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Duration: 35 minutes

Lesson Plan
Teacher: Marissa Weidner
Cooperating Teacher: Mrs. Stauffer
School: Tyson-Schoener Elementary School


The Underground Railroad: Escape

State Standard
8.1.3.A: Identify fact, opinion, multiple points of view, and primary sources as related to historical events;
8.3.3.B: Identify and describe historical documents, artifacts, and places critical to United States history;
8.3.3.D: Identify and describe how conflict and cooperation among groups and organizations have impacted the history and
Lesson Objective(s)/Desired Result:

Assessment Evidence:

The students will be able to apply their knowledge and

understanding of the Underground Railroad through class
discussions and written work.
Getting Started:

____ Go over homework:

__x_ At board
__x_ Orally at seats
____ Collect
____ Teacher check at seats
__x_ Review concepts

New Lesson:

Lesson Style:
__x_ Lecture / notes
__x_ Demonstration
__x_ Class discussion
__x_ Individual seatwork
____ Group seatwork
____ Computer work
____ Read aloud in class
____ Project
____ Share strategies or ideas
____ Review activity
____ Quiz or test
____ Video/DVD
____ Other

Formative: Use a checklist to check students

responses throughout the lesson.
Summative: No summative assessment for this

Lesson Content
Review what the students have learned so far about the
Underground Railroad and what it was like being a slave on a
Ask them what they would do if they were a slave. Then introduce
the escape part of the simulation.
Explain how scary and difficult it was to escape the plantation.
Remind them that they need listen for facts about the escaping part
of the Underground Railroad.
Go through the entire escape part of the simulation.
Discuss each icon with the students and have them whisper to a
partner what they were learning.
After you have gone through the escape simulation, have them
express their opinions on what they would do and how they would
Write their responses on the board.
Give them some time to draw/write in their journals about todays
Tell them that tomorrow they are going to look at the steps of the
Underground Railroad.

Online Simulation
Whiteboard markers
Weebly Site (


For student F, who doesnt speak English, I will have a classroom assistant translate my instruction if he doesnt understand
what I am asking him to do.
For student D, who has difficulty identifying letters, have him work with a student or another teacher to help him spell
words correctly and form sentences.
What could I have done differently to make this lesson better?

Did the students understand the concept I was teaching them?