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Portfolio Reflection (Artifact K1)

Reflecting on the portfolio process has provided significant insight into my growth and
development throughout the duration of the Student Development Administration (SDA)
program. One impactful lesson of the portfolio process is how it has provided a big picture view
of the ways in which I have met the criteria of the SDA Learning Outcomes. As I progressed
through the program, I never necessarily thought broadly about the skills I was gaining and
learning. That is to say, I was so narrowly focused on the tasks at hand that I did not take the time
to understand how the work I was doing fit into a larger, holistic framework. Through the
portfolio process, I have been able to connect the dots and integrate all of the work I have done
into a well-developed foundation for my identity as a practitioner.
Another lesson I have learned through the portfolio process is the importance of
continuing professional development. Completing the SDA program is a jumping off point to
achieving my professional goals. A strength I shared in one of the Learning Outcome Narratives
is the value I have placed on a commitment to lifelong learning. I recognize that once I leave the
SDA program, I will still have significant opportunity to learn and grow. Throughout my
portfolio, I have incorporated a theme of continued learning once I exit the SDA program and
enter my first full-time, professional role. It is my hope to maintain my passion for learning once
I begin my professional Student Affairs journey.
Lastly, and perhaps mostly importantly, the portfolio process has taught me the value of
self-assessment. Completing my portfolio prompted me to think critically about my identities,
values, skills, and opportunities for growth. This critical self-assessment pushed me in ways I
never thought were possible. Specifically, it has forced me to continuously evolve in my practice.
Self-assessment, while at times challenging, has provided a means for me to honestly gauge my
strengths and weaknesses, and reflect on how I can improve to reach my professional goals.