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title: Renai Sen
Spring Has Come!
(not translating)
bkgrd: Nakazawa Yuzu and Yumoto Takehiro have been childhood friends since kindergarten.
Their bond has not wavered since then. They were always in the same class and the same club
bkgrd: so they became
really good friends.
bubble: Ah.
sfx: Runx5
bubble: Take~
bubble: TakeTakehiro!!
bubble: Yo, Yuzu...
sfx: hold
bubble: Did you see the class list!?
We'll be separated! I don't want that! What should we do!?
bubble: Don't stand so close, idiot!
bubble: Because! Is Takehiro not affected by it!?
sfx: ba-thump
bubble: Th...
small: Well...
...Then... why are you so affected by this?
bubble: Its obvious, right!?
bubble: Because thatll mean less time to play!!
sfx: bam
bubble: ...Is that so?
Isnt that just terrible? Bye.
sfx: turn
sfx: squeak
bubble: What!?
bubble: ...Brat.
Doesnt even get others feelings...
bubble: What was that? Argh! Takehiro irritates me!!
sfx: chuckle chuckle
bubble: Yuzu-chan always says that about Takehiro-kun
small: Morning

bubble: Because Takehiro-kun is popular among girls!

text: Yay we're in the same class!
bubble: Eh!? Which part of him is good!?
bubble: Why isnt...
Yuzu-chan dating Takehiro-kun?
bubble: No way!!
bubble: I'm not interested in love.
Or rather, no matter how I look at it, Takehiro isnt my type!
sfx: Ahaha
bubble: The way I see it, he's free, isn't he?
bubble: ...Free...
B-... but now it's different...
bubble: That's right!!
bubble: He might leave me behind in half a year!
When did he get better at basketball than me!?
text: That Takehiro!
bubble: That's because Takehiro-kun is a guy...
text: It's not like it's thanks to Takehiro-kun...
bubble: It's somehow sly!
bubble: No... You can't do anything about it...
bkgrd: He's slowly drifting away. (=that he's growing more and more separate from her, as they were at
bkgrd: In the past,
bkgrd: we looked at the same things with the same gaze and yet,
bkgrd: now, maybe we
bkgrd: look at different things already...
sfx: bam
sfx: kyaa kyaa
bubble: As I thought,
it's sly.
bubble: ...What is?
sfx: wah wah
bubble: Because we have the same practice and yet
only Takehiro is getting better, that's sly!!
bubble: ...Well... that's
I'm a guy.
bubble: I'm not worried about being worse than Yuzu
but now I don't want to be better either.
sfx: snap
bubble: So what if you're guy!?
That pisses me off! Its on!!
sfx: point!!
bubble: big: Huh!?
What are you talking about!?
bubble: Shut up! If I said I do then I do!!
bubble: What the
bubble: Hey! Where you throLook out!!
sfx: fwoosh
bubble: Eh...

bubble: Yuzu!!
sfx: grab
sfx: ba-thump
sfx: bam
bubble: Be carefull, idiots!!
bubble: Sorry, sorry!
bubble: I suck at such things
sfx: thump (4x)
bkgrd: What...!?
bubble: Yuzu?
Are you alright? hey!
text: Did you space out because you got hit on the head?
sfx: pull
bubble: small: II'm alright!!
sxf: push!!
bkgrd: That surprised me...
bkgrd: That surprised me!!
bubble: What did he think he was doing!!?
bkgrd: What was that suddenly...
bkgrd: He suddenly
bkgrd: looked like a different person.
sfx: dazed...
bubble: Yuzu-chan, what are you looking at?
bubble: Hmm...
bubble: Ah, it's Takehiro!
small: He looks good, doesnt he?
sfx: surprised
sfx: turn
sfx: realize
bubble: Not... not at all! I wasnt looking at Takehiro.
bubble: ...Hmm?
I didnt say that though.
bubble: I wasn't looking!!
bubble: ...But what is it?
Because its really weird that he's not coming.
sfx: flicker
bkgrd: It's a bit random,
bkgrd: but when Takehiro's eyes met mine
bubble: small: Huh!?
He's still looking here!
sfx: turn
bubble: Hey, hey,
Yuzu-chan, you
bubble: Yep?
bubble: get along with Takehiro-kun, right?
Are you two maybe, dating?
bubble: Eeh!? No way!!

