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NOVELLO'S ORIGINAL OCTAVO EDITION. HERCULES AN ORATORIO COMPOSED IN THE YEAR 1744 BY G. F. HANDEL. EDITED, AND THE PIANOFORTE ACCOMPANIMENT REVISED FROM THAT OF THE GERMAN HANDEL SOC: ?Y, BY EBENEZER PROUT, Ent, Sta. Halt. Price, in paper covers, 38. ™ paper board, 3564, % feanlat coi, x LONDON: NOVELLO, EWER & CO., 3, BERNERS STREET (W-}, AND 60 & 81, QUEEN STREET (EC) BOSTON, NEW YORK, AND PHILADELPHIA: DITSON & CO. HERCULES. ae ARGUMENT. ‘While Hereales is absent fighting against Eurytus, King of Occhalia, his wife Dejanira is in sorrow, thinking that he ‘never wil totum. Liohas tries to comfort her, but she will not bo comforted, Her son Hllus, eager to know his father’s fate, consults the oracle, ‘The priest sees a vision of his death. ‘Then Dejanira wishes she too may di, that so she may soe him again : bat her son, wishing to learn the certainty of his father’s fato, sts off in seareh of him, and relums with tho Joyful news that he is coming home victorious, and is bringing among the captives the benatifal lo, privecss of Occhatia. Dejanira hears a false roport that to possess himself of her was the object of his expedition, and is thoroforo jealous of her. Then Dejasia eee Heroule, sho oproaches him, but ho, reproving hor ennscless anger, oes to ofr a sare of thanks. siving, ‘Thon sho remembers that she has by hor a gurmont dipped in the blood of Nessus, who, when dying, gave it her, and told her to prevail on Hereules to wear if, and prove ite magio powor. So she bids Liohas take it to his lord, a8 a pledge of love's ronewat ; bat when ho puts it on, itpoisona him, and he dies, Dejanira finds out her mistake too Inte. Hyllas tries to persuade Tole to marry him, but she will not, Ablast ho sucooeds, and thoy aro married by tho Priest who had told to ‘Dejanira the drosdful fito of Heroules, No. 1.—OVERTURE. ‘No. 2,—RECITATIVE, Lichas, Sex with what sad dejection in her looks, Indulging grief, the mournful princess sits! She weeps from morning's dawn to shades of night, From gloom of night to redd’ning blush of mom ; Uncertain of Alcides’ destiny, Disconsolate his absonco she iaments, No, 8.—AIR. No longer, fate, rolontless frown, Preserve, great Joye, the hero’s life, With glory's wreath his actions crown, ‘And ob! restore him to his mourning wife, No, 4.—RECITATIVE (accompanied). Dejanira, © Hercules! why art thou absont from me ? Return, my hero, to my arms! © gods! haw racking aro tho pains of absence To one who fondly loves like me! No, 5,—AIR. ‘The world, when day's career is run, In darkness mourns the absent sun ; So I, depriv'd of that dear light, ‘That warm'd my broast and cheer’ my sight, Deplore in thickest gloom of grief ‘The absonce of the valiant chief. No, 6.—RECITATIVE. Lichas. Prineoss | be comforted and hope the best: ‘A few revolving hours may bring him back, Once more to bless your longing arms. Dejanira, Ah no! Impossible! He never will return ! Lichas. Forbid it, heav'n, and all ye guardian pow'rs ‘That watch o'er virtue, innocence, and love 1 Dejanira, My son! dear image of thy absent sire ! ‘What comfort bring’st thow to thy mother's ear ? Hyllus, Eager to know my father's destiny, I bade the priests, with solomn saerifico, Explore the will of heav’n. ‘The altar smok’d, the slaughter’d vietim bled, ‘When, lo! around the hallow’d walls a sudden glory blaz’a. ‘The priest acknowledg’d the auspicious omen, and own’d the present god, When, in a moment, the temple shook, the glory disappear’d, And more than midnight darkness yeil’d the place. Lichas, "Dwas dreadful all! Hyllus, At longth tho sacred flamen, full of the deity, prophetic spoke: iv HERCULES. No. 7.—ARIOSO.—Hyllus. I feel the god, he fills my breast ! Boforo my eyes the future stands confess’d ; I see the valiant chief in death laid low, ‘And flames aspire from Octa’s lofty brow ! No, 8 RECITATIVE. Hyllus. He said, the sacred fury lefh his breast, ‘And on’tho ground the fainting prophet fell. Dejanira. Then I am lost! oh, dreadful oracle! My griofs hang heavy on my tortur'd soul, ‘And soon will sink me in the realins of night, ‘Phere once again I shall behold my Hercules, Or whirl the lance, or bend the stubborn bow, Or to the list’ning ghosts his toils recount. No. 9.—AIR.—Dejanira, There in myrtle shades reclin’d By streams that thro’ Elysium wind, Ta sweetest union we shall prove, Eternity of bliss and love. No, 10.—RECITATIVE. Hyllus, Despair not; but lot rising hope suspend excess ‘ot grief. Till T have learnt the certainty of my dear father's fate. ‘To-morrow's sun shall sco your Hyllus bend his pious steps, 'To seck the hero through the trayell’d globe ; IE yet he lives, I will restore him to you, or perish im the search, No, 11.—AIR. ‘Where congeal'd the northern streams, Bound in iey fotters, stand ; Whore the sun’s intenser beams Beoreb the buming Lybian sand : By honour, love, and duty led, There with daring steps T'll tread. No, 12.—CHORUS. Oh, filial picty | courageous love ! Go, youth inspir’d, thy virtue prove ; Immortal fame attends thee, ‘And pitying heay'n befriends thee. No. 18,—RECITATIVE. Lichas, Banish your fears! Alemenn’s godlike son lives, And from sack’d Oeclalia, Which his arms have levell’d with the ground, Returns a conqueror. Dajanira, Oh, joyful news! Welcome as rising day to tho benighted world, Or falling show'rs to the parch’d earth | Yeo lying omens, henee! Hence ev'ry anxious thought. No. 14,—AIR.—Dejanira, Begone, my fears, fly henee away, Like clouds before the morning ray } My hero found, with laurel erown'd, ‘Heay’n relenting, fate consenting, Springing joys my griefs control, And rising’ transports fl my soul. No. 15.—RECITATIVE. Lichas, A train of captives, red with honest wounds, and low'ring on their chains, Attend the conqueror: but more to grace the pomp of victory ; ‘The tovely Tele, Occhalia’s princess, ‘With captive beauty swells the joyfal triumph. Hyllus. ‘My soul is mov'd for th’ unhappy princess, And fain, methinks, T vould tnbing her chains; But say, her father, haughty Burytus ? Lichas. He fell in single combat by the sword of Hercules. Dejanira. No more, but haste, and wait thy lord's arrival 1 Lichas, How soon is deepest yrief exchanged for ‘iss, No. 16.—AIR.—Lichas. The smiling hours a joyful train On silken pinions waft again ‘The moments of delight. Returning pleasures banish woe, ‘As ebbing streams reeruited flow ‘And day sueceods to night. No. 17.—CHORUS. Let none despair, relief may come though late, ‘And heav'n can snatch us from the verge of fate. No, 18,—RECITATIVE. Tile, Ye faithful followers of the wretched Téle, ‘Your bonds sit heavier on ane than my own. Unhappy maids! my fate has dragg'd you down Like some vast pile ‘that crashes ‘with its fall the neighb'ring domes And spreads wide ruin round it. First Occhalian, ‘You are our mistress still. HERCULES, v Tite, ‘Alas! Erastea, captivity, like the destroyer Death, Throws all distinction down, and slaves are equal. ‘But, if the gods rolent, and give as back to our ost liberty. Ah me! How soon the flatt’rer Hope is ready with his cordial. ‘Vain expectations ! no! Adiou for ever, ye smiling joys, and innocent delights of youth and liberty, © éad remembrance! No, 19,—ATR.—Iole. Daughter of gods, bright Liberty | With thee a thousand graces reiga, A thousand pleasures crowd thy train And hail thee loveliest deity. But, thou, alas! that wing'd thy fight, ‘Tho grace’ that surround thy throne, And all the pleasures with thee gone, Romov'd for ever from my sight. REGITATIVE. Tole, But hark! the vietor comes, No, 20,—MARCH, No, 21.—RECITATIVE. Hereutes. ‘Thanks to the pow'rs above, but chief to thee, father of gods, From whose immortal race J draw my birth, Now my long toils are o'er and Juno's rage appeas’d. With pleasure now, at rost, my various Jabours Toeview. cebialia’s fall is aided to my titles, And points the vising summit of my glory. Fair princess, weep no more! forgot these Bonds : In Tyachin you are free, as in Oechalia, Tole. Forgive mo, gen’rous victor, Ifa sigh for my dead father For my frionds, my country, will have its way; L cannot yet forget that suck things were, ‘And that T onee enjoy'a thom. No, 22.--AIR.—Tile. My father! ab ! zuethinks I see ‘The eword inflict the deadly wound. He bleeds, he falls in agony; Dying he bites the erimgon ground. Peaceful rest, dear parent shade, Light the earth to on thee laid t Tn thy daughter's pious mind ‘All thy viréues live enshrin‘d. No, 98.—RECITATIVE. —Hereutss. Now farowell, arms! froma hence the tide of time Shall bear me gently down to mellow age ; From war to love T fly, my eares to Jose In gentle Dejaniea’s fond embrace, No, 24.—AIR, ‘The god of battle quits the bloody fel And useless hang the glitt’ring spear and shield; ‘While all rosign'd to eonqu’ving beauty’s charms He gives himself to love in Cytheron's arms, No. 25.