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Masha Allah Nuha has become very expressive and use her language thoughtfully.

The other day when I was applying sun block on Nuha, her hair kept coming in the way so I said
to her that she might need a hair cut. To which she replied no, I want to be beautiful like my
mum. I asked her if her mum has long hair. She said yes, and its this long pointing at her
shoulder. Then she says cause cause my mum has beautiful hair and she is beautiful. Furqan
was standing next to her so he added in I want to be beautiful like my mum too. I smiled at
Furqan but Nuha turns around and says to him no you are a boy and explained the rest to
him in Malay. I wondered what were they saying to each other but I didnt get a chance to ask.
A little while later in the day Nuha and I were sitting outside having a chat. She was sitting on
my lap and was talking about a lot of things. When I saw Khizer and Aisha hugging each other I
loudly exclaimed oh how nice. Hearing me Nuha says oh yes just like the cats. This made me
chuckle so I asked her what she meant.
She said that she saw two cats there in the corner the other day. One was the momy and the
other one was the baby and they loved each other. I asked her why she thought they loved
each other. She said because the cats were cuddling each other and they were being nice to
each other. So Nuha was implying that Khizer and Aisha were being nice to each other like the
Nuha interprets language and symbols and puts them in contexts and is evidently internalizing
and thinning matters through. Learning dispositions of awareness, thoughtfulness,
expressiveness as well as analytical skills are evident in her interactions. We will continue to
provide her with learning environment that provides her with opportunities to build on learning

By: Teacher Madiha

February 2015