bubble: Is that so... Then

bubble: This girl likes Takehiro-kun,
will you cooperate?
bkgrd: Eh...
bkgrd: Likes
bkgrd: Takehiro!?
bubble: What happened, Yuzu?
bubble: Huh!?
Wha... whats up!?
sxf: surprised
bubble: You're weird today.
bubble: I-it's nothing.
bkgrd: Because, because!
bkgrd: It's a weird feeling knowing that there's a girl who likes him!
bkgrd: It bothers me!!
sfx: touch
bubble: Do you have a fever?
small: Let me see
sfx: ba-thump
sfx: Gyaa!!
bkgrd: Why am I so confused!?
bubble: T-today
bubble: there was
this girl who likes Takehiro! She really likes you!!
bubble: ...
bubble: You're so lucky! You're not going to be together with me anymore
so why not date her!?
bubble: Wont you, Take?
bubble: ...
Are you seriously saying that?
bubble: Eh?
bubble: ...Sorry.
Im going home first.
bubble: Eh... Takehiro?
bubble: Wait... a minute!
Did I do something!?
bubble: Takehiro
bubble: Why...
bubble: I don't know
how long its been but,
bubble: I
have always looked
bubble: only at you.
bubble: ...Eh...
bubble: ...Looked
...he says...
bkgrd: ...Somehow that...

bkgrd: seemed like a confession.
bkgrd: But maybe I was just hearing things.
sxf: Uuugh...
bubble: Wha-what should I do...
What does that mean? I don't know how to respond to that!
bubble: No. But what if it wasn't confession? I don't know!!
text(at top): Morning Assembly
sfx: worry worry worry
bubble: That's right! Yep! Im sure he didnt mean it that way!!
bubble: But...
what if it meant something? What should I do...
sfx: eyes meet
bkgrd: Uwaah!! Our eyes met!!
sfx: suddenly
bkgrd: What was that!? There's such a person! Ive only seen them in the theaters!
sfx: thump x3
bubble: Calm down, calm down.
Look in front, look in front.
bkgrd: ...
bkgrd: Or rather...
bkgrd: Its because I don't usually come (= to morning meetings, or he)
bkgrd: so it mostly doesn't happen?
bkgrd: Even though I dont notice,
bkgrd: Im always in the field of vision of Takehiro.
bkgrd: Always
bkgrd: looking my way.
bkgrd: I didn't
bkgrd: really believe in it but,
bkgrd: I met
bkgrd: those
bkgrd: pained eyes.
bkgrd: ...Takehiro is looking.
bkgrd: "I always watched you."
bkgrd: Was he really always looking?
bkgrd: Really?
bkgrd: Watching me
sfx: clang clang
bubble: Did something happened, Yuzu-chan?
bubble: S-say...
For example, what do you thing if someone was always watching you?
sfx: clang clang
bubble: Eh, whats with that? Thats creepy!
bubble: ...RRight? It normally is.
bubble: Ah, but that could also mean you have somebody whos interested in you.
small: Kya~
sfx: chomp

bkgrd: Interested?
bkgrd: Then because it's Takehiro, its not unpleasant, huh?
text: You're weird, Yuzu-chan.
bubble: ...
text: tooth mould. (=see shape of her tooth in bread)
bkgrd: ...Saw...?
text: bleeh
bkgrd: Even that?
Text: drool
bkgrd: And this, too?
sfx: U-...
bkgrd: Uwaah!!
bkgrd: Was I seen!? Did he see all of that!?
sfx: clang
sfx: clash
bkgrd: Its not like I dont like it, rather,
bkgrd: it's embarrassing!!
bkgrd: I didn't even think about being seen by someone!
sfx: ruffle x3
bkgrd: I always have a bed head! (=don't brush it ever)
bkgrd: Uwaan~ even my scarf is a disaster!!
bkgrd: To Takehiro
bkgrd: how do I look to him...?
bubble: Hey, Yuzu.
sfx: grab!!
bubble: Wait you, don't try to escape.
bkgrd: Even if you say that, what face should I show?
bubble: You... know...
It's my bad to suddenly say such a thing.
bubble: Eh...
bubble: It bothered you, right? You didn't even think about being watched.
After all, you even thought about what kind of face to show.
bubble: How come you know!?
sfx: Pft
sfx: bonk
bubble: Stupid, I can tell just by looking.
How long do you think have we been together?
bubble: You don't need to worry.
Just act like before.
bkgrd: ...It's...okay.
bkgrd: Just like before.
bkgrd: What? So thats it.
bkgrd: It's okay.
bubble: Aww geez, I was so troubled by it.
text: Now then, it's time to go to club!
bubble: Hey Yuzu-chan,

youre going to club now, right?