—CHORUS. Grown with festal pomp the day, Be mirth extravagantly gay, Bid the gratofal altars smoke, Bid the maids the youths provoke ‘To join the dance, while music's voice Tolle aloud our rapturous joys! ACE TL No. 26,—SINFONIA. No, 27,—RECITATIVE,—Jole Why was 1 born a princess, rais’d on high to fall with greater ruin ? Had the gods made me the humble tenant of some cottage Thad been happy. No, 28.—AIR, How blest the maid ordain'd to dwell Witigsweet content in humble coll, ‘From cities far remov' By @fhrm’ring vills, on verdant plains, ‘To[ffha the flocks with village swains, By ev'ry swain belov'd. ‘Thin low, yet happy in that Iow estate, Aujfffc from ills which on a princess wait. | No. 29,—RECITATIVE. Dajeeira. Tt mnst be so! fame speaks alond my wrongs, ‘And ev'ry voice proclaims Alcides’ falschood ; Love, jealousy, and rage at once distract me. Tole, ‘What anxious cares untimely shus disturb ‘Tho happy consort of the son of Jove ? Dejanira. Insulting maid! Thad indeed been happy, Brut for the fatal Tastee of thy beauty 1 No, 80.—AIR.—Dejanira, ‘When beauty sorrow's liv'ry wears, Our passions take the fair one’s part, Love dips duis arrows in her tears ‘And sends them pointed to the heart, No, $1.—RECITATIVE. Tole. ‘Wheneo this unjust suspicion ? “ w ‘HERCULES, Dejanira, Famo of thy beauty (so report informs me), First bronght Aleides to Oochalia’s court, He sav, he lov’d, he ask’d you of your father ; His suit rejected, in revenge he levell’d the eughty town, and bore away the spoil ; But the rich prize for which he fought and conquer'd was Idle. ‘Tite. Ah no! it was ambition, not slighted love "That laid Gechalia low, and made the wretched Tale a captive, Report, that in the garb of truth disguises the blackost falschood, ‘Has abused your ear with a forged tale ; But oh! let me conjure you, for your dear peace of mind, Beware of jealousy. No, 32.—AIR.—Iile, Ah! think what ills the jealous prove ; ‘Adieu to poacs, adieu to'love, Exchang’d for endless pain. With venom fraught the bosom swells, And never-ceasing discord dwells Whore harmony should reign, No. 88—RECITATIVE. Dejanira, It is too sure, that Heroules is false, Lichas, My godlike master ? Dejanira, Is a traitor, Lichas— ‘Traitor to honour, love, and Dejanira ! Lichas, Aleides false ? Impossible No, 84.—AIR.—Lichas, As stars that rise and disappear Still in the same bright circle move, So shines unchang'd thy hero's love, Nor absonge cam his faith impair. ‘The breast where gen’rous valour dwells, In constancy no less exeels, No, 85.—RECITATIVE, Dejanira, In vain you strive his falsehood to disguise. Lichas, ‘This is thy work, acgursed jealousy ! No. 96." CHORUS. Jealousy | pervading post, ‘Tyrant of the human breast How, from slightest causes bred, Dost thou lift thy hated head. ‘Trifles light as floating air Sacred proofs to thee appear. No, 87.—RECITATIVE. Hyllus. She knows my passion, and hasheardme breathe my am’rous vows ; But, deaf to the soft plea, rejects my offer’ love. Sce'where sho stands, like fair Diana, circled by her nymphs. Tile, Too well, young prince, T guoss the cause that this way leads your steps. ‘Why will you urge a suit I must not hear 2 Love finds no dwelling in that hapless breast, ‘Where sorrow and her gloomy train reside, Hyltus, The soothing hand of all-subduing time ‘May drive these black intruders from their seat, ‘And Joave the heav’nly mansion of thy bosom Serene and vacant to a softer guest. Tote, And think’st thou Tle ean ever love the eon of Hercules, ‘Whose arms’ dopriv’d her of country, father, Tiberty ? Impossible ! Hyllus. Town the traths that blast my springing hopes ; Yot oh, permit me, charming maid, To gaze on those dear beautios that enchant ‘my soul Ani view, af least, that heaven I must despair to gain, Tole, Is this, is this the son of Hercules, For labours fam'd and hardy deeds of arms? Ou, prince, exert the virtues of thy raco, ‘And call forth all thy father in thy soul. No. 88—ATR.—Tile. Banish love from thy breast, "Dis a womanish guest, Fit only mean thoughts to inspire, Bright glory invites theo, Fair honour excites thee, Po tread in the steps of thy sire, No, 89-—RECITATIVE —Hyltus, Forgive a passion, which resistless sways Ev'n breasts immortal, No, 40,—ATR. From celestial seats desounding, Joys divine awhile suspending, Gods have left their hoav’n above To taste the swoeter heav'n of ove. Cease my passion, then, to blame; Gense to seom a godlike flame. ae ae ee eeenrrrst ae dette HERCULES. vil 41.—CHORUS, Wanton god of am‘rous fires, Wishes, sighs, und soft desires, All nature's sons thy laws maintain ; O'er liquid air and swelling main Bsstonds thy unoontroll'd and boundless reign, No. 42.—RECITATIVE, Dejanira, ‘Yes, Leongratulato your titles, swoin with proud Occhalia’s fall ; But oh! I griove to see the victor to the vanquish'd yield. How lost, alas ! how fall'n from what you were ! ‘Your fame oclips'd, and all your laurels blasted ! Hereules, Unjust reproach! No, Dejanira, no! ‘Wile glorious deeds demand s. just applause, No. 48.—AIR,—Hereules, Aleides’ name in latest story Shall with brightest lustre chines And future heroes rise to glory By actions emulating maine. No. 44,—RECITATIVE.—Dejanira, Oh, glorious pattern of heroie deeds ! ‘The mighty warrior, whom not Juno's hate Nor a long sories of incessant leboars could ¢’er subdue, ‘A captive maid has conquer’ L Ob, shame to manhood { Oh, disgrace of arms { No, 45.—AIR, Rosign thy elub and lion’ spoils, ‘And fly from war to female toils; For the glittering sword and shicld, ‘Pho spindle and the distaif wield. ‘Thund'ring Mars no more shall arm thee ; Glory's eal] no more shall warm thee ; ‘Venus and her whining boy Shall all thy wanton hours employ. No. 46,—RECITATIVE. Hercules. ‘You are deceived! some villain has belied My ever-faithful love and constaney. Dejenéra. ‘Would it were s0, and that the babbler Fame Had not through all the Grecian cities sprond tho shameful tale! Hercules. ‘The priests of Jupiter propare, with soleran xitos, ‘Po thank the god for the success of my vie: torious arms: ‘Tho ready sncrifice expects my presenes. I go. ‘Meantime let these suspicions sleep, Nor causeless joalousy alarm your breast, [ Exit, Dejanira. Disscmbling, false, perfidious Hercules ; Did he not swear, when first he woo'd my love, ‘The sun should cease fo dawn, ‘Tho silver moon be blotted from her orb, Ee he prov'd false ? No. 47.—AIR,—Dejanira, Cease, ruler of the day, to rise, Nor thou, Oynthia, gild the ev'ning skies, ‘To your bright beams he made appeal, ‘With endless night hie falschood seal ! No, 48.—RECITATIVE. Dejanira, Some kindor yow'rinspce me io regain His alienated love and bring the wand’rer back. Ha! Incky thought! Thavea garment dipp'd in ‘Nessus’ blood ‘When from the wound he drew the barbed shaft Sent by Aleides’ hand ; Tt boasts a wondrous virtuo, to revive the ex- piring flame of love: So Nessus told me, when, dying, to my hand be trusted it— I will prevail with Hereules to wear it, and prove its magic force, [Enter Lichas, And soo, the herald! it instrument to exeoute my purpose. Lichas, thy hands shall to the temple bear A rich embroider’ robe, and beg thy lord ‘Will instant o’er his manly shoulders throw his consort’s gift, ‘The pledge of love's renewal. Lichas, Ob, pleasing task! oh, happy Hercules! No. 49.—AIR,—Licias, — Constant lovers, never roving, Never jealous torments proving, ‘They no perfect pleasures taste 5 But the bliss to rapture growing, Bliss from love's renewal Sowing, ‘This is love's sublime repast. No, 50.—RECITATIVE. Dejaniva, But 600 the princess Tale, Retire! be still, my jealous fears, ‘And let my tongue disguise the torture of my bleeding heart. Forgive me, princess, if my jealous frenzy ‘Too roughly greeted you ! I sce and blamne the error ‘That misled mo to insult that innocence and beauty. ee gese cosa canes eae MERCULES, Bile, ‘Thank the gods, that have inspir'd your mind with calmer thonghts, And from your breast tomov'd the vulture jealousy ! Live! and’ be happy in Aleides' love, while wretched Tole— (Weeping. Dejanira, Princess, nomore | lift but those beauteous eyes ‘To the fair prospect of returning happiness. Atmy request Aleios shall restore you toliberty, ‘and yout paternal tutone, No, 61—DUET. Dejanira, Joys of freedom, joys of pow'r, ‘Wait upon the coming hour, And court thee to bo blest. Tile. ‘What heav'nly pleasing sounds T hear { How sweet they steal upon my eat, } And charm my soul to rest. No, 52.—RECITATIVE, Dejanira, Father of Hercules, great Jove, ‘Oh help this last expodiont of despaixing love 1 No, 68.—CHORUS, Lovo and Hymen, hand in hand, Gome, restore the nuptial band ! And sincere delights prepare, ‘To crown the hero and the fair, = ACT 3, No, 64,—SINFONIA, No, 55.