a gleaming personality that is often portrayed by a lawyer. Anybody irrespective of anything
than his knowledge can carry the same aura and excel in this field.
Encouraging these young kids to take up law is also one of the objectives of this project.

How are they going to survive once they clear the exam? Pre-school to NLUs

This is one of the questions that come to your mind when we say that we help them to fill their CLAT
application fees.
This is because once you clear your examinations; you always have recourse of opting for educational
loans. With the tag of a reputed college one can easily get the loan. Secondly, there are various
scholarship schemes of different state governments as well as central government which can be availed by
the needy students.
Therefore, survival is not at all a problem one you crack the entrance test. Also as far as the law colleges
are concerned, they have a friendly atmosphere for these students including the basic facilities that
otherwise create difficulty for them to survive elsewhere.

Performance in 2014:

Project Swabhimaan was launched for the first time in 2014. It was a pleasant feeling for us when we
could support the selected 22 students. We took care of their expenses with regard to applying for the
examination and provided them with the study material. Therefore, we paid Rs. 4,000 per students
(application form cost) + Study material worth Rs. 5,000 per student, along with educational and
emotional support during their preparations period.
For the 1st edition of the project, we conducted an online test to select the deserving students to be
benefitted but this time we are trying to let more number of such students to be benefitted under the
project. Therefore, with the second edition of the project, we are back with a bigger target in 2015 and
seeking your support in order to achieve the same since.

Plan of Action:

We have been spending our income from CLAT Junction in supporting these young aspirants with big
ambition. This year again we will do the same.
In 2014, we had to pick out students by way of an online test. The top 25 students were shortlisted for the
project to get the benefit. However, due to our financial constraints, only 22 of such students were
benefitted. We felt extremely bad and hence, this year we have decided to generate some funds by way of
charity/donations in order to help them. If possible, this year there will be no selection process and all the
students to be benefitted.
Therefore, we are seeking your help to raise funds for the execution of them. Income from CLAT
Junction+ Donations/Charity amount shall be used in shaping up their future.
Students will be given access to our online mock test and sectional test papers. Log in id/username and
Passwords will be given to each student for such access. It process require a decent amount of fund which
cannot be raised without your help and support. Hence, kindly come forward and support us to serve the

Call for Donations/Sponsors : Pre-school to NLUs

We hereby seek your help to donate something for the cause. Application fees for CLAT 2015 are Rs.
4000 per student.This might not be a feasible amount for most of the students and therefore, your support
is required.
Donations are always beneficial for the ones getting the benefit as well as for the ones donating. We all
are a part of this society and you are lucky enough if you get even a single chance to serve the society.
Nothing will ever give you such a contentment and satisfaction than donating for a noble cause. If you are
in a condition to help somebody, you must not let go the chance to do so. The choice is yours and we
shall respect your decision.
Kindly contact the coordinator:Neha Singh at +91 9472474746
Convenor: AmeyPandey at + 91 9122714501.

Corporate social responsibility &other benefits:

Henry Ford is reputed to have said, "I want to pay my workers well so that they can buy my cars!" This
could be interpreted as one form of expression of CSR which had the desire for a direct business benefit.
It is well known that subsequently the Ford Foundation came into existence which has supported worthy
causes over decades in distant corners of the world.
We have been doing this and now its your turn. Take charge of your responsibilities.
Corporate social responsibility is the term given for an initiative to assess and take responsibility for the
company's effects on the environment and impact on social welfare. This is one such occasion for you
take your responsibilities.
Tax redemption is another benefit that you will be given. We shall provide you with the certificates of
registration and further details.PojectSwabhimaan is being conducted in association with a registered
you to donate a certain amount of your hard earned money.
Social service never gets wasted. If you believe the same kindly join hands to make it a better world for
the needy people.
Fulfilling someone elses dreams will always make you feel content for a lifetime.

Call for volunteers:

CLAT Junction calls for volunteer. Any student/teachers/social workers etc. can apply. Students from
10+2 can also apply for volunteering project Swabhimaan.
Interested persons can send us their CVs at with subject as: Call for volunteers.
For more details: contact our coordinator: Neha Singh (+91 9472474746). Pre-school to NLUs

Important Information

CLAT 2015 will be an online examination declared by the CLAT convener.

It becomes really important for all the aspirants to understand and practice ONLINE mock test
papers. This will help them get familiar with the online examination.
For the online mock test, CLAT Junction will provide USERNAMES/PASSWORD/LOG IN IDs
to each and every student. They can get access to the online mock test only through their
individual usernames and passwords.
Important information for the PWD category students

Is there any special arrangement for Persons with Disability?

Yes. Need based assistance shall be provided to the PWD candidates.
Which kind of disable persons can take admission through CLAT 2015?Definition of
disability for the purpose of admission shall be in accordance with Persons with Disabilities
(Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995. Disability in the act
is defined to include: Blindness, low vision, leprosy cured, hearing impairment, loco-motor
disability, mental retardation or illness. A candidate will have to produce disability certificate
from competent authority in accordance with the provisions of the Act.
Is there any provision of extra time for the Persons with Disabilities appearing in CLAT
Yes, Candidates with disabilities appearing in the CLAT 2015 shall be entitled to an additional
time of 40 minutes.

Important Dates

7th February 2015: Launch date for project Swabhimaan

31st March 2015: Last date for Registration

To register: Kindly fill the registration form provided on the website.

In case you have any query, feel free to contact us on the given

Thank you for your patience!

CLAT Junction team.