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Republic of the Philippines


Laboratory High School
San Isidro, Tomas Oppus, Southern Leyte

First Grading Test in Values Education III

1. You write the Preamble of the 1987 Philippine Constitution
2. You draw a human figure.
a. Indicate the three (3) races that influenced our personality.
b. Describe the influences that we got from these races.
c. In a positive view, explain how these influences have made us a good
person and a great nation.
3. Illustrate how a God-fearing person can contribute to the development of the
nation on the level of:
a. family
b. community
c. school
d. nation
4. You are a senator and a bill is passed in the senate legalizing abortion. During the
deliberation and argument, you presented your strong opposition to the bill being
a pro-life supporter. In a sentence form, write five (5) arguments why abortion
should not be legalized in the Philippines.
5. Your community is in great disorder which hampered the development of the
place. Specifically:
a. The trash and garbage are being thrown in the river banks;
b. There are no toilets and people defecate just anywhere;
c. A lot of young men are tambay drinking liquor, smoking, and indulging
to gambling;
d. These is a constant fist fight and even stabbing;
e. Stealing is rampant;
f. Corruption is abounding.
What will be your strategies to put these problems into order? You give a
solution to each specific problem and briefly explain why should it be the best