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Excerpts From

Monologues That Kick Ass
Volume One
A Collection by David-Matthew Barnes
Edited by Nick A. Moreno

Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One (1st ed. - 01.01.05)
Copyright © 2005 by David-Matthew Barnes and Nick A. Moreno
NOTE: The monologues included in this collection are intended to
be used for audition and class study; permission is not required to
use the material for those purposes. However, if there is a paid
performance of any of the monologues, please refer to the Contact
Info page to locate the source that can grant permission for public
The monologues included in this collection are fully protected
under the copyright laws of the United States of America. All rights
are strictly reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in
any manner whatsoever without written permission from the
author, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical
articles and reviews.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents
either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used
fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead,
events, or locales is entirely coincidental.
The monologues included in this collection may include references
to brand names and trademarks owned by third parties, and may
include references to public figures. The author is not necessarily
affiliated with these public figures, or with the owners of such
trademarks and brand names. Such references are included solely
for parody, political comment, or other permitted purposes.
Cover Design and Photo:
Copyright © 2005 by Nick Anthony Moreno
On The Cover: Actors Logan Hesse and Tara Henry, the stars of
the world premiere of Baby in the Basement.

Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One


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Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One


I first became familiar with David-Matthew Barnes’ stage
plays when I produced a collection of his one-act plays in
2000. Since then, I have been amazed at the tremendous
response his theatrical work has generated. His work has
received constant critical and audience acclaim, always
noted for honest depictions of men and women of all ages
from different cultural, social and economic backgrounds.
Early in 2004, I suggested to David-Matthew that he post a
handful of monologues from his plays on his website. He
followed my advice and within weeks, the webpage had
received over 30,000 hits. It was clear to both of us that
actors were responding to new, fresh material that was
available to them. I have been privy to the hundreds of
letters and e-mails David-Matthew receives from actors
and theatre companies around the world. Their words
were what prompted me to create this collection.
Actor Kia Jones, who performed a monologue from the
play Better Places To Go wrote to David-Matthew to thank
him for writing such a powerful piece. LʹOreal McCollum
wrote to express how moved she was by a monologue
from the play Sky Lines, stating, “Even though, I was not
around during the sixties, I feel like I can truly understand
the emotions that Venita is feeling.” Actor Ryan de Mesa,
who appeared in a production of Better Places To Go in
New York, wrote to say, “I would like to thank you for
writing such a great script and creating challenging roles
for actors.” Australian high school student Naomi Wilcox
contacted me to say, ʺI was very impressed by Mr. Barnesʹ
script excerpts, and would like to read some of the whole

Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One


plays.” Actor Bartley Mullin wrote to say, “I have been in a
desperate search for a monologue for my upcoming high
school International Thespian Society induction. I wanted
to choose a monologue that emotionally touched me and I
believe I may have found one on your website.”
It became evident to David-Matthew and me that the
many actors who have discovered his work would
appreciate a complete collection of his monologues, in a
single volume. We quickly went to work, spending much
of 2004 culling through his twenty-eight stage plays and
selecting monologues that we felt represented the diverse
world of theatre.
Monologues That Kick Ass features over eighty monologues
for women and men of all ages: from Lucille, the alienobsessed grandmother in Better Places To Go to Jake, the
self-destructive drug addict in Threnody, these monologues
offer actors powerful performances that will certainly
leave a lasting impression with directors, teachers and
audiences everywhere.
Nick A. Moreno,

Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One


Frank Blocker. Draven (for being my other favorite Mexican). Frankie Salinas. Susan Damberger. Jim Vita (and everyone at Actors Scene Unseen). Florence Pape. Cunningham (and everyone at The Hudson Exploited Theater Company). Linnea Lindh. Therease Logan (for twenty years of friendship). Inc. E. I am very grateful for the continued support unconditionally bestowed upon me by the following individuals. Trish DeBaun. Sandy Gunar. Dawn Towle. Elizabeth Warren (for always making sure I had something to write with). Debra Garnes. Julia Darling. Nea Herriott.. Carmen Gomez-Barnes (for being such an awesome step-mom). Moreno (for being my partner and sharing his life with me). Natalie Vincent. Elizabeth Yokas. Killian Edwards (for teaching me how to write a decent research paper). Inc. Susan Madden (for allowing me to put her in the tackiest costumes in the history of theatre). xoxo DMB Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 5 . Todd Wylie (for giving me faith when I had none). Tara Henry (for being my muse). Jackie Corley. Dr. Nick A.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Many. Steve Sheffler. Michelle Thorson. Lisa Cooper. Logan Hesse. Jill McMahon. Billie Parish. Anne Rosenthal (for renewing my faith in the English language). Nance Haxton. Elaine Hesse. Playscripts. Debbie Otto. many thanks to the companies who have helped give my words a home by making my plays available to readers: Brooklyn Publishers. Haldi Kranich (for reminding me what it’s like to be cool and seventeen). Janet Milstein (and everyone at Smith and Kraus). Sam Barnes (for being my Dad). Vanessa Menendez. William Slater Vincent (for being an ass-kicking attorney) and Yovania Rosa (for being my step-sister). Carmel Comendador (for insulting innocent children). each of whom kick ass in their own way: Aaron Michael Martinez. Pat Billmire (for being from New York and for keeping me real). and Lulu Press. Nancy Nickle (for being my Mom). Elizabeth Newman. Melinda Morgan (for being trashier than I could ever be). John C. Marcia Gonzales. Kelly (Kinghorn) Hurtado. Mark and Joey Jones. Robert Esquivido (for reminding me where I come from).

Thank you for bringing my words to life.This collection of monologues is dedicated. And to my brothers for letting me be the writer in the family. I miss you both more than words could ever say. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 6 . to the incredibly talented actors who originated the roles that I created. In memory of Marianne Psota and Paula Marie Anderson. with gratitude.

MONOLOGUES FOR WOMEN Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 7 .

