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EwPE/T/114/54/2010 and _EwCON/PE/T/114/45/2010 Bacuvior oF Exec. (Constructoin & Power ENGG.) EXAMINATION, 2010 (ist Year-Ist Semester) ENGINEERING MECHANICS-1 ‘Time : Three hours Answer any five questions. Full Marks : 100 Q1.8) A load of weight 400 N is suspended from a spring and two cords which are attached to blocks of weight 3H” and W as shown in fig. 1(@). Knowing thatthe spring constant is 800 N/m determine the value of W and the un-stretched length of the spring. 10 Q1 b) A transmission tower is held by three guy wires toa pin at A and is anchored by bolts at B, C and D. If tension in wire AB is 3.6 KN determine the vertical force exerted by tower on the pin at A. Refer ig. (b) 10 Fig. 1a Figb Qa) A rectangular plate is acted upon by the forces as shown if fig. 2a. For a= 40" replace the system by a single equivalent force and couple at B. 10 Qd)A piece of sheet metal is bent into the shape shown in fig. 2. Replace the system of forces into an equivalent wrench and specify it completly. 10 QB a) Neglecting friction and radius of the pulley, determine the tension in cable BCD and reaction at support A when d= 80mra. (refer fg. P 3(a) 10 ‘3 b) Neglecting friction determine tension in cable ABD and reaction at C when © = 60° 10 (Q6 a) Determine the centroid for the parabolic spandrel shown in fig. 4a, 10 4b) The homogeneous wire ABCD is bent as showm in fig. 4b and is supported by a pin at B. Knowing tht /~ 8 in. determine the ‘angle 8 for which portion BC of the wire is horizontal. 10 big mm: GP Fig. 2a Fig. 2 Fig. 3a QS a) Determine forces in each tember af Howe roof truss shown in fig. a. 10 Q5 b) For the given loading shown in fig, Sb determine the zero force members and determine the forces in members BC, FJ and JK. Take P= 10 kN and a= 2metres. 10 [Tum over (2) Fig. 6a (Qa) For the frame and loading shown in fig 6, determine the components ofall forces acting on member ABE. 10 (Q6b) Determine whether the block is equilibrium and find the magnitude and direction of friction force when P ~ 200 N and © = 30° Refer fig. 6b. : 10 Q7 a) Block 4 supports a pipe column and rests as shown on wedge 2 in fig 74. Knowing thatthe co-efficient of static friction a all surfaces of contact is 0.25 and that 0= 45°, determine the smallest force P required to raise the black A. 10 (Q7 b) Derive the expression for ratio of belt tension in a pulley drive under friction. 10 (QB a) Determine the polar moment of inertia ofthe area shown in fig. 8a about its centroid. 4 Q8 b) The mechanism shown in fig. 8b is acted upon by a force F derive an expression for the magnitude of force Q required for equilibrium, 06 Fig. 6b