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USS aT a ‘SELFIES TAKE UP 1/3 OF ALL PHOTOS TAKEN BY YOUNG PEOPLE. selfie, n., /selfé/: A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website “Selfie” was added to the the Oxford Dictionary in 2013. The first selfie w. amateur chemist enthusiast named The first incarnation of the In 2010, Apple released modern selfie was the the iPhone 4 with a front “Myspace pic”, popular facing camera, sparking from 2005-2008, the selfie boom. OVER 1 MILLION SELFIES ARE TAKEN EACH DAY 56% men have taken aselfie 52% women have taken a selfie _ = —_ 91% teond kas taken a selfie SELFIES ARE MOST SHARED ON ‘Though studies have shown teens prefer other social media apps to Facebook, it’s still the #1 site for selfie shares. Ellen Degeneres’ celebrity-filled selfie from the 2014 Oscars was the most-shared Tweet of all timel #SELFIE college-age girls use The #selfie hashtag Snapehat to share has grown 200% since self-disappearing selfies. the beginning of 2013. OTHER FAMOUS SELFIES Obama's Presidential selfie Pope Francis's Pope selfie Space selfie THE GOOD Some say seifies are empowering and promote a healthy self-image. The massive amount of selfies a8 a mainstream part of culture challenge the limited “Hollywood Ideal” of beauty. “THERE'S JUST SO MANY FORCES TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE (AND WOMEN ESPECIALLY) FEEL BAD ABOUT HOW THEY LOOK, ANDI'M REALLY HAPPY THAT SELFIES HAVE BECOME SUCH A HUGE PHENOMENON, BECAUSE IT'S SERIOUS BLOWBACK TO THAT.” — CHRISTINE LOVE, CREATOR OF INTERSTELLAR SELFIE STATION. Bia} Others sees selfies as promoting narcissism and self-obsesssion. Teens post selfies for setf-validation and positive feedback, but that doesn’t mean they'll get It. ‘Two thirds of patients with bady image disorders ‘37% of boys and 13% of girls obsessively take selfies. retouch their selfies before posting. But does that mean selfies are an indicator of trouble? “PREOCCUPATION WITH SELFIES CAN BE A VISIBLE INDICATOR OF A YOUNG PERSON WITH A LACK OF CONFIDENCE OR SENSE OF SELF THAT MIGHT MAKE HIM OR HER A ‘VICTIM OF OTHER PROBLEMS ASWELL.” — PAMELA RUTLEDGE, DIRECTOR OF THE MEDIA PSYCHOLOGY RESEARCH CENTER. ee ) ee When taken too carelessly, selfies ean have much more lasting damage. 25% of all self-takers have taken a sexy-seifie, 8% of people regret 27% 23% sending someone a selfie. Whether intentional or not, 36% of Some say that ALL seifies have people regret sending sexy selfies. sexual undertones, as they are self-approved, and meant to elicit 3 positive Impression or response. ‘And while selfies may be an online phenomenon, they can have a damaging effect on real-world relationships, including. B moringe ans catng MORE WAYS TO USE The application of the seifie isn’t just for personal use, however. Many industries are taking advantage of the selfie craze... Stylists and fashion websites are Zappos currently gives using selfies to provide advice personalized shopping tips and shop for people. to Instagram users who use the hashtag#nextOOTD on their selfies. Selfies might be the next Ticketleap provides software step in facial recognition that uses selfies instead of software! Seifies can be barcodes for event registration. used in place of physical tickets for box office events. Telemedicine is a growing trend, and Ophthalmologists have found that selfles sent to your doctor might allow Images of the anterior segment of for a quick diagnasis without an the eye captured with a expensive trip to the office! ‘smartphone can be used for realtime diagnoses. at | popular that peaple are developing tripods and remote controls for ‘smarter selfle photography. platforms and apps are being created to capture Images In unique ways, Saltaa have becoma 20 J So {a sae poptaarty grows, more As for telemedicine, new “Pillcams” Gan be swallawed and actually take detailed images as it moves through your body.