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February 24, 2015

Eduardo LaGuerre
State Director

Aureo Cardona
Deputy Director

Wilfred Renta

Mr. Col Alan

Editor-In-Chief New York Post
Transmitted via email:
Dear Mr. Alan,


Sylvia Mata
VP For Women

On February 24, 2015 in the Business Section of the NEW YORK POST the following article, written by Michelle
Celarier, appeared under the headline:

Pete Leon
VP For Elderly

Eleana LaGuerre

For the record, a local Illinois LULAC council is responsible for this activity. It is not sanctioned by the national
organization of the League of United Latin American Citizens or New York State LULAC or any of its local councils,
as your journalist infers in her article in your paper.

VP For Young Adults

Gail Cardona
VP For Youth

In fact, at the October 2014 national board of directors meeting in Washington DC, the board passed a motion that
LULAC would refrain from any further actions for or against this issue until a final decision regarding their
investigation is rendered by the Federal Trade Commission.

Amelia LaGuerre

Evelyn Maldonado

Recently, at the February 2015 national board of directors meeting in Washington DC, the board ratified the
minutes of the October 2014 board meeting that included the subject motion.
Also at this meeting the State Director of Illinois, Jose Javier Lopez, made a formal complaint to the board
regarding disparaging remarks made by LULAC member Julie Contreras against , Dr. Juan Andrades, a respected
Illinois Latino leader and historic LULAC supporter who in 2001 received the Presidential Citizens Medal from
President Bill Clinton for the performance of exemplary deeds of service for the nation and for extraordinary
accomplishments in promoting civic participation and leadership development.
Her comments were in response to Dr. Andrades accepting financial support for his programs from Herbalife. The
LULAC national board moved for a formal apology to Dr. Andrades.
LULAC NY has maintained a neutral position on this issue and supports the resolution passed by the New Mexico
LULAC delegation calling for National LULAC to also take a neutral position.
Julie Contreras is an individual LULAC member and as all LULAC members, is entitled to their personal moral
convictions and individual actions.
LULAC NY assures you that the reputations and accomplishments of George Soros and Carl Icahn will not be
stained by this activity. We stand by the greatness of these giants. Their genius propels our economy and their
charity, compassion, generosity and humanity advances our society.
We request that you retract your story immediately and provide the factual details.
Ralina Cardona
LULAC National Vice President Northeast Region
Eduardo Laguerre, LULAC New York State Director
cc: Michelle Celarier

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