And Rachel Riley . Now. I could make one of your movies with ten dollars and a hooker from Harlem. worked three jobs to put Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 8 . if yʹall wanna be nasty about this. Backstage at the Academy Awards. youʹll be burned out. Youʹve got an arrest record a mile long and more ex-boyfriends than Elizabeth Taylor.and they all complain about the same damn thing .we all have to suffer by seeing your ugly grin smilinʹ up at us every time we go to Blockbuster. used up and doing infomercials. And Danielle Taylor . Shhheeeit. April Newton . then I can be nasty. myself.that sweet innocent routine doesnʹt fool me. okay?! And Pauline Emerson why donʹt you take your skinny white ass back to England and choke yourself on a pot of piss and tea. some dumb ass put you in a movie and told you that you can act. Your movies are almost as bad as your nose job . you triflinʹ ho! You lay on a doorstep faster than the morninʹ newspaper.for some God-awful reason. TRACY: Listen up. I. she confronts her fellow white nominees who have disrespected her.everyone that I know has slept with your husband at least a dozen times .two inches donʹt go very far in my neighborhood. First of all.AND THE WINNER IS… Comic Tracy is a successful black actress in her late little drunk bitch . In a year. That son of a bitch lied to your stupid ass and because of that .and donʹt even let me get started on how many sexually transmitted diseases you be spreadinʹ ʹround town. you little starfuckers! My name is Tracy Morrison and Iʹm here because I was nominated for my performance in Sorrow Is My Sister.

Iʹm not going anywhere! I got an agent. Itʹs not about power. And itʹs about time. Iʹve played every maid.I live an honest life with dignity and self-respect. So if the four of you cannot maintain yourselves like the decent young women that God intended yʹall to be. I got a publicist. get that camera rollinʹ. I deserve all of this . because I am ready for my interview. Itʹs not about having your face on every trashy magazine in America. call girl and the wife of countless dope dealers . It took me eleven years to get a part in a film . because I can and I will. Itʹs not about box office. I got a lawyer.on every stage from here to Kentucky. I care about the movies I make and not the size of my bank account. Itʹs about givinʹ somethinʹ to the world . Iʹve got a personal mothah fuckinʹ assistant.because unlike the four of you dirty tramps . I got a manager.myself through college. Iʹz got plenty to give. then step aside. Now. Iʹve studied every aspect of actinʹ you can possibly imagine.and now that Iʹm here . Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 9 .and believe you me.

(Beat.and Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 10 .and she was watching this really sad movie and she started to cry . I should be sweet. has locked herself in a bathroom at a wild party. directly.) I am so sorry. (Beat.but I just can’t wait to leave. I should be proud of where I come from. My family. I hate Jimmy Foster for inviting me in the first place.ARE YOU ALL RIGHT IN THERE? Seriocomic Gina. (Beat. I hate this party. And I feel so … guilty for it.) My hometown. a seventeen-year-old high school student. I am only seventeen. Something is seriously wrong with me. I really don’t. she reflects on her life and the superficiality of those around her. Here. (Beat.) I think it’s graduation.) I hate these people. I wake up in the morning and it just chokes me. She’s evil and she has a bad haircut.) What if I’m nuts? What if I need serious help . I should be happy. I must be the most horrible person in the entire world. She was lying in bed . She blew up like a house. GINA: I’m therapy or something medieval like that? My aunt went to therapy for six months and she totally gained thirty pounds.) I am so horrible. I should do a lot of charity work in the community. I hate my best friend. My friends. I hate my boyfriend. Then she almost choked to death one night. (Panics. (Beat. (Beat. It’s the same house and the same people and the same school I just can’t take it anymore. It’s like this … feeling. I’m graduating in a month and I can’t wait to get out of here. She addresses the audience. (Beat.) But I really hate Brittany Tyler. I’m just kind of emotional right now. I should look back with fond memories and kind thoughts .) I don’t know why.eating a box of Crunch ‘N’ Munch . I have lived here for all of my life.

She sells Tupperware and she’s dating this guy named Bob. I’ll tell you how I really feel about the top of his pointy little head because he was shorter than my patience . you are such a beautiful American girl!” So I looked at him .) “Oh. she almost died. I could be at home right now.) This party is pathetic. It’s a really sick relationship . It’s not pretty. So he slithered his way around the room until he found Leslie. Don Juan.) Puh-leaze.I have been to a football game and I have seen the girl dance. Because he did. Like cat puke or something gross like that.I was standing in the living room and this foreign exchange student kept staring at me with this weird look on his face. She thinks she’s cool because she went to Paris last summer and made out with some French guy at the Eiffel Tower.if you ask me. But she’s okay now . He used to live on a commune and he refuses to take a shower. She has the personality of a cheese grater. She should consider buying herself a little bit of rhythm before she goes to college.anyway. Then he walked away as if it were supposed to shatter my heart into a million tiny pieces. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 11 . I thought he was psychotic. So he started yelling at me in his native language and it freaked me out. She’s been a cheerleader since she was in diapers and she thinks we should worship her because she knows how to jump in the air and do a cartwheel.I guess. curled up in bed and reading Wuthering Heights. He comes up to me and says (Imitates accent. (Beat.I guess one of those little popcorn kernels got stuck in her throat or something .and I told him that he smelled. (Beat. either go home or grow. Trust me . She’s … real. Instead .