—RECHTATIVE. Lichas, Yo sons of Trachin, mown your valiant chief, Retum’d from foes and dangers threat’ning death, To fall, inglorions, by a woman's hand. First Trachinian, Oh, doleful tidings t Lichas, As the hero stood, prepar'd for sacrifice, ‘And festal pomp adorn’d the temple, ‘These umlusky hands presonted him, In Dejanira’s name, a costly robe, The pledge of e's rome With smiles that testified his rising joy, Aleides o'er his manly shoulders ‘threw the treach'rous gift ; But whon the altar’s’ flame began ‘To shed its warmth upon his limbs, ‘The clinging robe, by cursed art envenom’d, ‘Through all his joints dispers'd a subtle poison. Frantic with agonising pain, He flings his tortur’d body on the saerod floor, ‘Thon strives to rip the deadly garment of: But, with it, tears the bleeding mangled flesh His droadfal eries the vaulted roof return No, 56,—AIR.—Lichas, Oh, seeno of unexampled woe f Oh, sun of glory, etmk so low 1 What language can our sorrow tell ? Gallant, wahappy chief—forewell t No, 57.—RECITATIV Birst. Prachinian, Ob fatal jonlonayt Ob, ened rocompense of virtue, in severest labours tried. No. 58—CHORUS. ‘Tyrants now no more shall dread On necks of vanquish’d slaves to tread, Horrid forms of monstrous birth ‘Again shall vex the groaning earth, Fear of punishyuent is o'er, ‘The world’s avenger is no more, No, 69,—ATR—Herewles. Oh, Jove ! what land is this ? What clime accurst — by raging Phebus scorch’d 2 Ibumn—I burn! tormenting fire consumes me, Oh! Tdie, some ease, ye pitying pow'rs | Trage with more than Stygian pains ; ‘Along my fev'rish veins like liquid fire Tho subile poison hastes. Boreas ! bring thy northern blast, and through my bosom toar Or, Neptune, kindly pour the sea's collected flood Into my breast, and coot my boiling blood t No. 60—RECITATIVE, Ayllus. Great Jove | relieve his pains { Hercules, ‘Was it for this unpumber'd toils I bore ? Oh, Juno and Eurystheus, I absolve yo! Your keenest malize yield to Dejanira— Mistakon, evuel, treacherous Dejaniza t Oh, this curst robe ! Tt clings to my torn sides and drinks my vital Blood t ee fa: HERCULES. ix Hyllus. No, 68.—RECITATIVE. Alas { wy father | Dejanera. ‘Lo the Snir fatal cause of all this ruin ! Hercules, Fly from my sight, detested sore'ress fly, My son, obsorve thy dying sire’s request : White ‘yet L live, bear me to Oeta’s top; ‘There, on the summit of that cloud-capp'd hill, ‘The tow'ring oak and lofty cypress fell, And raise a funeral pile ; Upon it lay me: then fire the kindling heap, ‘Phat I may mount on wings of flame ‘To mingle with the gods! Hyllus, Ob, glorious thought ! worthy the son of Jove ! Hercules, My pains redouble, Oh! be quick, my son, ‘And bear me to the scene of glorions death. Hyllus, How is the hero fall'n ! No, 61.—AIR.—Hylius. ‘Let not Jame the tidings spread ‘To proud Oechalia’s eonquer’d wall ; ‘The batited foe will lift his head, ‘And triumph in the yietor’s fall, No, 62.—RECITATIVE anv AIR, Dejaniva, ‘Where shall I By ? where hide this guilty head ? Ob, fatal error of misguided love ! Oh, cruel Nessus, how art thou reveng’d ? Wretched Iam! by me Aleides dies ! ‘These impious hands have sont my injur’d lord untimely to the shades, Let mo be mad! chain me, ye furies, to your iron beds, And lash my guilty ghost with whips of scorpions ! See, see} they come} Alocto with her snakes Mogaora fell, and black Tisiphone 1 See the dreadfal sisters ise 1 ‘Their banefal presence taints the shies $ Bee, seo ! the snaky whips they bear ! ‘What yellinge rend my tortur’d ear ! Hide me from their hated sight, Friendly shades of blackest night, Alas? no rest the guilty find From the pursuing furies of the mind, Lest my ungovern’d fury rush upon thee, ‘And seatter thee to all the winds of heav'n! ‘Alns! I rave! the lovely maid is innocent, ‘And I alone the guilty cause of all. Tole, ‘Though torn from ev'ry joy, A father's love, my nafive land, and dear priz'd liberty, By Hercules’ arms, still must ¥ pity ‘The countless woes of this unhappy house. No. 64,—AIR.—Iole, ‘My breast with tender pity swells ‘At sight of human woe ; And sympathetic anguish feels ‘Where'er heav'n strikes the blow. No. 65.—RECITATIVE. Priest of Jupiter. Princess, rejoice! whose heav'n-directed hand Has rais’d Aleides to the court of Jove. Dejanira, Speak, priest! what means this dark myste- rious greeting ? ‘That he is dead, and by this fatal hand, Too sure, alas! iny bleeding heart divines. Priest. Borne (by his own command) to Octa’s top, Strotah'd on a funeral pile the exo lay, ‘The crackling flames surtound his’ manly limbs— ‘When lo! an eagle, stooping from the clouds, Swift to the burning pile his flight directs ; ‘There lights @ moment, then with speedy wing Regains the sky. Actonish'd we consult the sacred grove, ‘Where sounds oracnisr from vocal oaks Disclose the will of Jove. Hero the great sire his offypring’s fate declared : “His mortal part by eating fires eonsum’d, “His part immortal to Olympus borne, “There with assembled deities to dwell 1" No, 66.—AIR.—Lichas. ‘He who for Atlas propp'd the sky Now sees the sphere beneath him lie; In bright bodes of kindred gods A new admitted guest, ‘With purple lips brisk nectar sips And shares th’ amubrosial feast, x mERoULEs. No. 67.—RECITATIVE. Dejanira, Words are too faint to speak the warring ‘passions that combat in my breast, Grief, wonder, joy, by turns deject and’ clevate any soul. Priest. Nor less thy destiny, illustrious maid, Is Jovo'a peculiar care, who thus decrees : Hymen, with purest joys of love, Shall crown Oechalia’s princess and the son of Hercules. Hyllus. * How blest is Hyllus, if the lovely Iéle, Gousenting, ratifies the gift of heav'n. Bile, ‘What Jove ordains, can Iéle resist ? No, 68,—DUET. Tote. 0 prince, whose virtues all admire, Since Jovo has ov'ry bar remov’d, I feel my vanguish'd heart conspire To crown a flame by heav’n approv'd, Hyllus. © princess whose exalted charms, Above ambition fire my breast’; How great my joy to fill those armas, ‘At once with love and empire blest. Tole, I grieve no more, since now Ise0 ‘All happiness rostor'd in thee. Hyllus, Task no more, since now I find All earthly good in thee combin’d. No. 69,—RECIPATIVE.— Priest, Ye sons of freedom, now in ev'ry clime, With joyful accents’ sing the deathlese chief, By virtue to the starry mansions rais’a. No. 70.—CHORUS. ‘To him your gratitude duly belongs, ‘Thome of fair liborty’s far-sounding songs! Aw'd by his name, unjust pow'r shuns the light, ‘And slav'ry hides her head in depths of night, ‘While happy climes to his example owe ‘The blessings that from peace and freedom flow, No, 1. 2 8 4, 6 6. uw 8. % 10, 1. 12, 13. 4 15. 16. M7. 18, 19. 20, 21. 22, 23, 24, 25, 26. 27. 28, 29, 80, 81, 22. 3B. a4, Overture Reerrartee, Amo - Recranve Amn - Reerrarwe, Amtoso - Recranive ia Rrewanive Am + Cnorvs - Recrative Amo. Rearanive AR - Cuorvs - Reorrarivs Oe Marca - Bucrranrye Amo. Reorsanive Am + Cuonvs - Srxworsa, Reomamve Ame Recranve Am - Reomanwve, An - Reoranve fC INDEX. ACT I. dio - - - = See with what sad dejection - — - Alo - ~~ = Nollonger, fate, relentless frown - Soprano - - - OWereiles - - - - Soprano - ~~ ‘The world, when day's career is ran Soprano, Alto, and Tenor Tees eee Soprano and Tenor ~ Soprano - =~ Tmr + + Tmor = - = Soprano and Alto - Boprano =: Soprano, Alto, and Tenor Soprano and Tenor - Soprano > + + Bat- + + - Soprano - + - Page ae Ba Soprano - = = Soprano - = Soprant ~~~ Soprano = + - Sopront Soprano = = = Soprano and Alto - Alto - . - — ACT Il. Princess! be comforted - Tfeol the god = He said the sacred fury - ‘There, in myrile shades reclined Degpairnot - ~~ ‘Where congeal’d the northern streams Oh, filial pity = = Banish your fears - ‘Begone my fears - - A train of captives : ‘The smiling hours - Let none despair ~~ ‘Ye faithful followers = - Daughter af gods ~~ Thanks to the pow'rs above My father - = - Now farewell, arms - The god of battle - = Crown with festal pomp ‘Why was I born a prineoss ‘How blest the maid - Itmustbeso ~~ When beauty sorrow's liv'ry wears - ‘Whence this unjust suspicion - Ab, think what ills - Ibis too sure =~ As stars that rise and disappear 82, 84 89 90 92, 94 99 100 r rxppx (continued). No. ™ 85, Recrrarive - Soprano and Alto. - ‘Invainyoustrive. - - - 86. Cuorvs - - + + + Seluy 2 - | MU 87. Recrranive —- Soprano and Tenor - She knows my passion - = - = =” 88, Am = = Soprano - ~~ ~~ Banish love from thy breast - = 80, Recramys - Teor - - - Forgiveapassion- — - ee OT 4, Ononos = - + + + Wanton god of am’rous fires - = Ik 42, Reorrariyz - Soprano and Bass = Yes, T congratulate your titles - = 180, 48 Am = = Bass- ~~ = ~~ Aloides’ name in latest story - =~ - 180 44, Recmarrez - Soprano - = = Ob, glorious pattern of heroic deeds © - 185, 45, Am - Soprano ~~ = Resignthylub = =. 