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iPad Lesson Plan Format

Name: Kelsey Lawhead

Grade Level: 1 Subject/Topic: Math/Computation and Estimation
Lesson Title: Addition Facts
App Title: Hungry Fish
VA SOL: SOL Standard 1.5 The student will recall basic addition facts with
sums to 18 or less and the corresponding subtraction facts.
Task Analysis of Skills/Knowledge:
Prerequisite: Students will need to know and be able to identify numbers 010 and then to 18. Associate the terms addition, adding, and sub with the
concept of joining or combining. Associate the terms subtraction,
subtracting, minus, and difference with the process of taking away or
separating. Provide practice in the use of selection of strategies.
Essential: The student will develop an understanding of the addition and
subtraction relationship. The student will develop addition and subtraction
strategies for fast recall. The student will develop fluency with basic number
combinations for addition and subtraction.
Desired/Enrichment: The student will be able to extend these addition
facts to higher numbers as well as subtraction facts.
Instructional Objectives:
Using addition and subtraction facts, 18 or less, each student will identify the
sums of various mathematic problems.
Students will complete a worksheet with 10 addition and subtraction
questions with sums not exceeding 18. This will assess each students
individual understanding of addition and subtraction.
iPad for each student
Hungry Fish math application
Bear counters
Exit ticket
Anticipatory Set:
Explain to the students that the applications might not work.
Make larger groups if some iPads are not charged enough.
Have an alternate activity such as a worksheet if an application crashes.

10 minutes: Introduction of adding and subtracting sums less than 18.

First, starting with addition in this lesson, move on to
subtracting the following week.
10 minutes: Modeling how to add and subtract sums less than 18.
Complete problems on the Smartboard and overhead with
varying levels of difficulty to demonstrate how to use the
bear counters.
2-3 minutes (each example): Examples with childrens help using the
bear counters.
15 minutes: Guided practice in small groups.
Content Notes:
Computation and estimation
Whole number operations
o What does adding mean?
o What does subtracting mean?
o What does the word sum mean?
o Lets count to 18, who can count to 18 by twos?
o Now, what is the sum of 10 and 2?
o What are two ways to find the sum of 10?
o Who can show me 15 minus 3 with the bear counters?
o How many ways can you find the sum of 15?
o What is one thing you learned today?
o What does subtraction mean?
o What does addition mean?
o What does sum mean?
o What is 18 minus 4?
Independent Practice:
Students will independently use the iPad application, Hungry Fish on the
iPad. This application allows them to find multiple ways to add and subtract.
The level will be set to not exceed sums of 18.
An exit ticket will be given to each student to determine and record if each
child has met the objective of this lesson.
Majority of the students met the objective. A few select students need more
practice and different instruction to be able to meet the objective. Students
enjoyed using the iPad to practice their addition and subtraction. The iPad
will be used in other subjects as well as other math lessons.

Students with exceptionalities: Using applications with varying levels of

Students with disabilities: using applications that are switch accessible,
having stamps with numbers 0-18 for students instead of writing the answer
or circling the correct answer on worksheets.