I just hung up. She doesn’t care. GIRL: It probably took them three weeks before they even realized I was gone. I wanted to be on my own. My sister. My Mom is cool. No. She won. When I was a baby. She tried to burn the whole house down. I proved her right. There was nothing to do. she tells him about her family life and why she left home. I’m not gonna lie to you.) Sometimes. Real bad. I had to get out of that place. I wish the crib would have burned. I should have left a message. She’s older than me and has a rich husband and a new baby and she prays like a bad habit. Too normal. I called home once but I got voice mail. My life was normal at home. I worry about her little baby. she has interrupted the suicide of a young man who is hiding in the building. She drove me crazy with that religious stuff. so that she can be an only child and have all of the attention for herself. I think she was just jealous. Despite it all. I guess. It sucks. She hates me. has stumbled into the basement of an abandoned warehouse. babe. Inadvertently. But my sister would have just deleted it. amen. Ug-ly. I think she asks God to kill me. Here. She’d lay down with a midget if he had money and shouted “Hallelujah”. Personally. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 12 . Amen. she tried to set my crib on fire. with me in it. That’s why I left. a teenage runaway. I’m not kidding. (Beat. Always talkin’ to God.BABY IN THE BASEMENT Dramatic Girl. I came home with a hickey on my neck from this Mexican guy and she told me I was a whore and that I was going to hell. She might bury the thing in the backyard if she thinks the baby is a sinner. But my sister had it in for me. Look at what I do for money. You should see her husband.

is late to her wedding. So I had to spend half the day looking like Glenda the Good Witch. We missed the plane from Chicago and once we finally got on a plane.BETTER PLACES TO GO Comic Candace. there was no time to go shopping. I decided to try my wedding dress on to make sure all of the alterations had been done properly. She barely takes a breath. she unloads about the horrible time she has had trying to get to the ceremony. CANDACE: Do you know what kind of a day I’ve had? I woke up late.) and my laptop. I went downstairs to ask my dope-dealing neighbor for her opinion and I got locked out of my apartment. Not one single stingy person would loan me a change of clothes. late twenties. fueled with anger. I had to boil bottles of Aquafina and wash my hair in the sink. My hair feels like Crisco because my hairdresser decided to try a new product on me and I swear to you. Nebraska. Of course Maxine had nothing in my size and for once in my life. A necklace my grandmother gave me fell down the drain and is probably lying at the bottom of Lake Michigan right now. they rerouted us to Topeka because of some storm but I Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 13 . it smells like furniture polish. My roommate decided to bring a criminal home with her last night and the guy stole her virginity (Beat. The landlord forgot to inform me that they were shutting off the water in my building to do some repair work. So. so I took the “L” train to Maxine’s house – in my wedding dress and my cat-puke-satin-pumps. I didn’t get a manicure so my hands look like I’ve been clawing my way out of Attica. Stuck in a roadside diner in Grand Island. My cat puked all over my shoes.

And right now. do you?! My own mother is refusing to talk to me because I wouldn’t allow my slutty sister to be in my wedding. a drug addict and a chain smoker. My fiancé thinks I’m a fat cow.don’t see any rain. an alcoholic. My father has been missing for three days and we suspect he’s joined a religious cult in Arkansas. all I want to do is be unconscious! Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 14 .

it warms my heart. It’s always nice to see people so happy together.) You got any matches on you? It gets to a person after awhile. because I’m so sweet. They always leave me a little extra. (The façade is gone. confides in her co-worker her secret to earning big tips in the roadside diner that they work in. Dumb fuckers don’t realize that I’m smarter than them. pat their heads.BETTER PLACES TO GO Dramatic Rosie. It’s their money that I really want. (Beat. I tell people what they want to hear. They give me tips. very convincing:) What a beautiful family you have. I got big plans tonight. (Beat. an embittered waitress in her early twenties. (She pretends that she is waiting on a customer.) Yeah.) I know how to get what I want. You just don’t know.) It’s part of the job. I get them their drinks. ROSIE: People like me. I’d love to set it on fire and watch it burn to the ground. I pretend to be someone that I’m not just to make them happy. Like they’re doing some good deed for the white trash of the world. Really. Ricardo. I’m so sick and tired of this place.) How in the hell did I get stuck in Nebraska? Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 15 . (Beat. It makes people feel better about themselves if they think they’re helping someone who is less than them. I tell the wives they look young and I flirt with the husbands. kiss their cheeks. It crawls all over me like a rash. (Beat. I bring them plates of food. Like poison fucking ivy. I touch their ugly babies.

A large family. Your father owns a fledgling restaurant in Little Italy. You started as a field reporter for an independent television station in Miami. you started working for ABC as a mail room clerk. Here. you went to the Elliott Hotel where you were scheduled to interview Cristina Sanchez. The anchor for the prime-time news. A professor saw your potential for on-camera news reporting based on your (as if she is quoting someone:) articulation and smashing good looks. Your mother helps out when she can. she assures him that she has done her research. Born and raised in New York City. you enrolled in a few television and journalism classes at a city college. She was here in San Diego. Four months ago. Mr. as Miss Sanchez seldom gave interviews. a journalism student in her early twenties has landed a career-making interview with a sexy television reporter who was the first person to discover the murdered body of an international film star. the CBS affiliate in San Diego made you an offer you could not refuse. two years ago. with an occasional field report thrown in to maintain your street credibility. At the age of sixteen. A decent student and product of a parochial school. filming on location. It was an exclusive interview and a very exciting opportunity.CHIMERA Dramatic Jennifer. From there. But she liked you and agreed to do it. When you arrived at the hotel. JENNIFER: But I do know much about you. And finally. From there. but she’s been busy raising four children and taking care of a sick mother. Traditionally Italian. you found Miss Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 16 . it was Houston. Visconti.

