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Our English Teachers

Our English Teachers

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Published by L'Aurore
that was fun.... my teacher turn my joke into a HOMEWORK
that was fun.... my teacher turn my joke into a HOMEWORK

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Published by: L'Aurore on Jan 24, 2010
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Our English Teachers Importance of Teachers Teachers are the most important part of the society.

Aristotle says this very beautifully that
“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well.” Hazrat Ali states that “The Person who teaches me a single word has enslaved me for the life time.” I have two teachers of Literature who have put their fully energies in emptying their knowledge into us. One of the two is also happen to my Bachelor of Arts teacher. I had a chance to learn from her at that time too (clash and disagreement a lot) we didn’t click then; maybe my mistake as I was not very talkative person then, so misunderstandings got in the way and we failed to build a good relation between us. Now that we have given a chance to improve that relation and to me to write down on her and I will never hesitate to tell these secrets. On BA Level, she was a new teacher and -as some critics say that, “first impression is the last impression”- so I can articulate that her method was not what I demand of a teacher. Whether you call it judgment of my own mental abilities or my being overconfidence, but at that time, I was fully content in utilizing my skills on my own way. She is teaching me English Literature now. Now she has more skills because of having experience of two years and better method to

spread her knowledge. She has vast knowledge, no doubt, and she is using it beautifully with her teaching skills. Her way of talking has such strength that it does not let us sleep during her lecture. She is polishing our skills in such manners that we have given up our dream to live peacefully. She is giving us tests at every alternate day so that we couldn’t even think to run away from here grip. Sometimes, she looks like a Belinda to me, main character of Alexander Pope book of the Rape of Lock, because of her look. The second teacher of Literature is Miss Safia. About her I can say one thing, she has a critic mind. She is very good in her teaching style and happened to have some talent to explain everything in detail and simple manners. But there is a trouble in paradise, her effect on me is like sleeping pills. Here she starts her lecture and there in the next moment I went to sleep. To sum up, I can analyses say that they both are best teachers for us…

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