bubble: Yeah, I'm going.
bubble: E-erm I have a request...
bubble: I want you to give this
bubble: to Takehiro-kun for me.
sfx: ba-thump
bkgrd: ...A letter...?
bubble: It contains...Err...
What was that again...?
bkgrd: Ah...
bkgrd: A love letter.
bkgrd: ...But
bkgrd: that's...
bkgrd: To pass it over to me,
bkgrd: is that ok?
bkgrd: ...Because
bkgrd: ... 'Because'
sfx: ba-thump
bkgrd: ... 'And so'
sfx: ba-thump
sfx: ba-thump
bkgrd: 'But
bubble: ...? Umm...?
sfx: surprised
sfx: shift...
bubble: ...Ah...
sfx: grab
bubble: It's nothing!
Its fine, I'll deliver it!
bkgrd: ...I...
bkgrd: What am I thinking about?
bkgrd: "Because
bkgrd: I was confessed to by Takehiro"
bkgrd: "And so
bkgrd: I don't want to deliver it"
bkgrd: "But
bkgrd: Takehiro likes me"
bkgrd: That girl is better for Takehiro than I am
bkgrd: Oh no
bkgrd: Such
bkgrd: Such a thing
bkgrd: I dont want that...!!
sfx: rattle
bubble: Uwah! Yuzu!?
You... this is the men's clubroom...
bubble: Takehiro

sfx: slowly...
bubble: This...
A girl from class asked me to.
bubble: Huh?
That is...?
bubble: I was told to hand it
over to Takehiro by a girl who likes you, so
bubble: take it.
sfx: bam
bubble: ...
Don't screw with me!!
bubble: For me you're...
I know what you mean just by what you said!
bubble: It's different, right!?
bubble: Just accept it already!
bubble: That is that but, what are your feelings!?
Say them clearly!!
bubble: Th-that is I dont want to
something like that.
bubble: What? Is it about me?
If that's so, hurry and...
bubble: Accept it! If not...
bubble: I won't meet Takehiro's eyes.
bubble: ...I don't like it.
The me that saw the letter... only thought about bad things.
bubble: I don't want Takehiro to find out about it.
bkgrd: 'I can tell just by looking.'
bubble: If I let our eyes meet you'll certainly find out,
bubble: but I hate it when I can't see Takehiro.
bubble: ...I understand.
small: But I'm still rejecting.
sfx: pass...
bkgrd: Ah...
bkgrd: Our eyes are
sfx: turn
bkgrd: Huh!?
bubble: Ta-...
bubble: ...No, just
can you just say it clearly?
bubble: ...That thing just now
can I think of that as a confession?
bubble: Eh is it?
bubble: ...Y-... you...

Are you an idiot? Don't ask me, ask yourself!

bubble: But I don't know!!
bubble: ...
...Fine, let's think.
sfx: hmph...
bubble: What do you see when you look at me?
bubble: I love Yuzu.
That's why, I watch you.
bkgrd: Watching is
bkgrd: Wanting to see is
bubble: How is it
for Yuzu?
sfx: Pft
bubble: Really.
Ever since you were a kid youve always been easy to read!
bubble: Takehiro's personality became bad!!
bkgrd: From back then,
bkgrd: he's different but he hasn't changed.
bkgrd: Looking at me with the same eyes, seeing the same things
bkgrd: Because when our eyes meet
bkgrd: we see the same feelings.
bubble: ...Argh! My eyesight is getting bad!!
Why, why is Takehiro free(?not sure but it might be something different)
text(through bubble): Embarrassing!
text: And on top of that, now Im even lovestruck!!
text: Lovestruck, huh
bubble: Oh, really? Fine, I dont really care.
My eyes are worse!
bubble: I'll be free from now one
and you'll look like an idiot.
text: Hmph
bubble: Eh!?
bkgrd: My gaze always
bkgrd: follows the person I love.
bkgrd: <Spring Has Come!> *END*

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