There.) By the way. Adam Parker.) Indeed. Mr. As a result. Oh…and call me Jennifer.Sanchez brutally murdered. but instead you went on air and reported your gruesome discovery. Mr. Visconti. several national interviews and prestigious position with a critically-acclaimed television news program. you have been offered a book deal. I’m free for dinner tonight. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 17 . He was prepared to capture the interview between you and Miss Sanchez. (Beat. to write a feature article on you in which I have been instructed to present you as a new American hero. (Beat. as you say. I am here. your camera operator. sent by my editor at The Chicago Extra. I have done my homework. You telephoned the police and returned to the parking lot. met you.

but I wonʹt let that hold me back and I donʹt care much for people who sit around and feel sorry for themselves or blame others for their own lack of ambition. she didnʹt even get to finish high school and she never went to college. Here she tells a close friend about what it is like to be the only black girl in school. not just for me. I knew God was giving me the biggest chance in my life. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 18 . Well. And even though it isnʹt easy . Thatʹs why I thank God everyday for bringing me here.DARLING AMONG THE MAIDENS Dramatic Alisha is sixteen and a student at an all-girl Catholic boarding school. I mean. Rachel. I know what I want in my life and I know what I have to do to get it. ALISHA: I donʹt want to get married for a long time. my Mom . I worked so hard to get that scholarship and I prayed and I prayed and when Sister Josephine called and told me that I could come to school here and that the scholarship was mine. but for my whole family. not after all that Heʹs done for me. of course I do want to fall in love and I want a husband and a family someday…but not until Iʹm ready for it.maybe even the entire county . no one ever makes a big deal out of it.she got married real young and then she had all of us kids. And I donʹt ever want to disappoint God.I mean. See. I got a chance to get things right. but I am the only black girl in this entire school .

Iʹm fine with that.) Iʹm scared of the fighting and the drugs and the guns and the sound of Carlos crying when he thinks Iʹm asleep.Why is it so difficult for him to see beyond all of this? Okay. a drug dealer. Heʹs just really messed up right now. they just see a Mexican. but I wanted something more.) I told him once that he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with . Heʹs so smart. They donʹt understand it.) I need your help. I keep thinking about what I would do if he got killed. But heʹs so much better than all of this. He just doesnʹt believe in himself. He doesnʹt believe me when I look at him and I tell him that I love him. But Carlos is good to me. so he doesnʹt want to be some corporate guy in a tie. (Beat. The guys I went out with before were all about money and their cars and how much their Daddy did for them. If we donʹt save him . Youʹre his mother. Heʹs different than anyone I have ever known. I didnʹt want danger. And Iʹm scared. For him…and for my baby. Here she tells her mother’s boyfriend why she is frightened for him and for his future. My friends think Iʹm crazy for going out with Carlos. I love Carlos more than anything or anyone in this world and I donʹt want him to die. (Beat. Gloria. But Iʹm telling you Gloria. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 19 . Thatʹs why Iʹm coming to you. a thug. (Beat. For me. And he wonʹt stop. He just thinks Iʹm some crazy white girl who felt sorry for him. AMY: What am I supposed to do? I know heʹs in trouble. To them.) I need you to help me. (Beat.FROZEN STARS Dramatic Amy is a college student in her early twenties.and itʹs true.

I just want to be in love. Gloria.) I donʹt want to be a widow. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 20 .(Beat.

She married my father because she didnʹt have a choice. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 21 . (Beat.) Iʹm not going out like that.) Iʹm scared. I donʹt wanna end up like my mother. If you canʹt understand that. Iʹm getting out. My mother has to clean houses for the rest of her life. My father canʹt even read and he hates the world. Look at my family. she is what I will become. I just look at her and I see my future. Here she tells her boyfriend that she has been accepted as a student at Harvard University.FROZEN STARS Dramatic Lisa is a seventeen-year old high school student. Thereʹs nothing left of my mother. Eddie. then itʹs your fault. She hates her life. because she never had one. If I stay here. they donʹt come along every day for a girl like me. Iʹm the first person in my family to go to college. not ever. (Beat. No man is going to hold me back from what I want .not now. does that mean that I donʹt deserve this? I worked my ass off to get into that school. Iʹm getting out of here. I want more than this. I want a career! I want to be successful! I want to be able to stand on my own! Just because Iʹm Mexican and Iʹm a woman. Esta muerto. but a broken heart. Look at where I come from. (Beat. LISA: You donʹt know what this means to my family. But I do. while I still can. I see her face every day of my life and it makes me sick inside.) I donʹt want to be a statistic. I have a chance now and Iʹm not messing this up! My life isnʹt here. My brother is either locked up or fighting in the streets. Eddie. Chances like this.

Sort of like you. an exuberant. Maybe Iʹll even take her to lunch. I didnʹt care much for Miss Jamie Lynn Bolding. But now. It was something foreign and breathtaking. I just never realized it until just recently that this is my calling. Up until last night.PENSACOLA Comic Marie is eighteen. fantastical and very Southern Marie confesses her strategy to become the next Miss Florida. I nearly peed my pants. She was Miss Florida five thousand years ago in 1995 . Iʹm gonna write to her. let me tell you what I found in my studies. And I just loved Miss Jennifer DelGallo. the hair on my scalp stood up when I imagined her performing. a belated letter of support. Some place healthy and Christian. Her platform issue was self-esteem through music and the arts and then she sang opera. But I simply died when I discovered Miss Kristin Alicia Beall Ludecke. MARIE: Iʹve been studying all night to become Miss Florida. I have opted for a more glamorous and socially fulfilling Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 22 . And Iʹll tell her about my plans. Very classy and elegant. I was beside myself. very operatic:) Don’t Rain On My Parade! I swear to you when I read about this. Now. Now she was Miss Pensacola in 1996 and she sang the hell out of (She actually sings this. I wanted to go to secretary school. Couldn’t you just die? She was so brave in those democratic times.and she was wonderful. How tacky. On her first date with a Cuban pizza delivery man. She won way back in 1996 and her talent was lyrical ballet. And her platform issue was the value of the family. around midnight.

