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To whom it may concern:

Dear Sir/Madam
This is a recommendation letter for Miss Tamar Nadirashvili.
Miss Nadirashvili is at present a third-year student majoring in Anglistics at
Ilia state University, Tbilisi, Georgia. I have known her since March 2014 as her
English literature professor.
Miss Nadirashvili is without any doubt a smart, competent and conscientious
student who always obtains good results in her studies. She permanently maintains
high standards in the classes, which I teach, keeping a high level of class discipline.
She is collected and calm during difficult situations. She uses her leadership
qualities to take responsibilities and solve problems. She definitely has an excellent
command of English as well.
Tamar obviously is an intelligent young person eager to go more profound in
her education. I believe she has all the right qualities for being an exchange
student; she is independent, flexible, open minded and a successful FLEX alumna.
She demonstrates a good sense of humor and a genuine ability to get along with
her fellow students.
Therefore, I am absolutely convinced that if/when she is chosen for the
program, Tamar will achieve the highest standards possible while her studies.
Yours faithfully,
Paata Chkheidze