185 4G. Recrmamve - Soprano and Bass - Youaredeccivel - - - - - 140 47, Am Soprano = ~~ Cease, ruler of theday - = = = 148 48, Recmarys + Soprano - - ~~ Some kinder pow'r inspireme - ~~ 144 49, Am = Alt - = ~~ = Constant lovers, never roving- = 146 . Recrarive - Soprant - - —- But seo, the Princess Tile - = = 148 Duer < + Soprani - - —- Soysof freedom - - - - - 150 Reowarive - Soprano - - - FatherofHorenfes 9. - ~~ 158 Cuonvs - = - + + + LoveandHymen- - - - - 156 ACT {II. 54, Siro ee ie 55, Reorrarve - Alto and Bass - - YesonsofTrachin - - - ~~ 165 56 Am °- = Alto- - - Oh, scene of unoxampled woo- = = -187 57, Reomamve - Bay. Oh, fatal jealousy - = = == 169 58. Onones ~~ - = = = Pyrants now no more shail dread - — - 170 50.Am oo - = Bass- = - = —- ‘Oh, Jove! whatlandisthis? = - =~ 177 60. Rnciramyn - Tenor ant Bass - - Great Jove! relieve his pains- - —- 182 61. Am = - ~~ Tenor ~~~ Leet not fame the tidings spread - = 184 62. Reorr, ayo Am Soprano - - - WhereshallI fy? =~ + 188 Racteastme = Soprani - To! the fair, fatal oguso ofall this rain ~ 197 Am - = ‘Soprano - = ~~~ My brenst with tender pity swells - - 198 |. Ruomamve —- Soprano and Bass - Princess, rejoice - = - s+ 201 Am = = dito- = Hey whofor Atlas. - +. 208 67. Recizamwe —- Soprano,Tenorand Boss Words aro too taint =. - . = 207 68, Durex - = Soprano and Tenor - O prince whose virtues all admire = — - 208, 69. Beoranve - Bass - ~~ ~— = ‘Ye somsoffroodom =. . - ~ ait 70. Cuonus - + + + + Tohim your gratitude - + + «216 ACT I. OVERTURE, (arrime——a e| a Handel's “ Herentes!"-Novello, Ewer and Co.'s Octevo Eaton, a Algo, 28, [ppt eens ge cepeeriee et th tee eh SSS mae oe = EE SSS =@ ane =a Bee, ad li, £F Ma i ih T os 2 == a a = ‘Mandel’ Weesulee"—Novello, Ewer and Co's Octavo Baltion. ‘HandeY's“Hereules"-Novello, Ewer and Co’ Octavo Eulition, e Bandas " Hereales,"- Novello, Ber and Co's Oetavo Edition. [rime fre Handel's" Hereules"Novello, Ewer and Cos Octave dition No.2. Reorr,—“ SEE WITH WHAT SAD DEJECTION.” i, Largo. Lrewas. EE Auto Voice. aE with what nd dees in hor Toss, fn dulsingaviel, ___thomonrnfal princess — SSS See 2S: eS pet —— Z S=eRE from gloom ofnight to CS sits! She weeps, from morning'sdawn, aot SE (SS Pe GRE ee Lae aA Set cer-tain of Al-ci-des' destiny, dis -consolate, dis-consolate his SSS te. tC, fe (Sh iS im Gs SSreS ab-senco she la-ments, dis - con-solate x eee ae fab-senee she In-ments. z SS = =| Hankets" Herenles!"—Novello, Emer and Co's Uotavo Eaition—(7) ~~ z = fate, .. relontloss frown, =| eS ey gee =o ey rae ara * + the he-ro's life, preserve, great 3 . - os SSS SS == So b— — a aa re SS Sea aye === Toro the he - to's lio, he he-tos Ki”. no fea = ———— esas SS oe - g 4: ‘Handel's “Herculea"—Novello, Ewer and Co's Octave Baition 8) ex, fate, re-lentless frown,preserve,great Jovo,the he- ro's life! ap ddagion Tempo Imo. a —_—— Bigs poe oi Beer SE ath hisac- tions crown, with glory's ‘Handel's “ Heroule,"—Noveo, Ewer and Co.'s Octavo Eatin. papene lopeeee ee tee eee) — Se 7 ot Adagio. Tempo Imo. ee === + his mourn ing wife, Adagio. Tempo Imo. ae Fe Sear =eeEEE No longer, oo =r SS eee Sl P Handel's “Hercules"-Norello, Ewer snd Cos Octavo Faition No. 4. Rrorr—/ Accomp.) “OH HERCULES!” Adagio. Desaxtna. : =i = why art thou ab-sext fromme? re-tur, re + ‘Daepce ‘Vows. Puyo. ‘Oh gods, how rack-ing are the pains of 2S a e SSS = == + - 2 ab-senee to. one who loves, who fond-ly loves, like mo! == | | we ae: 2 ——<= —— o = I Handel's “HHareuies" Novello, Ever wn Co‘s Octavo Baition —(tl) fee + sent sun, =f === s % F Se SS —ae az He SS The ward, te ca. reer. is tun, In Handel's “routes.” Novello, Ewer ant Ca‘ Octave Raition 1B SSS SS SEE : eee indarkness moar the ab-sentsun, in dark - of that doar Ligh SEF LT, deprivd of that dearlight, That warm'd my breast, and cheer’d = SSeS eat andcheer'dmysight, De-plore, in thickest gloom ~_ SS ‘Bander’ “ Heroulen,"—Novelo, Ewer and Co's Octave Baition- wu SS Sat ab-= sence of - . tho va - liantehief, de - va = + = liant chief 2 Sa = Handet's"* Hereulea”--Novello, Ber and Co's Octaro Ealtion. No.6. Ruorr— PRINCESS! BE COMFORTED.” Licass. Voice. = and hope the a few 10- vol- Puaxo, — Desastea. eS Ss hours may bringhim back, once more _ to bless your longing arms. im - + pos-sicblo! he ne ver will re-turn! For-bid i, hoav'n, and all ye guardian Oe = e= E = == E Desanma, === SS ot E Pree Cee o 2 pow'rs, thatwateh o'er virtue, innocenee,and love! “My son! dear image of thy ab-sent = ge E 3 Ee *o oo Hyuwvs, (Tasog.) =3 foe: PSS f Horeules"-Novello, Ewer and Co's Octavo Haition.—(15) ees priests, with solemn sa-eri fice, -plore the will ofheav's. The al-tar smol’d, the slanghter'@vie-tim bled, when, lot a-round the hallow'd walls a sudden glo-ry blaz'd. ‘The priest acknowledg’a c_ SS = E ne more than midnight dark-ness veil the place. ! 5d SSS e 4 eg 2 SSS ‘Handa’ “ Horoutess"—Novalo, Ewer and Co's Octaro Eaition, No.7. Antoso.—“I FEEL THE GOD.” breast, ho fills, he fills my breast! Before my Handel's “Heroales”—Norello, Fier and Co‘e Qetavo Baition 873 » 18 SS SS ghee -——* = a eyes the fu- ture stands con - fess'd; I see the va-liant chiof in. death Inid_ low, =, tun poeaspitt Andante, And flomes Andante. 63 eee brow, and flames Handel's" Heroules”"-Novello, Ewer and Co’ Octaro Eaitice, No. 8. Reor—* HE SAID THE SACRED FURY." Voce. SSS SSE fa-ry left his breast, and on the = ‘Piano. C Desues. ground the fainting prophet fell. Then I am lost! ob, dread-ful o-ra-cle! my F es ‘ : E ee 8 # 2% E pee = = : - x x = E ze 3S PS SSS SSE griefs hang hea-vy on my tortur'd soul, and soon will sink me in the realmsof = = s = E Sat ‘There once a - gain eee to. the list’ning ghosts his toils re-count. No.9. Am.—* THERE, IN MYRTLE SHADES RECLINED.” streams that thro’ E - lysiumwing, that 2 See ae =o ==) SSS Saves ty ofblissandlove, e-tor - ni - ( (= ee (eS = Siar + ofblissand love, e-ter - nity of bliss and eS See ee. eee at Hander's“Hercules”Novell, Bex and Co's Octavo Baition —(2L) v T havelearn’d the cer-tain-ty of my dear fa-ther's fate. To-mor-row's sun shall bee =. hie «10 through the th # tra-vell’d if yet ho lives, I will re-store him Handel's “ Hereuioa"—Novelo, Ewer and Co's Octaro Faition.— (23) No 11. Am. WHERE CONGEAL'D THE NORTHERN STREAMS.” x : Hyuws, = heap 5 I = = Where con-geal'd the zor thern streams, Boundin. . + ey fet-ters, stand, ‘Where congeal’d tho northern Lanter’ “ Horoutes”"Novalo, Eur and Cola Ostavo Baltion 24) 25 = SS SES ee =a bum = ing Ey hin By honour love and du - ty “Handel's “Harculas"Novello, Ewer and Go, Ootavo Raltion a7 =e ae — Handel's “Hreulos"Novello, Ewer and Co's Octaro Eaition. No. 12. Cuonws—“OH, FILIAL PIETY ‘Teens. aw. (GBPS ebace, [GBS go, youth in = i go, youth in - cou - ra - geous love! eS == con + ra + geous love! 0, go, youth in - =e = go, youth in - aaa ra fuss asiSsss35 see ———— in > apr, spird, eo, youth ia - epir'd, thy GREE EERE EEE Bees ScEEEEEeS eeeeee - Hiandats “ Boroutos”"-Novello, Byer and Co's Octayo Euition. Im-morial famo at-tends thee, Ee a — S — =. 2 [Gore ates ee eet Oe = vy 2 immoral me, > inna ate ae al tmolnoe wl ame at aS pe fame, immor - tal fame, im-mor-tal fame,im-mor-tal fame — ae ree I + + im-mor-tal fame at - Ne * be Pe ete == —— Ss > immortal fame at Ke anders“ Horeales."—Norello. Bwer and Co’ Oetara Edition tal fame, Feamer-tal —s m-mor-tal =F [Saat Ha-mortal Speers attends thee, = ee io ‘attends thee, Hand's “ Korcules"—Novello, Ewer and Go's Octave Kaitiow. fame ~ attends thee, and_ pity - ing heav'n, and pity heav'n SE “thee, immor-tal fame Se ‘at-tends thee, > tends thi pee os + thee, rs at - tends thee, = SS = immor - tal fame attends tifee, ar immor-tal fame, Pink, =F and pity - hg heavin, and pity - ing + + ‘Handel's “Hereulos"Novello, Ewer aad Co’s Octavo Hiition ° Gre thee, ae ee reat attend? fe Sieods =e —— — > tends _ thee, aS and_ pity ing Sa and pitying 7 (oe “Handel's “Hereales"--Novell, Bwer and Co’s Octavo Haition. a 7 heawn, end pity - ing wad =a == oe andel's" Heronlen"—Novello, wer and Co's Octavo Edition, é thee, immor-tal fame, . ‘s = 2 a immortal fame theo, im_- mor-tal fame at - tends thee, im-mor-tal fame, “=. “2 £ Tame at > (tends, ‘Handel's “ Hereules,"—Novello, Ewer and Co's Octave Baltion. 38 SS + tends thee, and pity - = gest SS 5 tends thee, and pity - f= Heese “thy virtue g0, youthin-spir'd, thy vir-tuo prove! — ma ae — Ee spird, thy vir-tuo provel a ee F = oo = sey J" Norello, Ewer and Co.'s Ootavo Eatin, No. 13. Voce. Puyo. Reerr—“ BANISH YOUR FEARS.” Ss =F |G e ea SSS Banish yourfears! Ale - me-na's god-like son lives, and from sack'd Oecha-lia, Ee = = Se = Se SES Se ge ground, ro-turns conqueror! Oh, joy -fal Zane ae et as ris-ing day to the bonighted world, or fallingshow'rs to the parch'a ~ = =e == — = RS = earth! Jy ing o- mens, hencethence, ev'-xy_ anxious thought! SS ‘Handel's “ Heroules"—Novello, wer and Co's Octave Raition —(a0.) No. 14. Am.