) I even cried.) Iʹm gonna become Miss Florida and feed starving children in third world choice. And I was feeding them pizza and they all loved me.) I waved. And the President of the United States of America was there and he shook my hand and he said to me.) I just haven’t told Mama yet. I was wearing a tiara and a sash and I was surrounded by hungry children. (Beat. Miss Marie Baker. in a bathing suit with cute polka dots. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 23 .) There was a video crew there and they shot the whole thing and in my dream it was being sold on television for only $19. (She does.” I smiled. as an American girl. (She stands on the sofa and looks out at an imaginary crowd. I feel compelled to make my dreams come true. (She starts to and stops. a vision I had last night. I saw myself. So. “Miss Florida. It came to me in a dream. you have changed the world. (She does.95.

She’s a broken woman because of what happened to John. the world would be a better place because of him. in Rita’s cramped one-room apartment.) Perhaps I wanted to be close to him on Christmas Eve. Here. everything in my family changed. Marla comes face to face with Rita. All of our hopes for a better life were destroyed. who was recently killed in Vietnam. (Beat. John was the lucky one in our family. (Beat. Through him.) I’m here tonight because this is where my brother’s spirit is. He had the looks and the brains and the ambition to work his way out of our neighborhood. (Beat.) To see the world again. We dreamed because of him. He gave us a beautiful sense of pride. is grieving over the death of her younger brother. we had hope that our mother wouldn’t have to work so hard and our father would be a kinder man. a twenty-eight-year-old black woman. When the news came that John had been killed. John’s widowed wife who is white. John. In this scene. The pain runs deep in my world. We knew that. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 24 . to spend some time with him. the year is 1965. MARLA: You lost a husband and I lost a brother. He made us feel alive.A RUM CAKE FOR RITA Dramatic Marla. It is Christmas Eve. We believed in John. through his eyes. too. She spends most of her days and nights locked in her bedroom and I have to stand by and watch it happen. Rita. someday. My mother couldn’t take it.

missy. He was your one hope. In a house with a tin roof on it. My Simon might not be much of a man and I have to scrape and save just to get by. all sunshine and lovely and ever clever. Even though the son of a bitch is dumber than a box of rocks. the wrong side of the tracks. I said fake. but I see right through you. Sarah Isleton. No matter what you say or what you do. you’ll still be that dirty little girl from that run down shack of a house who tried to marry her way out of a life of poverty. You prance around here like some sick version of Doris Day. you laid down for him because he knew how to catch a football. confronts the woman face to face. who is nineteen. I make no excuses for who I am or where I come from. You clung to Jimmy like electricity because he was your ticket out of the squalid little life that you led. There isn’t any water in that rusted watering can.SKY LINES Seriocomic Fed up with her snobbish and bigoted neighbor. Your father lost his job at the factory and since then your mother has had to wait on tables at a grease spoon just to put food on the table. your one shot at the big time. with your overgrown sun hat and fake plants. The year is 1965. You grew up on the south side of town. Maggie. which is more than I can say for you. but you are certainly no Jackie and you never will be. but at least I live an honest life. like you’re waiting for the God damned Beaver to come home! Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 25 . That’s right. You’re not from Harmonville. He was your Kennedy. MAGGIE: Listen here. You might fool everyone on the block with your high and mighty routine.

SARAH: I imagine Paris is lovely this time of year. The two of you haven’t been anywhere. In fact. Boo hoo hoo. She is nineteen. perhaps you felt that having a baby would give your husband some muchneeded ambition. Sarah attempts to put her two neighbors. sweet Venita. how both of you live these miserable lives. really. (To Maggie:) You’re too concerned that you might miss an Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 26 . I just pray that you never have children. he will make you barren. Maggie and Venita. Have you been there? (Quick pause. You don’t even have the decency to decorate. Blah. starring at an empty sky.) What am I thinking? Of course you haven’t been there. She is standing on her fire escape. in their place. Margaret. driving a forklift for a meager living down at the docks will never make you wealthy. not to mention the history of our country. It’s a shame. Is it too much to ask either one of you to put up a flowerbox? Of course it is. If there is a God. That’s all I ever hear out of the two of you. Poor. You married a man and allowed him to shame an entire race of people. After all. The year is 1965.SKY LINES Seriocomic Angered over gossip she has heard about herself. blah. You two little classless vultures will spend the rest of your lives rotting away on your balconies. good virtues and maintaining my sophisticated sense of style. It’s difficult for me to imagine how you sleep at night with what you have done. It is evident that it is my duty to uphold the dignity of this neighborhood by being a woman of high morals. blah. And Venita. neither one of you would know culture if it fell down and hit you on your empty heads.

It isn’t easy to be a perfect wife. I’m the one with the golden ticket out of here one day. That’s right. wallowing in it like .episode of As The World Turns. Just because I come from nothing doesn’t mean I have to act like it. Go ahead and spout as much hatred as you shit. Margaret. you’re too consumed with self-pity. I said a dirty word. I’m the one with the chance. let me tell you something. What do you have? Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 27 . at least I try. But. You think you know me? Well. (To Venita:) And you. It takes a lot of work to look like this.

But I can’t stop having these crazy thoughts. Here she tells her neighbor and best friend. I feel like a prisoner in this apartment. I should be the happiest woman in the world. Venita. but I expected flowers and poetry and weekend getaways to the country. She sang so much. Even when the doctor came. George and I had a very romantic courtship. she wouldn’t stop singing. we all thought that she was just expressing her faith for the Lord. I sit here all day long filling up my recipe box and making shopping lists and ironing baskets of clothes. Don’t get me wrong. It’s quite possible that insanity is running in my veins. A drive in a convertible with the wind in your hair. Perhaps I’m just a fool. I wait with anticipation for the phone to ring because I find myself craving conversation. Maggie. (Beat. He’s handsome and smart and he comes from a good family.) Maybe it’s me. they took her to a hospital. I hate the silence. Maggie. magic.SKY LINES Dramatic In 1965. VENITA: I imagined my life differently when I was a girl. But. it’s almost too much to bear. (Beat. her throat went dry and she coughed up blood. Something special. It’s as if someone has Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 28 . He was the perfect gentleman. One day. I’ve never seen her since. Maybe I’ve gone crazy. she started to sing. what she expected out of marriage. It was a song from church. Never in my life had someone paid so much attention to me. George. I felt so lucky when we met. Anything to kill the silence. At first. has been ostracized by her family and friends for marrying a white man.) I’m a newlywed. one of her favorites. who is black. A few days later. My grandmother went crazy a few years ago.

