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Lesson Plan for Implementing

NETSSTemplate I
(More Directed Learning Activities)
Template with guiding questions
Mike Winters

2nd Grade Teacher


Godwin Primary School




Grade Level(s)


Content Area
Title for


Time line

20 minutes per session

Reviewing Story Structure through Google Hangouts

Essential Questions (What essential question or learning are you addressing? What would students care or
want to know about the topic? What are some questions to get students thinking about the topic or generate
interest about the topic? What questions can you ask students to help them focus on important aspects of the
topic? What background or prior knowledge will you expect students to bring to this topic and build on?)
Essential Question(s) and your thoughts on the above questions:
How can students discuss a storys structure without being together? Students will be intrigued to use Google
Hangouts to share their ideas in a classroom activity, but especially outside of the classroom. In school the class
could brainstorm different forms of communication and discuss the positives and negatives of working as a group
in person and through technology. Students will need to know what story structure is, how to identify it while
reading, and be able to review the story structure as a summary. They will also need to have knowledge of how
Google Hangouts works and operates.
Standards (What do you want students to know and be able to do in relation to the essential question or essential
learning? What knowledge, skills, and strategies do you expect students to gain? Are there connections to other
curriculum areas and subject area benchmarks? )
Your statement about what students should know and be able to do. (Be sure it related to your essential

Students will understand how to collaborate and communicate outside the classroom using technology. They will
be learning 21st century skills and increasing their resources for educational technology. Students will gain a new
understanding of what it means to have a discussion with a person or group of people. There are no specific
connections to other subject areas in regards to content. However, students will be able to use Google Hangouts
to discuss concepts and ideas from other curriculum areas.

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Content Standards (Pick the main ones rather than giving a laundry list of all possible standards.):

Speaking and Listening - Comprehension and Collaboration and Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas,

NETS*S Standards (Pick the main ones rather than including the whole list.):
Creativity and Innovation, Communication and Collaboration, Digital Citizenship, and Technology Operations and

Overview or Project Sketch (Give a short summary of the lesson or unit including assignment or expected or
possible products. Consider whether the learning outcomes will warrant all the steps and work. This is a good
time to get feedback on your ideas.)
Within the predetermined reading groups, students will read level assigned eBooks through Storia. Students of
the same group will read the same stories. Once they have read all the stories, they will take turns discussing the
story structure of each book. They will communicate through Google Hangouts outside of the classroom. The first
few times will be within the school day, but in different areas of the school building. After this, students will
communicate solely outside of school (at home, library, etc.). Students will then ask questions about other
students explanations of the stories structures.
Assessment (What will students do or produce to illustrate their learning? What can students do to generate new
knowledge? How will you assess how students are progressing (formative assessment)? How will you assess
what they produce or do? Who will be the audience for a digital product or presentation? How will you differentiate
The assessment aspect of using Google Hangouts is difficult, because I will not be part of the session. Students
could complete a story structure graphic organizer to demonstrate their understanding of the story. However, their
actual communication with other students would not be able to be assessed. Unless, students use the text feature
and do not use the video chat feature. Students can also complete a pre and post-questionnaire to show how they
felt about using Google Hangouts.
Resources (Has technology had any impact on the content area(s) related to the essential question(s)? Does the
essential question suggest a final product that is part or all digital? Does the question(s) suggest a task or tasks
where technology tools are used to gather, analyze, organize information or data? How does technology support
student learning? What digital tools, and resourcesonline student tools, research sites, student handouts, tools,
tutorials, templates, assessment rubrics, etchelp elucidate or explain the content or allow students to interact
with the content? What previous technology skills should students have to complete this project?)
Technology has had great impact to this activity. Without the technology out of school communication like this
could not exist. The final product would be completely digital because it is the video conference the students are
having. Yes, students will be gathering, analyzing, and organization information in terms of a storys structure.
Technology is allowing students to collaborate and communicate outside of the school day. There are several
introduction videos on YouTube the class will watch together explaining all they need to know about Google
Hangouts. Students should know how the basic functions and operations of iPads.
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Instructional Plan
Preparation (What student needs, interests, and prior learning provide a foundation for this lesson? How
can you find out if students have this foundation? What difficulties might students have?)
Students will have already become familiar with iPads as learning tools within the classroom. Students will also
have an understanding of how to analyze a story and complete a story structure chart. Students might have
difficulty finding a common time to video chat. If this becomes a problem students can always use the text feature
of Google Hangouts.

Management (How and where will your students work? Classroom, lab, groups, etc?
Students will first learn about Google Hangouts inside the classroom together with me. Afterwards, they will be
completing this assignment outside of school on their own time.

Instruction and Activities (What instructional strategies will you use with this lesson? How will your
learning environment support these activities? What is your role? What are the students' roles in the
lesson? How can the technology support your teaching? What engaged and worthwhile learning activities
and tasks will your students complete? How will they build knowledge and skills? Will students be
expected to collaborate with each other and others? How will you facilitate the collaboration?)
I will demonstrate how to access and use Google Hangouts. I will demonstrate a video conference with another
teacher in the school, but in a separate classroom. I will also explain and model how to use the text feature. We
have access to up to one iPad for every student so the learning environment supports the use of this technology.
My role is to explain and demonstrate how to use the tool. My students roles are to utilize the technology outside
of the school. Technology allows for the educational moments to occur. My 2 nd graders will be engaged in
conversation with one another. Students can also complete a graphic organizer for the stories.
Differentiation (How will you differentiate content and process to accommodate various learning styles
and abilities? How will you help students learn independently and with others? How will you provide
extensions and opportunities for enrichment? What assistive technologies will you need to provide?)
Students will be in their leveled reading groups, which already receive differentiated stories. Various learning
styles will be accommodated through the use of the graphic organizer, video chat, and text messaging. Students
can extend their learning by recording themselves explaining a different storys structure. Students will need to
have an iPad, iPhone, or laptop available.

Closure and Reflection (Will there be a closing event? Will students be asked to reflect upon their work?
Will students be asked to provide feedback on the assignment itself? What will be your process for
answering the following questions?
Did students find the lesson meaningful and worth completing?
In what ways was this lesson effective?
What went well and why?
What did not go well and why?
How would you teach this lesson differently?)

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The closing event will be the post-questionnaire about the use of Google Hangouts.
Yes, students will be asked to reflect upon their work.
Yes, through the post-questionnaire.
My lesson plans and post-questionnaire will help answer the questions.

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