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Chicken Farms in Rural

Haralson County


Farms are generally comprised of many chicken houses

crowded together.

Located in most rural areas with acreage.

Located in mostly underemployed and poorer areas.

Economic Impact

Food production.


Economic impact in Georgia alone of 13.5 billion


Human Health

Often affects air quality.

Manure and drain-off affect water quality.

Close contact with humans increase the risk of poultry

to human viruses.

Environmental Impact

Food and manure contain many toxins.



Other Chemicals

Environmental Regulations

Big companies often skirt the regulations.

It is said that all houses have some form of health and

safety violations.

This requires OSHA to step in.


The benefit to the economy of these lower income

communities is unquestionable, but does the benefit
outweigh the risk posed to both human and environment?

Most of the big name chicken industries, Tyson and

Goldkist among them, rely on these types of farms for
their product. With this knowledge, would the decrease in
product or the increase in price be worth the knowledge
that these situations were avoided? If so, do you
currently buy only free-range chicken?


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