My “Sonic Concepts”

Soundscape by Mailin Berg

Pink Wars
Bubbly, splashing and sharp string noises open this picture, there is a fight between the intruder and the
environment which have opposing characteristics. Both struggle, rising and subsiding until the
environment finally wins and the sharp string noise disappears completely.

Children Leaving Home
The sound starts at the picture, it's very crackly and hollow and light, enter an additional swirly
and more fluid sound as the stringy bits separate themselves from the strawy ones, the stringy bits
could be like teenagers that want to explore the world without their rigid and stiff parents and they
slip away under their parents dried up old noses, we follow the children until there is no crackling
sound left and then they fade out too.

The Glass Worm
This sound is a slow water sound that is continuously happening, enter glass blown water worm, organic, who
swims past looking for his prey for lunch. He has a distinctive swirly sound that splashes the water and he
sniffs loudly to find food. He moves quite slow and is probably blind, he might live at the bottom of the ocean in
the deep sea.

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