—“BEGONE, MY FEARS.” Aegr Voce. gro. 7a SS SPE SSS SSS gone, my fears, fly hence a-way,. . like iss eS * Pe ea -themorningray, _likeelondsbe-fore the ray, meee ae - Beas oP f= Handel's" Heroules"—Nerell, Bwet and Co's. Octayo Béition—(0}) * tee SSS aes fore the morning ray, o-gone, my fears, fly hence a-way,. . like ae fas tie s cottpaeneat tt = te eS eae Srp tee - dlonds 2 ‘Handel's “ Hereulen"Novella, Ewer and Co’s Octavo Edition. 42 SS fly hence a-way, my fears, like ee SHS === a = ~ 4222 Imo. a7 fempo Imo. ee arr SE z = S ‘Handut's “Hercules."=Novello, Ewer and Co’s Octave Baition, 43 (Se = he - - ro found, with lau - — fr oS el crown'd, — aed d pote f= ————— Springing joys way soul SS = =e eee =o Sa = LL = ing trans ports jest ie = HangeV's“Herculos"—Novello, Ewar and Co's Octavo Haition. No. 15. Recr—“A TRAIN OF CAPTIVES.” Pawo. « No pes eS Spe = SSE sbtend the conqueror ; but more to grace the pomp of a the lovely T+ 5-e, oie 4 4. Hynpes 65 t= Phineess, with eaplive Seneca Tehimph, Y Mysoulis movd fortivwnlapiy 4 es ~_— ——— =_— “EN Poe ae E = ry-tus?” fe fell in sin-glo combat by the sword of Hercules. No more, but = = eee a Tewioor i dep atl ght cameagdtarttia! ==] Hlande!’s“ Hereulen"Novello, Ewer and Co's Octavo Baition —(44) No, 16. Am—*'THE SMILING HOURS.” Allegro, ma non troppo. £ ee === eS dvs, > ious pe ere mo-ments of de - light, Isa — Pape ESS » thomoments ote = ons watt a Se Handel's "Hereales”—Novello, Ewer and Co's Ootavo Kiition, 47 =p + light, the moments of de - light, ie Eee, + gain, waft, = =: TE Aaggio. roms Adagio. the mo-ments of.. do-light. Tempo Iye0. eee ‘pleasures apa day sne-eceds to-night. No. 17. Cuonvs.—« LET NONE DESPAIR.” Andente ategro. nee = aw. (eee = == Taxon. a E it ereumer) FOS =a ‘Letnone dés-pair, letnone dee-pair, re-lief may come, though -_ 2S Letnone des-pair, letnone des-pair, ro lief may come, though (ees eo Se = z + r= ‘Letuone dts pair, let none ¥e = Sa Sie SSS= le late, i% none pair, let none des-pair, ro - lief may come,. . = PRE i ——F—* Fert Tet none des-pair, re-let may Handel's Herculas."—Novelio, Ewer and Core Otero ain, —40) > ae St = 3. peav'nein snatch us Lot none des pais eee ae pun a + [TR SSS SSS eee = == = E ey _iudheavincananaish us from tho verge of | fate, cate late, > SS ———— SS oe a E may come, though iste, ‘and heay'n can snatch us _ Ss == —— To-lict may come, may come, though = pee ~ pa none Geepaiy re ist FRY come, tous laa gsteeet 3 rere c anders“ Hoveutea”—Novello Emer and Co's Octave Baltion. aL ee re SES re - liefmaycome,tho' late, — esd * a - 2 ee == = ee irom the verge of at ae 2 Se = === SSS "and heav'n ean snateh g g — —— * pair, Tet none 52 et sil bod'n ean snatch, fromthe vergeoffatefromthe verge of _—_‘fato,andheav’neansnatch us snatch us Gee SS rola ttl vetget fate,» Trofm io vorgo Of fate, re -lief may ‘come, though ind heav'nean mateh us fromthe vergeof fate, ‘and heav'nean snateh . « ie ———S—= from the verge of fate, and heav'n can snatch j=eN Sa + usfrom tho = ee ae Ee. ‘andheavinéansnatch us fromthe vergeof fale, iromtho atid). _t. = =x = Sa = ‘verg@ of fat, SEX SS =F ‘verge of ite, oe sudheav'nenn snatch us fromthe verge of fate, orge df fate, and hoa SS a SSS atch. + us fromthe verge of fate, SSS Se == reese ‘andheayneansuatch us fromthe vergeot fate, THnnlel's Hereuley”—Novllo, Bier and Co.'s Oatara Ratna, 58 4 oe * B = = ha] fromthe verge of fate, fromthe verge of fate, =e = Tet none dé-pair, sapere inthe verge of eS eome, thought Tate, may come, . » ~ though late, Yet none dés- pair, = =e 7 Te none des- pair, 1% let none des - pair, Tet none des re - lief may GB : a= F = = pS STE ie ve - fief may come, though late,may _eame,.. may come, though —— ee ee a <2 Es gat mone despair, « re-lief may come, may come, _thongh e == + lief Ey though te lisf_tey come, though aE = a come, though | Tate, may, + may come, thoug! a2 2H (ase — = — rs Tet none des- pair, ——— = Tet none des - 2 ye-lief may come, may 2 \ = pair, lief may come, ‘though late, may come, though aE =e el —— re - lief may come, may come, though thous! come, may come, Handel's ereslen”—Norello Ber and Co‘nOetaro Eaton, SSS ee the verge of fate, aad hegyn Gon SS E the verge of = eS the verge of Ge snatch us from the varge of fate, and heav'n can sunich Wafrom the L fo arate fae —— Ie pea ae 2 Bon fovea ie Si lenvneat atch teow We (SS SSS S| = iz a eae snateh us,Reav'nean gnateh us from the verge of fate. froaeg"—Roell, Ewer and 04 Ocivo Baltion. No. 18. Reorr—* YB FAITHFUL FOLLOWE! oe 4 s) Vorce, |e C=sbe po = Sa ee eeeirns Bos a yr Yo iia folowers of Wewretched -8-l0, your bonds it heavier on ppp tee} Unhappy maids! my fatohasdragg’d you down, —likesome vast pile, that 2 o oS 6 \ Ast OncHanuay. * =H E SS SSS athe pe ze ee ree G eee E crach-c6 with its il the neighbving domes, and preads widera-in round it, "You are our mistress 1 . Pa = = 3 es z SSS like the de-stroy -er, Death, throws a= eat all distinctions down, and slaves are @-qual. But, if the gods relent, and give us =e = SS oe oe soon the fiatt'rer Hope is KS + Ses aS SS a] Joys, and in- nocent do lights of youllrand li-ber-ty— 0 sad rementorancol i = No. 19. Am—*DAUGHTER OF GODS.” Lerghtto Andante . 3 fs Puaxo. a7. Handel's“ Heroules”"-Novello, Bwer and Co's Octevo Faltion. Tour. K Adagio. Piet Daughter of gods, i = Ste a ‘A thousand sures, a thousand pleasurescrowd thy train, thousand plea - re! =a 33 ~ sures, thousand —— ao Ppp has a ——— pate SSS SS Train Badin tho velit de t-tythee lool da al : = j = y Adagio. a tempo. 2: Bates Dangh-ter of Adagio. andere Herenles!"—Novellg, wer and Co’ Octaré Haition. - — = - ss. SS PEE == = SFI = _ ae at ate SS = eo Ss a thousand gra-cee rei Ca SS SSS SS z pene ator esate aron, tows = peer Gi 2] Saar — LS nf ES SS eee -p—e—e = a = Sy ere oS Sie eS rt thousand pleasusescrowdthy train, - - and hail thee love-liest do - i- ty,thee ——— Handel's" HereulenNorello, ter and Cos Octave Eaton, Adagio. SRE + thy train, and “Adagio. See ats Handel's “Heroules"—Novello, Ewer snd Co‘ Octavo Baition, 2 las = Rae es = ee banat wee | pode es ‘urone, the gra~ ces that surround thy hrone,And sll tho pleasureswiththeo gone, and all the es Ge a = oe pre ES —t == Ise : SS SS le FSS Sada - sures, Remov'd for jean i Handat's *Herendes”"—Novolo, Ewer and Cove Oetevo Raion, _Handat's “Herewlex"Novello, Bwer and Co's Octavo Paltion.—(6) No, 21. Recrr.—“ THANKS TO THE POW'RS ABOVE.” Hznovrss, oS -— Your. a ‘Thanks to the pow'rsabove, but Prano. SHS = recs draw my birth, 1 \ \o=2 32 Withpleasure,now, at rest, e qe = ee fe ff, eS Fa SS a Bet fall is ada-ed to my ti-tles, and pointsthe ris- ing summit of my glo-ry. 2 = Sse =F eae Fair princess, weep no more! G = 2 ‘Handel's “ Herealea."Novelo, Hwer and Co's Octevo Faition.—(64) et for my dead father, g B country, will haveits way; No, 22. Am.—*MY FATHER!” _, Larghetto « mezzo piano. anders" Herenlos" Novello, Ewor and Co's Octave tition, zB sword incfliet the dead -ly —— * Pe raeat ape falls oe ae ae bites the erim - son ground, ae bites the crim-son ae: — = cettgdesss-£ br Sheree Ste tire pet eee bites the crim + son ground. My father! ah! methinks I the sword in-flict the dead-ly wound; he bleeds, he feels pearl ee gee ee a ees eee me sae. ‘8 Hereules!"—Noreilo, Ewer ad Co.s Ootuvo Baton, sooo eo a Ada ee Sa Sad dy -inghe bites tho orim - son gronnd. fag tee = Larghetto ¢ piano. z = ‘Larghetto ¢ pia hn andes " Hereules”—Novello, Erer and Co’s Octaro dition. 8 eS = soe mind All thy tues, In thy daugh - ter’s pteers ‘anders “ Hereules”-Navello, Bar and Cos Octavo Baltion dear pa-rent shade, eat In thy daugh - tor’s SI popes a vir - tues Pg eat 2 a= No. 23. Rear—“NOW FAREWELL, ARMS!” _ Hencunns, | yw farewell, arms! from honcethe tide of time shall bearme gently down tomel-low ‘unde's “ereulos"—Norello, Rwer and Co's Oetavo Ealtion No. 24. Am—“THE GOD OF BATTLE.” The god of bat-tle == shield; The god of bat - Handel's “Horealoa””—Novello, Ewer and Co's Octave Baition. (70: a ote use - Jess hang the ‘The god of bat = - = Handat's"Hereules"-Novello, Bwer and Co's Octaro Bition z a all re ~sign’d to Cy-the-re - ws NS charms, He == — d. = gives him-self to love, while all - resign’d to con - qu'ring beau--ty’s = Tande!'s Hereates?"—Novello, Ewer and Co-'s Octave Edition oLee toe 6 Ates SSS gS Baa arms, ho gives him-self to [SPSS aa Handel's“ Herealea!"—Novello, Ewer and Co's Oetava Titi. “CROWN WITH FESTAL POMP.” i. Corus. Allegro, ma non pre ‘own with festal pomp the day, erown, : Auto, enogriy wit fos tal pomp the a ‘crown with es - tal pomp the “dance, While musicsvoice elisa - low, gel et Rp * Ea = ws Manta rela" Noval, aa nF Otan Eaon. 7 — = ae ae wise Tells sane ae eens toma joval ao == Grow. with fes-talpompthe Handols* Haroules"—Novello, Ewer and Cas Octave Eitan, = B= —* ex-travagant ly gays mirth extra-va-gantly aos a —F4 ays —¥. bid the grateful al-fors 6 ander trout Novello, Ewer and Cas Octaro Baition Sa ‘he grateful al tars Gite, tal tee malas == te a papas fee Ogos tea oe edance, bid the maids the youths’ « provoke to join the aS eee = —= Fouths provoke to juin the dance, bid the maids the Youtls~ . provoke to join the nda Horeles"—Novelo, ver and Cos Onto Baition. oe (etecerereeerree let eS == TSE ‘while mu-sic’s voice geese — SSS SSS while music's vojeo stpietteee teenie Se rs eet En Lome while mu-sie’s voice 2. ag i =e E Se S = ——a = Toad our rap ~ fertua joy ' a. sas "= Toad our rap - tu-rous ae = eSSS=_ = loud our rap - ta - rous - ‘Handa’ Hereulen."