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La-Toya Harris

Tiger Pride
Systematic Observation Reports or Week 3

Casey Fleming

Session Date:

February 25, 2015

Grade Level:

4th grade

Number of Students:

20 students


Movement Concepts

Previous Learned Skills:

Movement Concepts



Required Equipment:

12 Poly spots
40 Scarfs
4 Footballs

Systematic Observation 1: SOFIT

Total MVPA seconds/minutes: 700 seconds/ 11.66 minutes

Total Teaching Time: 27 minutes 30 seconds
While conducting Mr. Flemings SOFIT, I noticed that the students in the class were not

following directions nor were they using their activity time wisely. This made Mr. Flemings have
to concentrate more on class management and disciplining the students, which took away from
the students moderate to vigorous activity which is what I was looking for. Even though his class
was not presenting the best behavior, Mr. Fleming did the best he could to keep the lesson for the
day going. However, I recommend whenever someone is placed in a position where more than
half of class is demonstrating poor, inappropriate, or out of bounds behavior to address the

La-Toya Harris
Tiger Pride
Systematic Observation Reports or Week 3
situation right away. When approaching the behavior of the students at an early stage, a teacher is
able to regain control before the behavior get out of hand. By doing this, more than likely you
will be able to revisit your activity lesson for the day. I feel as though Mr. Casey has been
making great improvements with his attention getters. However, I also recommend that he be
more vocal with his attention getters. For example, clap in a loud rhythm so that all students can
hear. Change up the rhythm to get students involved in the attention getter. If you still hear
chatting, tell the students that you have called for their attention and you are talking so no one
else should be talking. You may also try using the quiet coyote sign, which they should be
familiar with.
Systematic Observation 2: Idiosyncrasies

Um/Uh: Used 3 times

OK/K: Used 38 times
You Guys: Used 4 times
So: Used 14 times

Sometimes when we are speaking to friend, family, or teaching our students, we do not
notice the little things that we say, maybe because its not intentional. However, I noticed
that you have a few idiosyncrasies that you tend to use, some more frequently than others. While
you were teaching, I noticed you used them during instruction, group interaction, one-on-one
interaction, and during feedback. These are words that may go unnoticed without someone
evaluating us. These words also take time to refrain from our vocabulary because its a habit that
many of us have. However, I only think that you used so many idiosyncrasies because you were

La-Toya Harris
Tiger Pride
Systematic Observation Reports or Week 3
not happy with the overall class behavior and that may have frustrated you. In the future, I
recommend that Mr. Flemings try not to let the students behavior cause him to get out of his
comfort zone. He is a great teacher, headed down a great path. He just has to learn how to remain
in his comfort zone. However, everything is a learned process.