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leadership is going to change..

leaders must set will you do that? what will be the direction? what will be the change..
building relationships is key to setting cant set a direction without establishing relationship
Change is a process...not an event.
Small wins are a steady application of a small advantage. Once a small win has been accomplished forces are set in
motion that favour another small win. Small wins fuel transformative change by leveraging tiny advantages into
patterns that convince people that bigger achievements are within reach..
Duhigg 2012
transformational leadership.
expanded mandate for achieving excellence: gap in student achievement particularly Aboriginal, early years, poverty
Ontarios renewed goals for education
achieving excellence
ensuring equity
promoting well-being
enhancing public confidence
also mentioned STEM.(science, technology, engineering, and math)
different paradigm for leaders given the renewed goals.
how do you know youve become a true leader?
1. you dont try to be try to be clear
2. you try not to have the last word
3. you no longer try to show that it was your idea. you empower other people to own the idea. ..let others take
ownership of the idea..GOOD IDEA TO UNPACK THIS !
all the people in your building will be part of a collaborative structure that have voice and are making the decisions
build a culture...a professional culture.not so top- down.those days are gone
What does new leadership look like...need...
we need to measure impact.we need to have differentiated leadership, ongoing learning leaders as learners,
partnerships (community, early child-care),
as leaders we should be asking will we be able to measure impact of the direction we take?
The principal
builds a shared vision
identifies specific, shared short-term goals,
creates high expectations
communicates the vision and goals to all stakeholders
To set direction your message must be clear.
Setting direction is about pointing the way forward- keeping your team focussed on the direction ahead. Keep your
message clear, focussed and ALWAYS provide a rationale or purpose for your proposed action.
In the process:

provide context

Aligning Plans ( see plans as nested. focusing on the impact on students who are at the core of the process)
your efforts in your school must be aligned with the direction set for the organization as a whole.
Students and student achievement and well-being must be at the heart of all decisions.
SCHOOL PLANS align with:
student needs
school plans
board plans
director annual plan
trustee multi-year plan
Fostering the conditions for change
leaders recognize:
their team must trust what they say
they must inspire their team and motivate them to dream big
they must be able to know what impact the work is having
Up lifting Leadership (hargreaves)

dreaming with determination - defining a clear and compelling dream or dertination

creativity and counter-flow - is opposing forces positively

collaboration and competition - not always mutually exclusive

pushing and pulling - harness the power of the group to push and pull

measuring with meaning

sustainable success