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Manitoba Council for Exceptional Children

Westman/Parkland/Brandon University Chapter

The voice and vision of special education

This is to certify that Alex Murray has participated in an IEP
Workshop offered by this Chapter on February 20, 2015 in
which the following topics were covered and a simulated
IEP process was conducted.
Referral what a teacher needs to do first
Adaptations vs modifications vs. individualized programming
Adapted/Modified/Individualized who gets what?
Who gets an IEP?
What is in an IEP?
Who must have an IEP?
How does the process work?
Who are the teams that are involved?
What are Student Specific Outcomes and how do I make them SMART?
What do Performance Objectives look like and how do I write them?
What are Student Outcome Rubrics and how do I write them?
Conducting a Student Specific Planning meeting
A Student Profile blank form
The Parts of an IEP
Verbs to use to write good Student Specific Outcomes
Documenting Adaptations
Documenting Student Specific Outcomes
A daily planner for implementing Adaptations
A daily planner for implementing Modifications
A daily planner for implementing Individualized Programming

January 20, 2015