The word communication comes from Latin word “Communes”. It means common. In this meaning, communication means the creating of commonness. According to another opinion, communication comes from ‘communer’. In this meaning, communication means to share. There are many types of definitions of communication. According to Eliot Jacver, “Communication is the sum total of directly & indirectly, consciously or unconsciously transmitted feelings, attitudes & wishes.” According to National society for the study of communication, “Communication is the exchange of facts, thought & opinion.” According to Marfi & Peck, “Communication has two way process of exchanging ideas or information between human beings,” According to Geri Beslar, Communication is the exchange of information & the transmission of meaning.” In communication use for business in two or more people or companies is called business communication. There are two types of business communication. They are, 1. Internal Business Communication 2. External Business Communication

Internal Business Communication
In which business communication uses in a company, this is called internal business communication. In this communication, two or more people or two or more branches of a company can communicate with each other. They can communicate by email, memorandum, & notice. Besides they can communicate by video conference, audio conference. Telephone, mobile & letter etc.

External Business Communication
In which business communication uses in two or more people or company is called external business communication. In this communication, two or more people or two or more different company communicate each other about their company. They can communicate by email, video conference, & audio conference. Besides, they can


communicate by air mail, parcel, letter, telephone, mobile, fax, by visiting & also sit a meeting with each other. Every company runs their business by communication. So they continue their communication process both internal & external communication types. We can describe this internal & external communication in a company. So we try to describe Bextex Ltd. about their all internal & external communication process.

Company Background:
Bextex Ltd. (the "Company") was incorporated in Bangladesh as a Public Limited Company with limited liability on 8 March 1994 and commenced commercial operation in 1995 and also went into the public issue of shares and debentures in the same year. The shares of the Company are listed in the Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchanges of Bangladesh. Bextex Ltd. is the most modern composite mill in the region. Bextex Ltd. has an installed capacity of 288 high-speed air-jet looms in its weaving section and a high-tech dyeing and finishing section with a capacity of 100,000 yards of finished fabric per day. This company is located at the Beximco Industrial Park. Bextex Ltd. has a state of the art composite knit fabric production mill, which serves the growing needs of high-quality knit garments exporters in Bangladesh. The project was set up as a state of the art knit fabric knitting, dyeing and finishing facility. During the year the Company produced and sold high quality of knit fabrics and bringing forth all the latest in hard and soft technologies in knitting, dyeing and finishing of knit fabric. Bextex Ltd. also has cotton and polyester blended yarn-spinning mill, with 122,000 spindles is one of the largest spinning mills of the country. The mill was set up to feed the country's export oriented industries. Bextex Ltd. produces specialized finishes of denim cloth for export in finished as well as cloth only form.

Company Profile:
Corporate Headquarters 17 Dhanmondi R/A, Road No. 2, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh E-mail: beximchq@bol-online.com Web: www.beximco.com Operational Headquarters Beximco Industrial Park, Sarabo


Kashimpur, Gazipur, Bangladesh

Business Line Manufacturing and Marketing of Yarn, Woven, Knit and Denim Fabrics Date of Incorporation 13 May 1984 Commercial Production 1990 Listing Status Public Listed Company Stock Exchange Listing Dhaka and Chittagong Authorized Capital 3,000 Million taka Paid-Up Capital 1,882.85 Million Taka Number of Shareholders 37,216 Number of Employees 5,230 Number of Spindles Installed 119,520 Number of Woven Loom Installed 293 Number of Circular Knitting Machine Installed 30


Number of Denim Looms Installed 56

Company Mission:
BEXTEX Ltd. is a full service vendor with strong vertically integrated production facilities as well as creative & analytical capabilities which clearly set us apart from most other South Asian vendors.

