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ASL/ITP Club Constitution

A. The name of this club is the ASL/ITP Club, which stands for American Sign Language/
Interpreter Training Program Club.
B. The purpose of the ASL/ITP Club is threefold:
1. Provide events for student interaction and skill development in ASL and interpreting.
2. Encourage interest in and spread awareness of Deaf culture and ASL
3. Give back to the Deaf Community

A. Members must be a student in good standing at Troy University, either through E-campus
or on campus. A minimum requirement of 2.0 GPA is necessary. Students must attend at
least 75% of the meetings. Must be a good representative of the school and the Club.
Members will adhere to the Registry of Interpreters Code of Professional Conduct as a
guideline for behavior during all activities of the ASL/ITP Club.
B. The duties of the Executive Board are as follows:
1. President: Conduct the meeting and organize any Club events, be point of contact person
for the Club, coordinate the Executive Board, and approve, along with the Treasurer and
Club Faculty Sponsor, any spending of the club money.
2. Vice President: Assist the President in his/her duties recruit interpreters and mentors for
the monthly meetings. Should the President be unable to fulfill his/her duties, the Vice
President will step in.
3. Secretary: Keep minutes and attendance from each meeting, reserve the room for Club
meetings, and any other duties the President or Vice President may ask of him/her.
4. Treasurer: Keep track of all the Club dues and any other money that comes into the Club.
Also must approve, along with the Club Faculty Sponsor and President, any spending of
Club money.

C. Each officer shall serve one entire school year. Each election shall take place prior to the
annual AIM Conference in the Spring semester. The new Executive Board will take over
after the conference so that the out-going Board can assist with the transition if needed.
D. There will be meetings monthly at a designated time and place established by the
Executive Board. The Board may call additional meetings, with approval by the Club
Faculty Sponsor and with a minimum of three days notification to the membership.
Meetings will be conducted on campus utilizing Blackboard Collaborate to enable
participation from e-campus students.
E. The membership dues are $25 per person annually due by September 15th annually. After
September 15th, a $5 late fee will be added. Members must be in good standing to run for
Board positions and vote. Funds will not be returned if a person chooses to leave the
Club, however in the event of dissolution of the Club pro-rated membership dues shall be
returned to members in good standing. In the case of dissolution of the Club all remaining
funds will be donated to the Alabama School for the Deaf.
F. The Club Faculty Sponsor has the right to turn down any ideas for fundraising, activities,
or meeting times and dates. The Club Faculty Sponsor will be appointed by the Executive
Board and serve until they are no longer able or willing to serve. It must be an advisor
from the Interpreter Training Program Department.
G. The purpose of this organization is to represent Troy in a positive manner and to help
spread awareness about ASL, Deaf culture, and give opportunities for interpreting to
increase knowledge for the future. If any student is not rightfully representing Troy
University or the ASL/ITP Club in a positive manner, the Executive Board and/or the
Club Faculty Sponsor may ask that person to leave the Club.