Deathly quiet and still. I want to finish and get my degree. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 29 .died and we’re not allowed to speak. In a museum. That’s what my days are like. It would be the end of me. I can’t quit school. this coffin that I’m trapped in. Maggie. Even a restaurant. I’m sure I could find work. It’s choking me. Anything to get out of this apartment. In an office.

We start talking about boys and I just get carried away. “Oh my God. Tommy looks at me with love and moonlight in his eyes. If she knew I was spending the night at his place. I start to sweat and I get real. She hates Tommy.) I have to stop thinking about him and concentrate on your hair or else Jessie will come home and won’t recognize you. real weak. RINDY: I spent the night at Tommy’s last night. (Beat. All of a sudden. I pray to God my mother doesn’t find out. honey. Rindy lives in a small town in the South. I love that man. hot. That’s why Tommy loves me so much. I miss Tommy. During the process. last night. you have the biggest clock I have ever seen!” His Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 30 . You know how I am. But. it was worth it. I screamed at the top of my lungs. (Quick pause. I’ll die before then. We didn’t get much sleep. My hands start to shake. Ali. (Slightly melodramatic:) My mind starts wandering and I see spots. He says to me.) Then. And I do love him. I get real thirsty. It was a real movie moment. “Rindy. I gotta tell you. she confesses about the wild night she has spent with her boyfriend. he was cursed. warm. if you know what I mean. Tommy.God. You know how I hate it when things get all serious and intense and I have to do something crazy just to make everyone laugh? Well. (Beat.) But in other areas…. As far as intelligence goes. she’d probably go mental and kill us all. unbearable:) God. is giving her best friend a makeover. an extroverted and thrill-seeking eighteen-year-old. I rolled over real gently and I stared into his eyes. The son-of-a-bitch doesn’t get off work until four o’clock.STAY Comic Rindy. (Quick pause. did you enjoy yourself?” So.

I swear to you. I have never seen a clock that big.alarm clock. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 31 . Alison. Not even at Wal-Mart. It’s huge and it’s got these gigantic digital numbers and they’re blood red.

But I realized…that it was much colder inside. Then you left me t here. I was begging you to stop. Here. And I couldn’t breathe. I turned away from them all. I was standing in the corner and I was staring at the wall and the music was pounding in my ear. DANA: The orchard. Back to that graduation party where you told all of your friends to be polite to me. It was because they hated me. Your fingers felt like razors.THRENODY Dramatic Dana. I was laying there in the dirt…you were on me and you kept pushing against me. I just wanted to go outside. Jake. early twenties. Do you remember that night? I just remember the dirt. The fucking dirt was in my mouth. I just stood there. Their eyes and their red plastic cups filled with beer and strawberry wine and ice cubes. Both Dana and Jake are heavily addicted to speed and have been up for three days. is trapped in a volatile relationship with Jake. And I was freezing. But you wanted to come. in the dark…so I followed you. in the orchard. but I was choking on the dirt. back inside. I could smell the booze on your breath and it was so sour and it made me gag. I would have dug a tunnel with my bare hands just to get away from you and those people. And I let you have your way. tearing at me. I wanted to reach up and grab this baby blue streamer and tie it around my neck. I just wanted to leave! I wanted to claw my way out of that place. even though it was so cold out there. And choke. she confronts him about the night that he raped her. and all of their eyes were Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 32 . But they kept giving me these looks…dirty looks. I wanted to vomit. I was fighting you. They were all on Monica’s side.

My dress was ripped. It was running down my legs…like my soul was crying. Jake. No one.on me. When I’m sitting here and I’m waiting for you to come home. Didn’t I. Even though I told you no. Not even to the sound of my own voice. I was just a speck of dirt on the wall. Jake? I kept saying no! But you couldn’t hear me. Jake. Do you realize that. You were so messed up that night. because I was full of dirt. Not even you. And I looked down. And that smell…that awful. They knew what you had done to me. Jake? I gave you everything…and you took it! Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 33 . I was just a whore from the city who fell in love with some guy after a slow dance in a cheap bar near the train tracks. From your scratches and scars. And I’m listening to nothing. to try and fix it. I gave that to you a long time ago. And I saw the blood. I can still smell it sometimes. I had to drive us home…and I was still bleeding. I brought us back here so you could pass out and so that I could wash the dirt out of my hair. awful smell of you and their judgment. They were trying to get inside of my head…They wanted me to hate you because they all knew that you were way too beautiful to ever love me. Nobody offered to help me.

too. (Beat. I want you to feel like this apartment is yours.TRY Seriocomic Moments after giving her new boyfriend a key to her apartment. he decided to go back to his wife. They want you to wear the right thing. this place could really be cozy. (Beat. cook all of their meals. I’m spontaneous. twenty-four year old Janessa voices her concerns over her decision. Especially since you have your own key now. you know what I’m like. My credit isn’t what it used to be. you would freak out and run screaming from my life. (Beat. I was devastated.) I changed my name. Do you think I would be good at it? (Quick beat. I like to live life moment by moment.) Two months after we met.) I know my apartment isn’t nearly as fancy as your townhouse. Once they get the rat problem under control here. Well. I was young and foolish and I needed a lot of shoes. I’m not always what men are looking for.) She filed a restraining order against me.) Maybe it’s time to put his picture away somewhere. JANESSA: I was afraid that if I gave you a key to my apartment.) Would you like something to drink? I’ve got a two liter of Shasta in the freezer. Isn’t that crazy? (Beat. Will that do? My ex-boyfriend and I were madly in love. I went a little crazy with some credit cards. (Quick beat. keep a clean house. My real name is Tonya Carlisle. That’s not who I am. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to stand up comedy. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 34 . You know the type. I’d really love to buy a house.

