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Asmaa Abdi

February 2015

Well Being/Mana Atua

Belonging/Mana Whenua

Asmaa is very independent and can look after

her own care needs as well as standing up for
any social injustices for herself and less able

Asmaa does not attend many days but travels

to and from AnNur in our van alongside
other friend. We are strengthening her links
between home, centre and the wider
community through supporting her Islamic,
Arabic and cultural practice including Quran.
Communication/Mana Reo

Contribution/Mana Tangata
participates in
our Islamic,
Quran and
Arabic, School
readiness and
larger Tui
Group (science,

in English at
school and her
of Arabic for
Surah and
Quran are improving which is wonderful to
Asmaa is very confident and easily expresses
her ideas and feelings.

During free
play Asmaa will be engaged and challenge
herself alongside peers, responding to all
interactions from friends and teachers.
Exploration/Mana Aotroa
Asmaa is strengthening her
perseverance, a useful
disposition that will be an
asset for her in life. Asmaa
is confident to ask for help
and say when she is unsure,
showing she is open to

I will be focusing on the disposition of

perseverance this term with Asmaa in all
areas of play/learning.
Asmaa does not attend all days so we will
ensure her friendships have time to develop
in to meaningful relationships through free
play and ensuing shared interests are catered