—Nowalla, Bnet snd Gas Otavo Basen. ACT Il. No. 26. SINFONIA. ‘Hand's “ Herenles "Novello, Ewer and Co's Octavo Eaition.~(@2,) ‘Banas “ Hereulig"—Novallo, Ewes and Co.'s Ootevo Ballon. No. 27. Rucrn.—* WHY WAS I BORN A PRINCESS?” DS aS SE Why was I born a prineess,rais'don high to fall with groator ru -in? Had the \ Votce. Prayo. aS tenant of some cot-tago, ‘Handel's "Horeuies"Novella, Ewer and Ca’s Gctsv0 Eaition.—i8t) f-2-2— “£ =SS SS Eee ‘How blest the... maid or-dain’d to sweet con - + in hum + ble cell, From SS Pe How blest the maid j top fers + dain’ to dwell SSS SSE By_ murm'ing ris, goa By ev'- ry swain be - ere Handel's" Hercules"—Novello, Ewer and Co,s Ostavo Baton. swain, by ev’ = ryswainbe-lovad. staying “Hapact’s “ Weroules—Novelo, Ewer and Cos Octavy Balition 88 Ant trp Mt rt gg ag — Se ee SS ee ‘Though low, yet hap-py in that low 8 tate, And safe from ills which on a prin-cess | ee SS eos: hon a princess wait, ond eefo from ills, from al SJ=5 a= —— ie == peeve Aandal's " Hereules"Novello, Bwer and Co's Octavo Biition No, 29. Rear— IT MUST BE $01” vow (fas It must bo B= love, jea-lou- ey SSS ‘What anxious earos un- time - ly thus dis-tarb PS eee the hap-py == = —E i Desawrea. —S con - sort ee nepar Jove? Tn sult-ing maid ! ere = [Se ts = So eae et hap- py, but for the f - tal Ing. tre of thy beau - ty! \ ye == a iB = ie = SSS ‘Handbet's“ Hereuleo"Novell, mer atid Coe Octavo Faltion.—62) ey ie Ee ot When teauty sorry’ liv'ry wears, Our passions take te firose'sypart the fair one's part, the fair... andes “Herealesy"—Novello, Ewer and Co’e Octave Eaton, --00) ———— er Love dips hia Hine. No. 81. Tour. Reorn—“ WHENCE THIS UNJUST SUSPICION?” Desanrea. Voce. = SSS s8 E ‘Whence this unjust sus - pi-cion? Fame of thy beauty (60 report in - Puno. { % i ae e E —— Ie SSS = lov’, he ask’d you of your fa-ther; his suit SSS = pa —— + forms me,) first brought Al - ei- des 0 Oo-cha-lia's court, He saw, he = ==—— = E == 2 E re - ject ea, in revenge ho le-velld the haughty town,and bore a- way the spoil; (SE = SSS SS == = E [SSS SSS SS SE ss but. the rich prize, for whichhe ‘Handet's “Hercules Novello, er and Co’s Octave Haition (2) 93, . Teun, CSS SSeS SS fought and con-quer’a, was I-8-le. —— eee Pts Gee eS == = bition, not slighted love, that Inid Oe-cha-lia low, and iG 3 d <= Sie ee ey ¥ St ah “ (SSeS SS == = S = Sa has a-bus- ed yourear with a for-ged tale; but oh! let mo con ~ bo- ware of jea-lou-sy! ‘Handol's “Hercules Novallo, Rwer and Co's Octavo Waition Aw—* AH! THINK WHAT ILLS” i ree a 7 = ee = prove: Avdion to pesss, aren fo love, adieu fopeaey—acdien to Handel's“ Hercules "Novello, Emer and Go’s Octavo Raition.—(04) 95 peste — ae SS = endless pain. So ytg See tp SS ills the jea - lous ‘Hand's “ Hereules,"Novelo, Ewer end Cos Octavo Haition. 96 t2-9 e er aa , end - less pain, — erties [eset tieteneettentetjentetanigora| =a Handel's“ Hereules!"—Novell, Ever and Co’s Octavo Baition, (epitaph bg ona Teton [GSS ete ES De enc cinder Adagin ae Galas SSS See = Sap > Fine. With vo - nom fraught the m = Feet petetee Pier fered fee ne eee eee ——— SS Sas oa # SS} dis - cord dwells, and =. ei = ea Og dis - cord dwells, Where har - mo - ny should 5 P Siesnien megan ermnan t aco se ee ee eee A. Se ees ae —=} USS E Handel's “Hercules"-Novallo, Ewer and Co's Octaro Ealtion, 6 = SE rig, se the bo-som swells with ve - nom = ==. Soe | Peet a= E SE agig ay FE a a P SSS SSS = oe where haemo ~ ay sbould sign, ny should reign; « With vo - nom fraught the bo - St swell, And no - ver - Handel's“ Hercales"—Novello, Ewer and Co. Oetavo Raltion 99 — —— = SSS = Es [— = % =+ = cons - ing dis - - cord dwells, Where har mo- ny, where ei eae ri —— SS mo- ny should reign. Tempo Imo, No. 85. Reo." IT 18 TOO SURE.” [__ Desay. Lacy. Desaga. i = 3 Tt is too eure, that Her-cu-los infiles. ~ My godlikomaster?™ is a = Bs 4s Pawo. sg a = =f ya =e SEN trai-tor to hon-ous;loveand De-ja -ni-ra, false? im-pos-si-blo! il ail Hapdet's“ Herouen"—Novelo, Emer and Co's Octaro Waition No. 34, Am— AS STARS THAT RISE AND DISAPPEAR.” Andante argh ty Taomas. SS 5 ‘As stars thatrise and dis - (Gas sSSSoS=—= in the same brighteircle move, ohne we-stae os Sees ¢ Ee 2 ple ——— Handel's" Her ules"-Novello, Ewer and Cos Oetavo Bastion —(00,) S z Sn eS 0 shinesun-chang’d, . . un-ehang’d « a = Sa Gi SS aS - + Tthy he - 10's love, Nor absence can his faith im pair, nor stars that rise —— SS Sy & = == ‘Handel's “ Horcules"—Novello, Ewer and Co’s Ootevo Ealtion, — Se ee Y SSS ae in the same bright cir-cle move, still inthe same bright-eir-cle move, Soshinesun - SSS sthy he-z0’s fove, fete ———————— = = gad : poate a at = z un-chang’d, . . . Nor absence can, nor absence can his faith thy ho-ro's love, & eee treats Se ane ee Handel's" Hereulos"—Novollo, Zwer and Co's Octave Eaition. SSS == = f ‘ander Hercules."Novelio, Bwer and Co’s Octavo Haition. oe = Hie, ‘The breast where'gen'rous va - lour dwells, fm con-stan-ey no less ex - A SS eg eee = = Reorr.—“ IN VAIN YOU STRIVE." Lactas. ‘e-oursed jealousy ! Piano. ia == fe SSS —— He 4 ‘andol's “ Hercule."—Novello, Bwer and Co's Octavo Faition. Wo. 36. Cuonvs.—« JEALOUSY !” undo Herealeg"—Nowele, Ewer and Coe Ostero tion, —(108.) 106 ete = = See E aa = 2 Grant ofthe tanian breast of te Iainton ——— = SSE == es SS =E pest, Pad -_ eGov ‘rant ftho human ea 5 SSS ee fs The human breast, of the human breast, of =a SS z “Firma fo aaa brent = ee breasts Fyrant of the human —<—<—<—— wart “breast, ‘fy-rant of the human breast, of the human {ste a OF the human breast, ‘tyrant of fre human breast, nt of the human breast, 7m = ing pest, jealou-sy! per ~ vad “bee, jenrloa-ayt raat ty-rantof ‘ty - vant, Aca. ty-rantot tyrant of - = tyrant of = = = = \e—e = ae ee ee alightest eau aes bred, dost thou lit thy = = —— = a ee ee 7 slightest cau - ses bred, dost thou ‘lift ae Ss = z slightest, cau - ses bred, dost thou ‘iift ‘andes “ Herealen"—Novello, Ewer and Co's Oetavo Eation 108 = ae [a= =| dost thou lif thy he = Tread ————= Es dost thon “ie thy he Tread a ce dost thou dost thou : L E = T og Ante pte ==S=! Sse rl Title ing r,t hte Sa SENS SS ees tei-flos light an Boas wer Sees amas, Moy "e™MoyBe ad sta Baon ge StS tri fles light as float > — =e * tri- fles light as float - aaa == —_ Cae ight as float ti + float = ered ‘proofs to thee ap ee proofs to thee ap - undol's * Hereoes!"—Norallo er and Co's Ortaxo ition. pte oe te light as float - ing + as float - ing == light as float - ing . [See iS ete ey, 7 are andols“Heroalas"—Novell, Buse and Co Octave Baton. light as float ing ee eee eet: flew ight ash ng, ants Tight as oat - ing air, = = i ‘i -fles, Tight as gee aa Spee eee eee S= aa eriproofs to thes ap- pear, tri - ee z ssereapiots to feo ape ft = en it an SS Seat Tight esfoating air aacredproos 10 thee appear, ti- fies Hight aa - Gaza SSS EEE Cay =, Sertdproots to thee ap - pear, as = . rpg | Saas ose ee ie hie? ot? SS ss 4 ea Looe $f ett —, or = = ‘| Fi float - ing air sa-ored to thee ap - pear. fe nd = —— le = as | iat toga taal tor thee fy Poe 23 SS a Boat ing ‘air sa-ered proofs. thee 4p - pear. - ee ae gS = Ss 7=2e=]} Tel Gy Woot st te thee aps = rete i a e219 oe eae =F << a Blades Hercules." Novello, Bwet and Cas Qeas9 Baton, E Bs SSeS per-vad ing pest, Jea-lowsy! jenlowsy! . sy! ji y a vad -ing pest, —per-vad - ing post, pee Toibndy! jewloasy! jenlouay! vad- ing pest, = Jonou-ayt a ‘aman beat T ¢ Jauralin breast “human breast! ‘Hinegors“ Herealea™—Nowoln, Ener and Cos Ovtave Baio No, 87. Voice. Praxo. = '@ B& —e = == Oe SN a Fa “SHE KNOWS MY PASSION.” Birt 9 dard me brogtbo my am'rous vows ; but, dea? to the soft RR pe "plea, re jects my offer love.—See;whereshe stands, lke & SEE =e SSS ==t S —e Sn =z = === f =e 3 é 1p tae Love findsno dyolling ih tft hapless broast whe i =I gina or nrakoile pe o a Ts St Iv iesve man-sion of thy bo-som 6e- yene and Ei 2 4 Se eS= iz = = ‘Hanie's“ Hereuios"—Novello, Bet end Co's Oxiaro Baltion (112) = ss = Tove the son “of -Her-eu- les, G “pe Bt = SS SSS eS EGR == 7 a aaa ‘whose anmedewvivdher ofcountry, tether, liberty? impossible! Townthe [pos = = = =A oe ve a ee a= - ie Pei teas fer eee ae eee | Tally hasty pgp np Da Soe at meslarainguall, © aw toltewkar bao : = En | Tone. See T must despair to gain. Handel's « Heroules."—Novell, Ewer and Co's Octavo Falition No. 88. At.—BANISH LOVE FROM THY BREAST.” Allegro, trma Fe : ‘Vote. Se =E Alege. eee 2) Ps= 6 ES Buso. Min a. SS ——— + mish loye from thy breast, "Tis a Hande’s "Horealon"—Norello, Bwer and Ca'a Octaro Baition.