MONOLOGUES FOR MEN Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 35 .

) You can leave if you want to. The kind of pills Shelley should have had with her when they killed her. He was a skinhead and he tried to get down Shelley’s pants in the worst way. She let him do it. (Beat. We smoked out a couple of times together and one time we crashed at this guy’s house. he tells her why and how he is ending his life. (Beat. (Beat. we would have something to look forward to.) I have some extra pills. just so we could be warm. Their illegal. Here. Far away from my parents. (Beat. Shelley kept looking at the fire. right there on the living room floor.) Or you can stay here and watch me die.BABY IN THE BASEMENT Dramatic Boy is a sixteen-year-old runaway who has hidden in the basement of an abandoned warehouse. Inadvertently. (Beat.) Carlos gave me some pills. BOY: I didn’t know Shelley that well. as long as it had four walls.) I want a house someday. Like you and Shelley did. I already took two pills. The guy did her. Carlos got them in Mexico. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 36 . She didn’t care whose house it was. Then. something was about to happen. (Beat. a young woman has interrupted his planned suicide.) I don’t know. My father is a corporate pig and my mother starves herself to death. And a fireplace. It only takes three to kill you. Shelley said she wanted to wake up on Christmas morning in a house. I just had this feeling that something was coming.) I wish we had a plan.) Maybe it was you. like she was some place else. right in front of me. These pills are lethal. I didn’t realize that you and Shelley were that close. (Beat. I was waiting to take the third one. (Beat. It was Christmas Eve.

We can get on that bus tonight at ten-thirty and we can leave Grand Island and we don’t ever have to come back. I feel loved. once and for all.) I know you wanted us to wait a little bit before we finally left. But I can’t wait anymore. I hate everyone here because they all hate me. we’ll be in San Diego. Ricardo. We can walk on the beach and we can put our feet in the water and we can laugh in the sun and we can be together. You’re the only person in this entire world who cares about me. we can get away from here before they turn on you like they’ve turned against me. DEREK: It’s killing me. And in a couple of days. I lay awake at night and I listen to Britney and Nathan beat the hell out of each other and I close my eyes and I pretend that you’re there with me and you’re holding me and I feel safe. (Beat. So if we leave tonight. (Beat.BETTER PLACES TO GO Dramatic Derek is twenty and extremely manic. But if we stay here…My heart can’t take it no more. That’s all Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 37 . I’ll go crazy. (Beat. I’ll take the medication and I’ll try to stop the noise in my head. Not being able to be with you. I swear to God. And I’ll be good there. We can do this.) Maybe I already have. I’d rather let them shoot me dead and murder me than to go another day of my life without being with you. In a roadside coffee shop. I’ll die. I promise. I want that more than anything. And I don’t ever want them to hate you. he expresses his secret love for his best friend. a Mexican bus boy named Ricardo.) I hate this place. And I’ll work really hard and I’ll do whatever I have to do.

If we do.I’ve ever wanted.) Please. Let’s go. I know I’ll still be alive when dawn breaks. (Beat. Tonight. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 38 .

I get lost in my thoughts about you. Let me give you the life that you deserve. (Beat. Everyday. unkind and ugly things that he says to you. He has no idea how wonderful you are. Margaret and it tears me up inside. If you do. Sometimes I sit in my apartment and I wish we were together. You deserve more than this. He doesn’t appreciate you. You need someone who is able to see heaven in your eyes and forever in your smile. you cry. slow dances in the rain. And I hear you cry. You deserve love letters and poetry. Here he confesses his love for her and tries to convince her to end the relationship she is having with an overbearing man. long passionate kisses that make your soul tingle. sensitive artist in his mid-twenties who has just come to terms with his unrequited love for Margaret. You deserve a man who tells you everyday how much he loves you and how beautiful you are. that he would be lost without you.) Let me love you.I ATE LUNCH ALONE TODAY Dramatic Daniel is a bohemian. And I hear words through the wall – harsh words. his next door neighbor. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 39 . DANIEL: Listen to me. I swear. Margaret. You’re the most incredible woman I have ever known. you will never be alone again. Margaret.

I promised you that you would never feel alone again. My God. I wish I could go home to my wife and make love to her with the passion that I feel for you. Would you believe me. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 40 . take a shower and wash each otherʹs backs and drove to work together.) I love you.SLOE GIN FIZZ Dramatic On a rainy night. we would have breakfast together. we came home together and we had dinner and then watched television and talked until we fell asleep in each otherʹs arms. two male co-workers.with your whole heart and soul? (Beat. Christopher? Would you let me love you like that? And would you love me back . sometimes I wish I didnʹt. Marco and Christopher. Marco. a Mexican-American man in his late twenties. And from every day forward. I wish that I could wake up tomorrow morning and never be scared again. I wish I could be the guy that my friends all think that I am. MARCO: What if I walked you home every night? What if we went out to dinner? What if we went away on a weekend trip? What if I moved in here with you and I was faithful and I was good to you and I treated you with respect and I taught you to believe in forever again? What if I took you by the hand right now and pulled you into my arms and allowed myself to make love to you until the sun came up and then in the morning. are drawn together out of loneliness.just as much . he imagines what a relationship would be like with Christopher. And when work was done. is married to a Korean woman whom he does not love. Here.

