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Angie Guzmán Mateus
Zulma Alarcón Melo
Marisol Rendón

Province of Santa Fe. . Weight 3600 kilos. in the Italian clinical Rosario. very healthy.Leonel messi   He was born on June 24. 1987.

alias Puchi. parttime cleaner. a factory worker.   Father Jorge Horacio Messi. Celia María Cuccittini thrive. He has two older brothers (Rodrigo and Matías) and a younger sister (Mary Sol). .

  Raised in a poor family in a house on the street Vallejana in the neighborhood descent southeast of the city of Rosario. At age 4 starts in the Grandoli. trained by his father. . on clay courts.

At 8 years coaching in the youth ranks of Newell's old boys. In 1997 he won the cup of friendship in Peru with Newell's Old Boys. and treatment was very expensive. . At 8 years diagnosed deficiency in growth hormone.    In 1993 the father takes him to see Maradona playing in Newell's.

They said piqui in its infancy. Arellano was companion in school # 66 overall las Heras. .   The footballs were in bags or stockings. His best friend from childhood was Cintia.

  leo 9 years playing with kids of 18 and 19 years. ($ 900 per month). Barca costing him the disease. .   He moved to Europe with his family.