~{116) 16 [Pea Ne Qe a SS on-ly mean thoughts to in - spire, . Sees z 8 E a 3 Jove from thy breast, ’Tis a —_ == eee as = 3 at SSS SS ‘Handel's “ Heroulea”"—Novell, Ewer and Co’ Octavo Kaition. wo - man- ish gzest, Ba- nish, HT thy breast, "Tis a peepee on ly mean thoughts,mean thoughts to inspire, "Tis. wo-man-ish gest, Roeee z= =e SS eas Se tena e Pr ipa LEE on-lymean thoughts, Handel's“ Hercules "-Novello, Ewer and Co.'s Octavo Bition. at GS eae 3 . Sect SS SS t E sarees glo- ry invites thee, Fair ho - nour ex - cites thee, To = Se T Handel's “Hereals:"—Novello, Ewer and Co’s Oetevo Baition, Pes steps of thy sire, stops of thy sire 1 of qa SS + vites theo, ex-cites thee, the steps, to tread in to he esi SSS tread in the stops, in tho epee tas {SS No, 89. Recrr—* FORGIVE A PASSION.” {TENOR Vous. ev'n breasts im-mor-tal ! = —t =A E eel an = ral a == =|2= a= = No. 40. Am.—FROM CELESTIAL SEATS DESCENDING.” Larghetto. ‘Taxon I Vorce. — Larghetto., Puxo. eee de 4, — ey Ss GE t Bros, ——SSS See ee eee rom oo- les til wets descending, Jo di - ——— == E Sept i == =s + vine a -whilo sus pending, bore, Godshavo oftheir heav'na ~ SS SSS re =! andes“ Horculos"Novello, Ewer end Co’s Octavo Baition.—(20) sweet - er heav'n. . of love; ney SSS aS Sy ee gees vine awhile suspending, —=4 S =: va SSS SSeS ie sweet - erheav'n of love, To taste - . the heav'n of love,.. Gods have es ee : SSS == —— Seta a ‘ a pope Pee = Wa=z lefé their heav'n a - bove, To taste the sweet - er heav'n of love, To taste, . « Handel's“ Hereulea.”—Novelo, Ewer snl Co's Octave Baition, == flame, a god-like flame, Cease to pas-sion then to blame, to scorn. « L ee re ae Sj Se a= anders" Horoules"—Novello Ewer and Co’s Octaro Haition No. 41. Cuonus.—“ WANTON GOD OF AM’ROUS FIRES” AndanteZ eS Boe, ad Hib 7, Teepe. ton god of, am - ‘rousfires, TENOR. (1ve. tower) of am ~'rous fires, Wish - es, sighs, + sires, na - ture’ssons = pop Wish - es, sighs, and soft © de - sires, All’_«sna- ture'ssons thy sere Handel's" Horeules."Novello, Ewer and Cos Ootaro Raltion —(1. =a 124, SSS ai soft desires, - = E 2 = = E ‘AIL na-ture's sons th ‘ews maiotain 9 ee E a= i laws maintain? SSS = am - "Tous fires, anders Herealea”—Novelio, Ewer and Co.'s Oetavo Faltion 125 —+ st ——— > = ie == dae $ re 3 = + 88 sighs, and soft de-sires, ll na - ture’s sons, all ‘sighs, ee - fish ~ 6, a SS SSeS Tete fe 5 aS ee [ee aap eS A —— SS Se whi seling min, a = a ipa ie aa aa ne game ing tonip, a eee and sralng ina, ‘Handel's Herenles"-Novella, Ewer and Co’ Ostevo Editon. 126 = = er ae SE Tes. ee s tend thy um-eon-tolfd . .. andboundlessreign, Ex SSS aa = tends thy un-controll'd ‘and ar li-quid air Poe tty 2 ‘ends thy un-control?a in-controll’d and a aes =e ‘thy un-controll’d and bound = less reign, 7 ee eae Ss ‘hy d-controll' and bound - less reign, goal thy wn-controll'd: fo ‘bound Tess reign, ae so ys ——— and swelling main, ‘and swelling main, Sy and ewell - ingmain, end Zo tasted ie main, A gestae 5 oy “ind swelling main, Tand, i= i in “Handel's “Hereul"—Novello, Ewer und Co’* Octave Baition, lat ore ee a a ee ape Tend andewelling main Ex-tendsthy bountlessreign, — extends thy un-emnirolld SX: a Re [eee Ss jand and swellingmain _Ex-tends thy boundless reign, Ee pa ——— pea ee =a Se 7 Tpnd afdowelling mein Extends thy boundless reign, = ——————— CSS Sa Sere ee a uneontrard — and ms an pas swell - ing. + main, Extends. jound = Tose eign. So ‘bound -Toss_veign. bound - less reign. —-— oe 2 vad bound - 1668 reign. ST] aitociaae pepese 3c et = Ss ot Nos 7 po gg to am *- ‘rous fires, Ger it~ guid air, aoa a am*"~ ‘rousfires, guid air, and swolli = Oar K- quid SS + tends, thy un-controll’d and boundless reign, extend thy boundless eiga, ex - : = =R=N SSS SS Sg fee eS FE "tends thy _an-control@ and ‘extends thy boundless reign, e - Cae : ex: tends thy th-eontroll'd and boundless reign, oa sao page papas ‘ex- tondsthy boundless reign, t ‘boundless reign, SS $= SSS ex-tends thy boundless reign, =f ex - ‘bound - Tess sreign; —_ = pate ==. Wan - ton god quidair, and st as SS Wan - ton god of am - ‘rousfires, O'er li quidair, and —- z % Wan - ton god of = ses ss ors z aa aa ae a ae a ad a col. Bees. ad ib. meet Se —— Ex - tends thy un-controll’d and bound - less reign. SSS See swell - ing main, thy un -controll'd and bound - less reign. ce = —— SS ewell - ing main, thy un-controll’d and bound - lee reign. Ps : ; er ee = SSE SS — swell - - ingmain, Ex-tends thy un-controll’dand bound - less reign. Sat Fe ects SSS Sees ee ea eels on: es 7a cok, Bees, Handel's “Kercules”—Novelo, Ewer and Cos Oetavo Baltion, I No. 42. Recrr— Desanmna. “YES, I CONGRATULATE YOUR TITLES.” Vorcr. Piano. |” grieve to sce the vie-tor 1 Tost, a- las! how La i ; ! : = E mooie = ot = e+ = = fall’'nfrom whatyouwere! your fame e-clips'd, and all your laurels i ae er mnnnpeese an ack == S = oe z = a —— = == iE 2 = o—*—t_e eae Eee no! while glo-rious deeds deamand a just ap Sa ‘Handel's “ Hercules "Novello, Ewer and Co.'s Qetavo Ealition, 192 + i posh e es. 2-2 —*- —— a — pee Ee pa ——— E - + est lustre shine, shall with bright-est lus-tre shine; o. = — seer == ej ee pa oer = Se = pinta - = 2. oe be 2» *: CaS] ae ee ce = Shall with brightest lus- tre chine, shall with brightest lus- tro = —— a SSS Sa Zz =— : » ne SS = SS St 133 bee = == + — —- Se brightest lus - tro shi with brightest Ius-tro shine, * je SS pe — 0 — ben —— 9 a Sy = = ci des*name ia lastest sto =~ ay Stallwith bright - et peg e- Fae s=¢ brett Handel's *Horeulos"Novello, Bwer and Co's Octave Ealtion. 134 we = a And facture he -r00s rise to x a $ SS = == E ao-tions @-mu-la-ting mine, by ae - tions @- mu-ln-ting mine, by BSS Se aS ee oo a eat SF] Set a ‘And fviwe he - roosting 1 f= _—. es Ie 285 Bagee 3s , oS + tions @ 2 fom cS PS f a Handel's “ Herealea"—Novello, Bier and Cos Ootavo Haition. No. 44. Recr— OH, GLORIOUS PATTERN OF HEROIC DEEDS.” Drsantra. - Vorcr, aS pS (Ob, glovious pattem of he-ro-ie deeds! tho mighty warrior, a =8 Puno, ——— = 2 F Nos = . Ry x SS SSS Ota = 5 whom not Ju-no’s hate, nor a long se-ries of in- ces-sant labours, could e’er sub - => S = . 2 dis-taf wield, —— SS SSS] ‘Handel's “Hreulen"—-Novelio, inex und Co. Octave Eaton, 137 the spin-dle and the dis-taif, and the dis -taif wield, the spin the dis-taif wield 5 = = Sere ee poland fy tom war to female tails, resign hy ———{—_ r= toils, _Fortheglitteringsword and = SSS SSS SSS Or a shield, The spindle and the dis - SSS = = = == es aes ee ad fi Lt S f= Ss E a 2 nae oS -Hondet' “ Hereulea."--Novello, Ewarend Co’ Octavo Faltion thospindle wield, £ = rea ee ‘Hande!'s“ Hereulea."—-Novallo, Bwor and Co's Ootavo Baition, — == Sasessat 4. SSS a ——= ‘Thun-d'ring Mars no more shall Glo_- ry’seall no more sholl SS SSS sae Se He Ps armthee,Glory’s ll nomoreshall warm thee; Ye-me sun poco lagghetto, “a SS fe nce Venus and eee and hor whining boy Shall ll thy wanton hours poy. io No, 48. Reom—“YOU ARE DECEIVED.” ———— ———— Vorce. === ea SS some vil-Inin has be + lied Pawo, Desa. ae eee = = ss a [es Sas my ¢- ver-faith-fal love and constancy. Would it were so, and that the babbler \ aE es FE ar = oe ine a = = SS :

ee =#: SSS Ss ee Z: eee =a = ae eee --— - ——— SS Se = store the up > si8re the nup- tial band, Come, re - bs a = ee SSS = sare the ‘nup-tial band, Come, re - store the nup- tial band, Come, re - g E: -— ee SS p= store the nuptial tore the up - Wal Vand, Come, re 1 ss Ja St pet Handel's“ Horeulos"Novello, Bwer and Co's Ostavo Baton. 16 wae —=s store the nup- tial band! eS = === iors the ub ial bead! ee = =a ~siore the “nuptial aS = tore thie mup- tial peepee} SSS f Toeroyn the “ig-a0 ual the Tair, To opown the 2 fe ee be. SSS Ss =e This, To crown the Toerown the he-ro and the eh i #2: See Handel's “Ierenles"Novallo, Rwer end Co. Octave Balition, 1% 162 fain, And sin - as coro delights pre - pare, St Fe = core ae SS -- SS SSS Ee ~ “Tights "pre ony Tair, And sin = core de light pre - pare, —— t. —————— > ecro de fs pre = = pare, reer = Fights andor Flercuies "Novello, Ewer and Co’ Octevo Raition. 163 é eee SSS SS =, bite, Torowa tho He=ro and tho fai, To crown tho ie - ro. and the a ae eS Se SSS ~~ pare; ‘Tocrown the he -xo and the fair, To crown the he - ro and the SS ee ~ pare, ‘fo Grown tho he + fo and oe fair, To crown the he-ro-- and the A one ge See pote Ze SSS SS SESE ss ose Ge ier mat Ue To cows oe on ' i L - oz Fu ea SS=e5 SS SS 5 SSS tee fe ote os og beg expel 5 = [Se & E === = = eo : : [ee SE = == eS = = = —=E fair, 2 === t pe arf rite ee | SF ae - _ ae ee Tove and By-men,band 3 =a ES == =| 7 Love end Hy-men, hand io ‘Love and Hy-men, band ove Hy-men, hand in eS as — ¥ — oe — i aT fl ; ‘Love and ‘Hy-1 a hand in. yatta Spee eee |_ Se 2 - | ACT III. No. 54 SINFONIA. Ss (Pag ee a pe ( 1 ere et = —* i E t Hane’ * Horeulos”"—Novello, Ewer and Gos Octavo Faition 164) let Peacmustan. (Bate) fall, inglosious, by awoman’shand. + pa Se OR a tees Oh, doleful tidings! 