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Butterfly Valves

Er. Laxman Singh Sankhla
B.E.Mech., Chartered Engineer
Jodhpur, India
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Butterfly Valves.
Butterfly valves are commonly used for controlling the flow of corrosive, highly
viscous, or volatile substances. They get their name from the wing-like
movement of the disc, which moves at right angles to the flow. It requires only
a quarter of a turn to operate. The position of the valve handle will indicate if
the valve is open or closed. They are often power operated. The discs are
made from corrosive resistant materials. One main advantage of a butterfly
valve is that it can be used in a small space between two pipes. They can
receive flow in either direction. Butterfly valves are used for low velocity flows,
but are not very good for completely stopping the flow. (see figure 12).

Figure 12.