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Syllabus - Financial Management Executive MBA SEM I

Block I - Introduction to Financial Management

Unit 1 - Financial Management objectives Functions
Unit 2 Role of Financial Management in the organization
Unit 3 Return Relationship
Unit 4 Time value of money concept
Unit 5 Indian Financial System.
Block II Sources of Capital
Unit 1 Sources of capital
Unit 2 Long term short term capital structure theory
Unit 3 Net Income Net operating Income approach.
Unit 4 Cost of capital
Unit 5 Computation for each source of finance and weighted average cost of capital.
Block III Leverages & Finance Committee Reports
Unit - 1 DEBT EPS Analysis operating leverage Financial leverage.
Unit 2 Working capital Management Definition Objective Determinant
Unit 3 Forecasting working capital elements (Problem)
Unit 4 Working capital financing implications
Unit 5 Various committee reports.
Block IV- Cash Management
Unit 1 Cash management objectives Cash budget
Unit 2 Cash management strategies.
Unit 3 Receivable management Objectives
Unit 4 Credit policy Credit terms Collection policies.
Unit 5 Inventory objectives decision areas classification reorder point EoQ Safety
Block V Capital Budgeting
Unit 1 Capital Budgeting Importance
Unit 2 Procedure
Unit 3 Methods of appraisal risk analysis in capital budgeting.
Unit 4 Dividend policy theories
Unit 5 Determinants valuation of firm CAPM.
1. Chand & Jain - financial Management

2. M. Pandey
-Financial management
3. Prasanna Chandra Financial Management Theory and Practice
4. James C. Van Horns Financial Management and Policy