It is simply the way of thinking. Perception is the source of one’s knowledge about the world. Perception refers to manner in which an individual experience the world.

Perception means what ?
Definition:Perception is an active “Psychological process by which individuals organize or interpret there sensory impression in order to give meaning to their environment. ”


Types of perceptual errors:• Perceptual defense • Stereotyping • Hallo effect • Projection • Expectancy effect

• Perceptual defense – Concept - people tend to perceive things that are supportive, satisfying and ignore the disturbing things. -people can became psychologically deaf or blind to disturbing part of environment. -people became highly resistant to change. Example

• Stereotyping – Concept-this refers to the tendency to perceive another person as belonging to single class or category. Also judging people on the basis of the characteristics of the group to which they belong is called stereotyping. Example

• Hallo Effect – Concept-person is perceived according on the basis on one trait such as dependability, appearance etc. Hallo effect has most profound impact and implication on individual’s perception and behavior in work settings. Example

• Projection Concept –projection involves attributing one’s owns feelings to someone else. Projection is tendency for the people to see their own trait in any other people Example-rumors.

• Expectancy effect Concept- past experiences and learning are most important to perceptual process. people often approach situations expecting certain things to happen . Example


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