WILLIAM: I don’t want you there when I die. I don’t want you to spend the rest of your life dwelling on this. Tabitha. Because it would ruin it. I’m telling you…this is more…than I have ever had. “God…that girl I met…you know. Please understand that. I don’t want you to miss me. And you know what…if there is a God…I’m gonna tell Him all about you. I won’t do that to you. all I need is this. pretend I moved away or something. When I go.) …in here. Because she was really sweet to me and she didn’t even know me. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 41 . he tells the love of his life why he does not want her present when he dies. Tabitha. But she cared. Just by knowing that you’re here…that somebody actually cares in this world…that’s all I could hope for. at that diner…well. When I feel myself start to go…I’m gonna close my eyes and see your face…wet with the rain. I don’t want you to hurt. And that’s because she believes in You”. Here.) I don’t think I’ll ever see you again after tonight. (Beat. I just want this…here with you now. How I felt when I first saw you. Don’t you see? I’m gonna have you with me… (He places a hand over his chest.SOMEBODY’S BABY Dramatic William is a young man dying of AIDS. I think she was my guardian angel. Tabitha. This is all I need. I’m gonna say. All of that…will be enough for me. Your words…and your eyes…what you smell like.

the man he loved. Martin. KYLE: I couldn’t help myself. She went and got me another cart. But I stopped because of her eyes – she looked at me and I wondered if she was a widow and if her husband had died and if her children had forgotten all about her and the only reason why she was standing in the grocery store and forcing bites of cheese on people was because she was terribly. I miss your laugh and your voice and your smile and – I pushed the cart down the aisle. Martin – just like you used to and she touched my hand and said. And I kept shoving the cart and it kept stopping and I wanted to ram the cart into the old woman who was standing there giving away samples of hickory flavored cheese in her blue and white checkered apron. I was at the grocery store and I was pushing the cart down the aisle and I was frustrated because one of the wheels on the cart was broken so the cart kept stopping every few inches and it made me angry – you used to always push the cart.STRONGER THAN THIS Dramatic Kyle is in his late twenties. terribly lonely. God. Like she could see it on me and smell it. dear. Kyle contends with his grief by talking to the ghost of Martin. Having lost his partner in a vicious hate crime. “It’s going to be all right.” Like she knew. eating a piece of cheese. And I didn’t say a word to her – why is it that I find it so hard to even speak now – like if I speak and I only hear my voice it just reminds me that it’s quiet now – it’s so quiet and I hate it. I miss your laugh. chewing fast like I was mad at the world and they were playing a song in the grocery store and it reminded me of Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 42 .

Martin. Remember how we would sit here and we would cuddle and everything felt warm and safe and misery seemed ten thousand miles away? God. I bought five pounds. I remember how you used to sit there and eat these and play with the wrappers and the sound would drive me crazy and I would ask you to stop and you would tell me that when you were a kid your grandfather said that he would leave you a candy factory one day because you had such a sweet tooth. But ended up in the candy aisle and they had all these bins of candy and I found these – your favorite. Butterscotch. So I was standing in the store and I couldn’t help myself. So I tried to forget about the song they were playing and I went up and down the aisles.the time we got drunk at that ski lodge and you kept singing that song from Cinderella and you made up dirty lyrics and I made you dance for me. If you were still here. not really sure what I was looking for. I only needed some milk. And two boxes of peppermint tea. I would pour you a cup. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 43 . I miss that feeling.

THRENODY Dramatic Jake. Your eyes…they were so warm to me. I just stood there. We just kept going…back and forth. But I knew that you loved me. I kissed you. Here. Me going to the city. Monica still hates me. JAKE: You know what I was thinking about? How we met at that club…you were a city girl in a black skirt. You coming out here. Then it was back and forth for us. She came into the hardware store the other day and she just stared at me with these icy cold eyes. Both Dana and Jake are heavily addicted to speed and have been up for three days. just the same. She looked at me. Like marbles. Getting wired and staying up for days. is trapped in a volatile relationship with Dana. I could feel your heart…ba-boom…ba-boom…like a heart attack. She wishes that I was dead. like she wanted to spit on me. Then you looked at me. in front of God and everybody. I knew it was going to be this. I was kinda hoping that she would have forgiven me by now. Right there. I had to drive you to the bus depot. Just like my old man. like an idiot. when I first saw you…I knew. And I smiled at her. Living together and making spaghetti. he reminisces about the time they first met. Dana. And I thought you were gonna cry. I remember the first weekend that you and I spent together. early twenties. sipping on a Sloe Gin Fizz…and then I asked you to dance…I gave you my number and it took you two days to call me…but you did. because you usually do. I was supposed to get married when I met you. In fact. No such luck. (Beat. I could tell you were sad. I wasn’t gonna Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 44 .) Dana. Nobody ever looked at me the way you did that day.

She is higher than high. She wants to go to Paris someday because when she was a little girl. but she feels like she’s got to hurry. Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 45 . No way. She wants to write herself a best seller. And she makes these crazy wishes on those glow-in-the-dark stars I put up on the ceiling above the bed.marry a rich girl named Monica. I got me a Dana. She’s scared I might get bored of it all and just say fuck it. her grandmother sent her a postcard and she wanted to crawl inside of the picture. She sees herself up there. She wants to be famous and take me with her on the ride.

Monologues That Kick Ass: Volume One 46 . I want you to let me go.WENDY’S HURRICANE Dramatic The night before he transfers to a new school.) I need to go. ANTHONY: Fine. Don’t give me your feelings. Wendy. It’s getting late. I needed that attention. twenty-year-old Anthony squares off with a young woman who has had an obsessive crush on him. It will never happen again. It belongs to you. it stays here. It was a crazy time for the both of us. When I leave here. and I don’t need you. I really hope things get better for you. I don’t want them. then. I’m getting into my car in the morning. It happened. Don’t you see why I was friends with you? Because you loved me. I’m not taking this with me. When will you hear me? I’m leaving. Don’t do this to me anymore. Wendy. I don’t need them. It’s the truth. I don’t want your life. I had nothing to prove. Wendy. Nobody believes the rumors you’ve started. Things were just mixed up between us. I know that I’m not in love with you. You adored me. I’m getting on the highway and I’m changing my life. We had sex. (Beat. let’s talk about it. And I needed that. That was it.

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