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I was able to accompany the kindergarten class on a service learning field trip this past week.

Here they are at a well dug by

Living Water International. They connected the well to the story of Jacobs well in the Bible. Read more on the next page.

News from The Bryans

Serving in Kigali, Rwanda

February 2015

Highlight of
the month
A NEW (to us) CAR!
We are so thankful to many of you for providing the
funds that we needed to purchase our first ever car in
Rwanda! The agreement was made final a few weeks
ago when Douglas went through all the steps (which is
so many more than seems necessary) to finally get the

K e r r y lo v e s
th e c o lo r o f
o u r n e w r id

car, put it in our name, and pay for it. Thank you for
praying with us and contributing! We really appreciate
it. Its a beautiful sea foam green 1997 Toyota Rav4.
Toyotas are very common in Rwanda so it will be
affordable to get new parts when needed and people
are familiar with fixing these vehicles. Last night we
were taking dinner to our Bible study and
automatically Douglas started trying to figure out how
wed carry a spaghetti dinner with 2 baguettes on the
back of our moto. Then it hit him, Oh yeah! We
have a CAR! It was an exciting moment!

Student Teacher
In two days, I will be getting a
student teacher in my classroom.
My students are excited and
curious about her. I look forward
to sharping my teaching skills, and
the challenge of showing someone
else how to teach in a more
effective way. I am thankful for
this professional growth
opportunity. -Douglas

Growth & Maturity in a

Middle School Student
One of the students I work with is a middle schooler
with special needs. His class was going on a service
learning trip this week to Nshuti (Friend) Orphanage
and he was determined that he wasnt going to join
them. I was disappointed because I thought this would
be great exposure and an opportunity for him to step
out of his comfort zone. On the day of the trip, our

Gifts 4 Growth Update

secondary principal talked with this student and

encouraged him to go, explaining to him that he wasnt
going to be the only one who would feel awkward or
uncomfortable. By Gods grace, he agreed to go.
Upon their arrival back at KICS, I asked him how it
was and he simply replied, Fine. After talking with
some of the teachers, they said that he spent much of
the time observing, but also was happy to push around
a little girl in a wheelchair. Although Im sure it was
an umcomfortable experience for him, Im grateful that
KICS gives our students the opportunity to participate
in service learning and leave our safe school on a hill.
It may not have been life changing, but at least he was
able to be exposed to another very real side of Rwanda.

In December our school initiated a

fundraising effort to raise money for
expensive school supplies for our
classrooms. Were thankful that the
Lord has provided enough money to
get sets of books for small group
reading, a writing curriculum, and
document cameras for each classroom.
Next month our students will
participate in a walk-a-thon to try and
raise the remainding amount of
money. If youre interested in giving
to Gifts for Growth, you may do so
here: Its been neat
to see KICS parents take initiative to
find creative ways to raise money for
the Gifts 4 Grown campaign. Last
week one family had a chilli cookoff
and all of the money is going to KICS.
Were grateful to serve in such a
thoughtful and generous community
that truly invests in its children.

Kindergarten Field Trip

Kelsey Merz, my good friend and kindergarten teacher,
asked me to chaperone their kindergarten field trip. I was
thrilled to accompany the adorable little ones on their two
part trip. First we went to a well where the children (all of
whom have running water in their homes-at least most of
the time) got to see how much of the country has to pump
their water. They also learned about germs and the
importance of washing hands with flowing water instead of
everyone sharing the same basin of dirty water. After that
they went to a bakery where they practiced their math skills
while baking cookies. The little ones had a fabulous time.

Valentines from kids

This month we attended

the wedding of the P.E.
teacher at our school.
Here we are all dressed
up and Kerry is
sporting a rented
umushananatraditional Rwandan
w wedding wear.

Thanks for praying

This year was one of the best Valentines Days with

February has truly been a quick month! We look

my third graders. First of all, most of my students

ahead to conferences next month (the end of the

didnt really know what the commerically packaged

third quarter, already!?) and then Genocide

Valentines Day cards really were. The best part was

Memorial Week at the beginning of April. Before

the handwritten notes by a few of my students. My

we know it, June will arrive and well be back in the

favorite was at the end of one note when it said, I

States. Pray with us as we arrange our summer

sometimes brag about you. A note like that was

plans and let us know if we can see you. We are so

very SWEET to read.

grateful for Gods goodness and the support of

wonderful people like you.
Praise God for a vehicle that has so far


been safe and reliable! Were thankful

for our supporters who enabled us to
purchase it.
Pray as KICS hires teachers and


administrators for next year! See our

website (link below) if you or
someone you know is interested.
Pray for us as we work and teach, that


we may impact the world for Christ.

Also, pray for Kerry as shes in her
final (!!!!!) month of graduate school!

With love, Douglas & Kerry Bryan

B.P. 6558 / Kigali, Rwanda