4 o “ea e oe 2 = nish enone an Othe a 166 SSeS SS pre-par-ed for sa-eriice, and fertal pomp adorn’a the temple, oa = == a ‘2 = Ss = = SS Ss hereunluckyhands pre-sent-ed him, in De- ja-ni-ra’ a eae name, 9 costly robe, the Se —S SS Se # Tledgeotlow’s e-new =. Witenes thatten Alfie bis win- dng Jo, = i Fa S\=e = Se g 7 ——_# SE Se SS = manly shoul-ders threw tho treach'ronsift— but,whentheal-tar's fame be-gan fo shed its 2S SS Z = ack ‘up-on his limbs, the clinging robo, by eurs-od art en - von-om'd, through all i oe ve Ronde's" Hereules"Novello, Bwer and Co's Octevo Baltion, 167 est =| joints dis.pers'd_o sub-tle poi- son. SSS Sy Frantic with a-go-ni-zing pain, he = eS atin e ESS Alingshistortardlo-dy on the easton, tia tives {© rip the deadly garment of = ge a Aceoarat _ SS (ree ceeeerree eal Tu with Hoare the Usdin, mangled flesh; is doadflerion the yullod roof s-tarns! a 4 ae ee oS oa 8 =e SS 2S SSS No, 56. Am.—“OH, SCENE OF UNEXAMPLED WOE!” Troms. vor, (eS Oh, scene, oh, scene “of am-pled woo! Ob, sun of , SSS 63, P ettss re ry snk & low! SoS] Ss ‘What language dan our sor-row tell! jig eS SS SS et ‘Honda's " Herotle.”—Novallo, Bwer and Co'¢ Octave Waition. eS SS SE Ss = ae zs on our sor sow Witt Un-tap-s, bine fae = —— = SSeS 0b, seenoof un-ex-am ~ pled woe, Ob, sum of tits aot as. = ee a ESESE = 5 ul t = Z SSS =F es ay oe ie = rysunkéo low! Wiintlanguago Gan our sor - row tell, Whatlan - giago "S Z SS SSS = Seat = ee — = cs aoe SS Horeales!”—Novello, wer and Co’s Octaro Haition =be 3 = 169 Tempo Imo. = = + well! poten ie 4, No, 57. Ist Tracuintay. Ob, fa-tal jealousy! Handel's “Herculea”"Novello, Ewer and Co. Ostavo Ealtion, No. 58. Cuorvs.—* TYRANTS NOW NO MORE SHALL DREAD.” ‘Tyrants now no moreshall ae [GE = == = a ooeua witty (OES EF ESSERE Tyrants now no more shal Bass. CSS ee Tred on necks of vega Se ‘tread, SS ai — dread on necks of vanguish'd slaves to tread, pS See SS Ss ‘of vanguish'd slaves to tread, Ty-rants qh FE ‘of vanquish'd slaves to trea SSeS SS pS Se vanquish'd slaves Et area —— = = ——— — —?—| Soy as Slovene dread on necks of weaqui'd Soa letra yan SSS SSS SS ———7 SSS SS SS SSS eer erry to ted, Tyrants mo more shall dread on necks sof vi os = SF = E dread on necks of vangusfd aver’ to tread, =: - —- ee SS Se aaa = jak'd slaves” to tread, ‘Ty rants qq ‘Ty-rante re: =E =o === — i now ‘fyranta ball ho more, now no more th SSS SS shall no more, now no more shall dread on necks of vanquish'd slavesto tread, 2 ‘Fyrants shal no cea pa ‘E ‘dread of vang “Tyranteshall tomore shalldved, ‘Tyran let Spee pe ‘more ehall dread to tread, on aoe ata shall no more, shall dread to tread, eee: = necks of vanquish’delaves to £ ante shall no more, uow Ty-ranta shall no — =f ‘ves. fod WB) Bs aaa aa ‘necks of vanquish’d slaves to es now te moroabal bo ee oe Sa See eet eaantd tare eted Tyra womavdal ited creedeot amend aver me Handa’ “Hergules.”—Novele’s Octavo Ration, == ee er PSS eee necks of Vanguish’d daves € teed, Ty ranta now Go. inde shal dread, Ty. gs z i, ge tread, on necks ‘no more shall dread, Fe Sse SSS to more wal dread, Tyra, oS eee ahd daves to tread, "Tyrants now “ho more shall dread, Tyrants, 2 fa : hail tot dread, 2 3S = 5 F aes SSSSe it - — ee =. a E SSS SS SS SS a now “y-rants sitall not dread, its shall not dread, 7 SSS hall wot dread, now ‘fyrants shall fo wore, ow no = ===. = = =F x S SS BSS E iS 2—=E oS ee wt PE ‘Ty-rlts, now Ty=rantashall_ no more, now no more shall@tead on necks of Ee Se —F now no moro shall N dread, = Hinder’ Hereules No Octave Eatin SSS = SSS SS ‘more shall dread, ‘ow ‘Tyrants shall yo more, no more shall dread on necks of vanquich’d slaverto BSS SSS SSS See Na SSS tow Tyransahall somere,nomore al dad on neck of angultdslavento a Sapa aa 2 Vanquisk’d aver to = now nomore shal ee dread on eka of Yanquisd slaveny Sry ‘read, Tyrants tow nomoreshall dread on necks of eee et Serie d qo SSS weet ra = Vanquish dalgvex 2 ee tae : = ‘eanquiah'd slaves f0 porns + Hane ereneso"—Novalo's Octavo Bathe, SS SS ees = = = —— of mon = stron Wich a+ gain shall vex the SS] = == oS She -— cos of mon = stous birth <> gain shall vex the on : ia - fshement = the World’sa - ven - ger ———— 27 is cers the World's a - = <= ——— — = en ee a a a’ a= sats = anders“ Hereuea”—Novells Octave Editon the World's a ~ a ee the World’sa = ‘more, the World's a - ‘more, the World's = Pua the Handat Heresle,"~ ~oello's Otav0 Battion. 16 Z eo” ‘Gove, All for “GF pun'= lavmont, all Tear 0 der, SS the World's ~ =Saa= as 5 All fear of pun ish-ment, E all_fear f= ail fear is of =e the Worl = fea ihe Woildva SSS oP “Handera * HoreulesNovello “ver and Co’a Octave Edition No. 59. Amn— OF JOVE Concitato. AT LAND I8 THIS?” Hencunes. I bum, I bum, gee eg ig? i gegcs? ogo gr gee agp tate racers ree ee eee oes. Sts eseesesses is 3 Fs. se ~ ment - ing (ee fire consumes me— S ine pe ii : Z Hanis Herenles”" Novell, Ewer and Co's Qotavo Eaton, ~(72) M Concitato, cores oa (a \neman tas — * ke ef oe SS SS SSeS Tuore Guan Sy. gin pues a loug my fev'-rich veins, = (Sb aie en == eee SS = f= eared + dong my fev sith veins, aoe oe ee eS ee SS sso eos instes. Spa Sai : bring thy nor-thern blast, ana eee So or, Nep-tuno, kind-ly pour the sea’s eol - lee - ted. Handel's “ Hereales"—Novello, Fwer and Go!a Ostavo Pal ——— ee food in - to my brewl, » fae os ca Ss See blood, and cool my boil- i Hades “Hereales"-Novell, Bwer nad C08 Oetavo laitton. > stay boil” ing blood! “GREAT JOVE! RELIRVE HIS PAINs 1” eS Saas eacaet pet Oh, Ja- no and Eu-rys- Your keenest m#-lice ‘yield to De-ja-ni-ra's; mis-tsken, cruel, epg Ob, this curst robe! Thelings tomy tom sides, and drinks my vi-tal blood! ae 3 ie P a tf SS z Benois, Ss i ee et = Jast my father! My son! obsorve thy dy-ing sire's re-quest: while yot I live, bear me to Oc-ta's top; theve, on theswmmit of that cloudeapt hill, the tow'ring oak and e oe a = Se oo a a naan ag =E o ace eps ee ‘mount on wings of flame, to min-gle with the gods! =a boo = Favs. fete fee NS] bear me to theacone of glo-rions death. How is the he-ro fulla! Pe Flandet Hereules” Novello, Ewe# and Co's Octavo Baltion, Se | fame 185 Let not famethe ti - dings spread To proud Oo - seeee en ~ = SSS IG i cha -lie'sconquer’dwall, Let not Let not fame Fa eee f= aes eet ——— = {Sa eta SEBS the tidingesprend To proud Oo- eha 4, o = = Se St eens ae ey Sa cee Tia ; a eRe Cann we —— = SF pte —— == FEE fame the lin's eon - quer" — N= SSeS Tempo 1mo. : =] = quer wall. Tempo Imo. = ; = Serer hansessiatt zest The baflled foo will lif} his ace ZI Handel “Hereulea?—Novell, Bwer and Co. Oetaro Raition Sa will lift his eee re aaa Sa jaa Sate ES the vie - tor’s fos, the bafiled foo will lift his > Bwer and Co’ Octaro Faition No. 62. Teor. axp Aim—* WHERE SHALL I FLY 2" Desaniea. Where shall I fly? where hide this guil- ty Puyo, = 2p aps Oh, . fatal error, ob, fa-tal er-ror se of mis.guidedlove! Oh, orm-el Nes-sus, how art thon re-veng'd! mmo Al-ci-des dies Handel's “ Herewles"—Novetlo, Ewer and Coa Octavo Baition.—(386) Concitato. 5 SS a ae cnt tpiousnnds ave ly to the sliades, “nciata. SSS = lash my guil- ty ghost fee == geomet iE S| ———-F Beet foo! they come! Aloo to with her Goncitato. 190 fats = SSS snakes! Me-gao-ra fll, je foro teastencee——E CS ge ee Beare tert ape linen ek St feo te See, see, see, 800 the di BRE: peng th Hence a aa Bp = === pee rialse geet ede ee BETES f ee sree ferenlen” Novello, Ewer and Cave Oct —_—_————_,_ 191 a’ eee Eee aera se SSS — SSS ae aie a oe See, 00 tho snaky whips theybear! ‘What yellings randmy fqe =a Se Kanto epiana, 76. ge (OF pa es og (opngaeiepcanaa ee S tees ot tie Fee le aaegeae Concitato. (SS SSS ae Se 806 the dreadfi! sisters rise! their baneful pre-sencetainta the skies! ~~ 2 Goncitato, SS SS SS ———= Handar's“ Horeules."—Norello, Bwer and Cos Octaro Haition, — 192 bic trenttte oe SSE + my torturd ear, Hanes“ Heroulen"—Novell, Ewer and Co's Octave Faition ‘From the purse -ing roe teeta rig eed s = L grieve no more, ees : = Hae Di-mess Te ~ I ~sineenow f find all earth =I Sta See ithe deathless chief, by virtue to the star-ry mansions Hand's" Herouloy”—Noreli, Bwer and Cos Octave Baition. Wo. 70. Cuoncs.—“'TO HIM YOUR GRATITUDE” Allegra, wa non troppo, = To him your gra - titnde au -ly be -longs, Set Bass. To him your gra ~ ti-tude Per duly be- Mandel“ Herenles"-Novello, Ewer and Co’ Octavo Baiton —(215) Hand's “Heroslen"-Novelo, Bwer and Cos Octaro Biitlon. =aee be - longs, Theme of fair li - ber-ty — songs, n — 2a Be SS + ‘Theme of fair ‘Theme of =—= ‘Theme of fair songs, = ‘Theme gf fair i=et ' aa ‘Handel's “ Heroules"-Novello Her end Co's Ootavo Ealtion. ia es ca Fie andes “Hereules"-Novello, Ewer and Go’ Ovtevo Ealtion. ae theme theme = theme of ‘HandeY's"Hereulen""Novello, Ewer and Co’s Octavo Edition,