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Architecture and art

1. The importance of balance

1. The importance of balance

According to the reading, it is important to
keep balance in the rom so that the rom looks
neither boring nor too busy.
In the listening, professor is discussing the
use of color. She states that if there is too
much unity, the rom will look solid and boring.
If other wise, contrasts will make the rom too
busy and confusing.
This is related to the importance of balance.
That means designers must be careful of
applying color to make the rom pleasant to
ones eyes.

2. Ph bnh phim

2. Film criticism

Ph bnh phim c th tc ng n khng ch thnh cng

Film criticism can affect not only the success

ca mt b phim m c cc hng phim v nh sn xut

of a film but also which movie studios and

phim chn b phim no m lm.

Trong bi nghe, gio s lin h vic ph bnh phim vi

producers decide on to make.

In the listening, professor

b phim th gii nc. y l b phim c ngn sch

criticism to the movie Water World. Its a

khng l v hai ngi sao hng u holywood. Hu ht tt

movie with enormous budget and two famous

c mi ngi thot u d on s l b phim bom tn.

Nhng b phim sm phi chu s cng kch ca li ph

Hollywood movie stars. Almost people first

bnh tiu cc loan rng trn nhiu loi phng tin thng
tin i chng khc nhau. Do b phim l s tht bi c
v thng mi ln v mt ph bnh.



predict that it would be a blockbusting movie.

But the film was soon under the attack of
negative criticism spreading over many kinds
of smart media. As a result, the film was
commercial as well as critical failure.