Company Vision:
• Gain market leadership in high value added apparel in USA & Europe. • Use “Innovation” & “Speed” as prime drivers, rather than cotton & cheap labour. • Dominate these markets in high quality:
    

Men's, Women's , Children Shirts ( Dress & Casual ) Blouses ( formal & casual ) , Skirts, Jackets Jeans & Casual non - denim bottoms Knitted tops & bottoms

• Bextex Ltd. will soon establish its own server, which is now under construction. It will make so easy to communicate & control by its Beximco head office.

Company Commitment to the Environment:
The company is very committed to preserve a healthy and pollution-free environment. It has a very efficient waste collection and disposal system. In order to reduce air pollution by exhaust of gas from engine-generators, it maintains a costly plant that uses the exhaust gas to generate steam for chilling unit. Above measures not only help keep the water & air free from pollution but also help save cost of water treatment & air conditioning. This company uses only AZO-free dyes and is dedicated to ensure a healthy and eco-friendly environment.


Internal & External process of the company: Organizational chart bearing vital importance for a company, often represented by a schematic diagram. The organizational chart of Bextex Ltd. is given below,

Board of Directors Chairman Managing Director Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Manager (Marketing & Procurement) Market Research Input Procurement Product Selling

Policy DGM farming & HR & implementat Administration ion Recruitment Training & Staff Developmen t HR Control

GM Operation, QC & Maintenance Operation Quality Control/ Assurance Maintenance Inventory

Manager (R & D) Process Research Product Planning & Developm ent

Manager (Accounts & Finance) General accounts & MIS Payroll Share issues

Bextex Limited


Board of Directors of Bextex Ltd.:
• A S F Rahman - Chairman and Managing Director • Salman F Rahman - Vice Chairman • M A Qasem - Director • A B Siddiqur Rahman – Director The board of directors controls their all companies from the head office. Here, this control system of all the companies is called internal communication. Directors do their business communication by email, telephone, cell phone, fax, visit in the company & meet in different meetings. Directors are also managed external business communication with the government, foreign buyer & management of the bank.

• Syed Naved Husain - Chief Executive Officer • Sardar Ahmed Khan - Chief Operating Officer • Ajay Pratap Singh - Chief Financial Officer The Management team always plays an important role through business communication. We know that without business communication it is not possible to run a company, same as without the management team it never can reach to the platform of its aim. Management team does their business communication by fax, notice, telephone, cell phone, email, and meeting with the government, buyer & bank etc.

Marketing & Procurement Department:
Generally the merchandisers work in this department. Merchandisers do market research & product selling. Merchandisers always try to convince their foreign buyer. So here business communication is more important way for merchandiser. Merchandisers solve their business communication process by email, parcel, telephone call, fax, by airmail, by mill visit, meet the meeting etc.



Production section is a very important for a company. Here production section has three parts- operation, Quality control & maintenance. Here all communications are generally called internal communication. Here business communication is done by notice, batch card, order card, telephone call, computer & also hard copy etc.

Accounts & Finance:
This is the most important section of every company. This section is always busy with both internal & external communication. If import any product from other country this section control all the financial activities & after the shipment, the order money collection is called as external communication. This department sometimes applies for bank loan from the bank. This is also called external communication. To pay tax is also called external communication. This department also pays the employees salary. This is called as internal communication.

Human Resource Department:
Human resource department is the important department in Bextex Ltd. This department appoints the new energetic employ. HR department save all the company details. HR department is done their business communication by newspaper, phone call, email, advertising, fax, mail etc.

Feed Back:
Bextex Ltd. is the most popular company in Bangladesh. We try to describe about internal & external of this well known company. This assignment helps to know about Bextex Ltd. which is good effect for our textile engineering career.

Communication is the backbone of any company. Without communication we never continue our business. So we can say good business communication always save our time & increase our business profit.

• Without any reference no one can easily enter in Bextex Ltd. • Communication system is very poor in Bextex Security section.


• Here in Bextex Ltd. Communication system day by day is updating but production side machine maintenance day by day is decreasing.


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