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JIDAPA Corporation

Quarter 4 Report <40>

General Summary of Quarter 4

Our company in this quarter is going well but still losses money. During 18 Aug 12
Nov, which is the last quarter of this year, our company is more dramatically improved
from first quarter.
However, we cannot reach our future plan in quarter 3. We cannot make our
company to be profitable but we can decrease large amount of losing money.
Because of this problem, our company does not want to be risky so we decide to do
not expand our company to other continents and do not open new kind of subdivision.
Our company still has the same store as quarter 3; food store, toy store,
electronics store, and office. However, our company wants to be more stable before
opening new subdivision. Toy store is only the store that gets profit but other subdivisions
in our company losses just only small amount of money and that do not cause much
effects for developing company. Unprofitable subdivisions loss the profits less than
10,000$. In the next year first quarter, we hope we will get profits and can expand




Food production


Electronics store

Toy Production


Toy production

Electronics store



- 7015


Food production




Summary of Financial Profits and Losses

The financial of our company is improved. We can decrease profit losses in every
subdivision except office that losses the same amount of the money in quarter 3. Toy
store is only one subdivision that gets profits from the plan of our company that we buy
just only the product that lower price that city average price. Losing money in
electronics store drops from around 18,000 to be 10,000 and this is the big change of
our company same as food store that we can decrease the amount of losing money.
Toy store also get more profits from last quarter.
Jidapa Denlampai
Chief Executive Officer


JIDAPA Corporation
Quarter 4 Report <40>

Toy store gets more profits from buying just only the products that are lower than city
average price. This plan is very successful because the price is continually
increasing. Our company does not be risky from decreasing the price to be under
than capital because our products cannot be sold.

The demand in consumption of food store and electronics store are continually
rising. These stores seem to be profitable soon in next year first quarter. Electronics
store can decrease almost half of money losses same as food store.

The asset of our company uninterruptedly expands based on losing less money.
Share value of our company also rises from around 34 to be above 36.

However, our office still losses the same amount of money as quarter 3. Our
company tries to improve office by sending employees to be trained and repairing
the equipment in the office. Our company also hires the employees in higher salary
that city average.

Plan for future growth and profit

Expands company to
other continents that
is South Africa.

Opens new kind of


Makes the company

to be profitable.

Jidapa Denlampai
Chief Executive Officer

JIDAPA Corporation
Quarter 4 Report <40>

Asset Structure
Cash assets
Raw materials and stored
Trade mark
Quipment and technics

From the graph, it can be seen that most of our company assets are
from cash asset (88%). In quarter 3 and 4, there are not much change
happened in company so we do not use our cash assets in investing or
expanding company so that is why company has cash assets more than
three-forth of all assets. Our company has raw materials and stored goods
to be second high asset and followed by trade mark; 19% and 5%
respectively. Equipment and technics and building are not affecting asset
structure of company because equipment and technics are just almost 1%
of asset. Our company also does not have building to be our asset.

Jidapa Denlampai
Chief Executive Officer

JIDAPA Corporation
Quarter 4 Report <40>










The bar graph shows revenues, expenses, profits, and tax of our
company in quarter 4. Expenses of our company are mostly come from
product purchase because stores need to have enough suppliers for
providing to customer. Our company gets less revenue than expenses
because our company is currently unprofitable. However, in the last moth
of quarter, our company gets more revenues, less expense, and less
amount of losing money. This is a good signal of our company in the next

Jidapa Denlampai
Chief Executive Officer

JIDAPA Corporation
Quarter 4 Report <40>

Share Value
Share Value

The graph shows the share value of quarter 4. Our share value in this
quarter continually increases. In 27 August, it is a big change from 34.7 to be
almost 36 and then going to above 36 in November. However, our
company will work harder to get share value above 40 in next year.

Jidapa Denlampai
Chief Executive Officer