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September 5, 2014


Safeguard Insurance Employees


Casie Tindell, Vice President of Human Resources


New Opening/Closing Procedures and Safety Precautions

I would like to thank you for your understanding and patience as we improve our security system
and safety procedures here at Safeguard Insurance. Due to the attempted break-in last spring, the
Human Resources department felt it necessary to develop new opening and closing procedures
and overall safety precautions in order to ensure your well-being and security at the company.
These new procedures and precautions will be available to you straightaway.
Opening and Closing Procedures
A new alarm system installation is scheduled for September 18 and will act as a higher form of
security for you. The HR department asks all employees who close the building in the evening to
activate the security automation system, located at any exit. This Thursday September 12, all
employees will attend an educational training day for operating the new alarm automation
system. The new system will keep the office building safe throughout the night and will prevent
any attempted break-ins in the future. As for the opening procedure, we ask you to please turn off
the security automation system as you enter the building and lock the main door upon opening
the building.
Overall Safety Precautions
Starting next week, Safeguard employees will receive identification cards to gain access to the
building during normal business hours. On September 18, you are able to activate your ID card,
following an ID photo be taken in the main lobby on September 17. Throughout all business
hours, Safeguards doors will remain locked and will restrict access to only Safeguard
If you have any questions regarding the new procedures, please contact me or any other HR
department associate. You can find our contact information on the companys homepage:
Your safety is exceptionally important to us, and we thank you for your cooperation and patience
as we implement these new policies.