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A Simple Rule for Understanding The Word

The Word MUST be line upon line and precept upon precept,
which means it must AGREE with the rest of the Scriptures
else our revelation is in vain. If Ministers and Churches and
Christians would apply this simple rule we would all come
into One Mind and One Accord.
So many teach partial truths by using the Word and their so
called Revelation does not line up with the other Word of God
and many times even will contradict it, proving it is not a Full
Truth, still only a partial truth.
For instance the Word speaks of 3 Gods, and many teach and
preach this and it is true, yet other Bible verses contradict
this, so we see it is a partial truth, we find Churches teach
baptism in Father Son and Holy Ghost, yet we find nobody in
the entire Bible baptizing this way ever Once, but we do find
them baptizing in the Name of Jesus.
So we find again though churches teach and practice this it
must be a partial truth because the other verses literally
contradict this and even though it was from Jesus own
mouth for them to baptize in Father Son and Holy Ghost we
find His very own Holy Ghost filled anointed baptized in
Pentecost Apostles going contrary to this teaching and
So lets examine these future writings in light of this and see
if it stands with the Full Truth of the Entire Word of God.