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Abdullahi Ibrahim

February 2015

Well Being/Mana Atua

Abdullahi enjoys both the predictable
routines as well as the unfamiliar events or
activities at An-Nur. Abdullahi is involved in
all group activites alrge and small, as well as
during free play by setting himself goals to
Contribution/Mana Tangata
Abdullahi is growing more confident daily
with his sense of identity nurtured at An-Nur
while he learns alongside his peers.

Exploration/Mana Aotroa
Abdullahi enjoys problem solving activites
and is becoming more confident saying I
dont know as
we discover new
theories together.

Belonging/Mana Whenua
Abdullahi shares things about his home and
family with his trusted teachers. Abdullahi is
Muslim and his family are always welcomed
to our Eid nights for Hajj and Ramadan, this
will strengthen his connections between
home and centre which is important with him
only attending few days a week.
Communication/Mana Reo
English is not
Abdullahis first
language; however
he can understand
and communicate
clearly using
English. We
support and encourage the Arabic language
as the language of the Quran which T. Huda
will continue working on with Abdullahi
once a week unless his attendance increases
in the future.
A large group focus this term is on self and
identity while we encourage each childs
sense of belonging, well-being and increase
their confidence. This is very much a focus
for Abdullahi who attends few days a week.
T. Bushra will continue working on
Abdullahis Islamic knowledge in particular
the prophets, while T. Huda works on the
Arabic pronunciation and Quran
Abdullahi will be joining T. Natashas school
readiness group this year and will be bringing
work home with him such as books.