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(revised FA14)



1. Learning Outcome/Behavioral Objectives:

Students as a result of this lesson will demonstrate their understanding of
the concept of the song form theme and variation by after the lesson being able to
create their own using theme and variations form the song Twinkle, Twinkle
Little Star, Mozart and either "Variations on La Folia" by Arcangelo Corelli or
Charles Ives' "Variations on America".
2. Required Prior Knowledge and Skills:
Students should be familiar with the major and minor scales, the concept
of modulation, dynamic markings, and rhythms from as small as a 16th note. The
students will also know how to conduct in 2/4.
Anticipated needs:
Due to the fact that this is a High School General Music course I
understand that the children will not all comfortable with sight singing. We may
have to take quite a bit of class time working on the practiced piece at the end just
to make sure all the students are comfortable without me (although the assignment
is for the remainder of class and at home if not completed).
3. Standards and Frameworks: Red is for the things done after the lesson (end of
class/home), Blue is for the actual lesson things.
National Standards
Creating: AS1 Imagine AS2 Plan, Make AS3 Evaluate, Refine, Present
Performing: AS4 Select, Analyze, Interpret AS5 Rehearse, Evaluate, Refine
AS6 Present
Responding: AS7 Select, Analyze AS8 Interpret AS9 Evaluate
Connecting: AS10 Synthesize, Relate AS11 Relate for deeper understanding
State Frameworks Singing Reading and notation Playing Instruments
Improvisation and composition Critical response
Purposes and meaning in the arts Role of artists in communities
Concepts of style, stylistic influence and stylistic change
Inventions technologies and the arts Interdisciplinary connections
4. Assessment:
Formal The actual written assignment of either "Variations on La Folia"
by Arcangelo Corelli or Charles Ives' "Variations on America".

Informal I will assess them through classroom participation (everyone

will be called) and attempting the examples in class.
5. Materials, Repertoire, Equipment needed:
The students, power point, White board (or chalk board), markers (or
chalk), piano, pitch pipe, or internet (virtual piano).
6. Accommodations:
a. Special needs Special needs students should be able to follow along
with the PowerPoint. If not, the PowerPoint section is only about 10
-15 mins long so therefore I can have them doing little things
throughout. During the piece Surprise Symphony I will have the
students conduct in 2/4 because it is a relatively easy conducting
pattern. If there are more than one I can part them with students (if
okay with IEP guidelines) and after the lesson when they work on their
own projects I can do a separate more watered down activity with
them but more openly (give them a slightly different
b. ELL The only part that might be challenging for ELL students are
the definitions. The words theme and variation are very good but
may be challenging definitions so maybe I could spend more time on
the definition portion. They will probably already know vocabulary
like tempo, rhythm, dynamics, and pitch from previous lessons in
class. Due to the fact that they will be able to write on the board
regardless of whether or not they are strong English speakers. As long
as they understand the activity we did in class they will be able to do
the assignment (completing it at home if they do not finish it).

7. Lesson Sequence:
a. Activity: Activator/Warm Up

Estimated Time:

b. Activity: PowerPoint
Theme & Variation
Estimated Time: 15mins
This is leading into the board activity
c. Activity: Work on the Board
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Estimated Time: 30mins
Allow the students to come to the board and create their
own variations on the theme together
As the students each come up to change/make variations on
the theme have the class sing the piece with the changes
The piece will be written on the board prior to class
d. Activity: Assignment
("Variations on La Folia" or "Variations on America")
Estimated Time:
The students will break up and chose a theme to create
variations on
Students will have freedom to be overachievers
e. Activity: Summarizer/Foreshadowing

Estimated Time

8. Assignments:
The students will get a copy of the one of the two pieces (either Variations on
La Folia or Variations on America their choice) to create variation on like we did
as a class with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. They are limited to doing 32 bars of
music though I would like them to perform their pieces in front of the class and I
(depends on the group).
9. Contingency plan:
If we have more time or the students are not ready to move on we can make
our own full class variation on one of the pieces (first the song without any alterations
then the second time do variations on the theme). I will have the students play the
variation on the piano, Orff instruments, and recorder. Having them play will require

the instruments to be available. The remaining song will be the homework

assignment theme for variation.
10. Evaluation/Diagnosis/Remediation:
Make sure that everyone is participating and asking for help where it is
needed. The homework will be a form of evaluation and also to see where I am