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Avenue 10

By arrangement with

Samuel French, Inc.


By Martin Sherman

Tommy Toliver
Ronnie Nanos
Bobby Hallmark

Chris Beyer David Burton

Colin Rice Michael Blake Oldham
Trent Shreffler Deremy Randall
Directed By

Jessica Burton
Sponsored By

R&R Bar
Crystal Zimmerman

Cast of Characters
(In order of appearance)
Greta.David Burton
Max...Tommy Toliver
RudyBobby Hallmark
Wolfgang GrantzColin Rice
S.S. Officers...Chris Beyer, Michael Blake Oldham
Deremy Randall
Uncle Freddie.....Trent Shreffler
Horst.....Ronnie Nanos
Prisoners...David Burton, Trent Shreffler

Production Staff
Director...Jessica Burton
Stage ManagerColette Hunter

Running Crew: Colette Hunter, Bonnie, Ambers, Aaron Jones, Brendan

Construction Crew: David Burton, Michael Blake Oldham, Jessica
Burton, Bonnie Ambers
Costume Crew: Jessica Burton, Michael Blake Oldham, Bobby
Hallmark, Chris Beyer, Bonnie Ambers
Slideshow: Sirc Michaels
Special Thanks: I would like to thank my cast for making my first
directing endeavor such a pleasure. We went to the edge and beyond
together, and the end result is stellar.

The Cast of Bent

Chris Beyer (Nazi Officer) - Chris would like to thank Avenue 10 for
helping him re-enter the theatre world. Although this is his first show at
Avenue 10 he is extremely thankful to be a part of this piece. He hopes
this touching production will move all who see it. Please enjoy the show,
and always remember the 12 million souls who were murdered during the
David Burton (Greta) - David has been involved in more that 200
productions in college, community theatre, and professional theatre.
"Bent" is the first time he has been directed by his spouse. Look for David
in the role of director for the play "Fat Pig" in March 2009.
Bobby Hallmark (Rudy) - Bobby has recently moved back to Amarillo.
While he was in Tulsa he performed in several musical parodies. He was
last seen at Avenue 10 as Matt in Christ Alive!
Ronnie Nanos (Horst) - Ronnie joins Avenue 10 in the performance
capacity for the second time. He has directed and choreographed at the
venue. Ronnie has been seen on Amarillo stages with the Lone Star Ballet,
TEXAS, and ALT. He has a BA in Dance from West Texas A&M
University and a professional intern completion at The American
Conservatory Theatre. Professionally he has worked across the country
from Walt Disney Resorts, Prathers Entertainment, and the national tour of
"A Christmas Carol". He recently was featured in the CNBC documentary,
"Entertainment In The Cruise Ship Industry" for Norwegian Cruiselines
filmed in New York City. Ronnie is the Co-Owner of R&R Bar with his
partner Kirby Curry.
Michael Blake Oldham (Nazi Officer) - Michael has been very thankful
to Avenue 10 for allowing him to expand his theatre career. He began by
participating in "Macbeth" as Macbeth, then in "Cannibal the
Musical" (Swan), "Grand Guginol", "Rocky Horror", and "The Night
Before Christmas". He would like to thank his friends and mother for their
continual support.

Deremy Randall (Nazi Officer) - Deremy has done many shows at

Avenue 10 including "Christ Alive", "Rocky Horror" and "The Night
Before Christmas". He loves theatre and hopes this show will touch your
life as much as it has touched his. I hope you enjoy this wonderful
production of "Bent".
Colin Rice (Wolf) -This is Colin's third Avenue 10 show. His
participation is motivated by a love of history and an uncompromising
desire for human equality.
Trent Shreffler (Uncle Freddie) - Trent has worked with Avenue 10 since
the beginning basically and has loved it. He's done a large assortment of
shows here and was particularly interested in this show after a visit to the
Holocaust Museum.
Tommy Toliver (Max) - I did not think after Blasted that I would be put
on such an emotional roller coaster, but never say never. Knowing that
there were hundreds of others put into situations like Max, just humbles
me completely. This play has been the most physically and emotionally
demanding show I have ever done; my only hope is that I can accurately
portray the harsh realities and life and times of the misfortunate during
WWII. I thank Jessica and Avenue 10 for this opportunity and dedicate all
my performances to the lives of those that are no longer with us. "Those of
you who may survive, bear witness, let the world know what has happened
here. And to them I will give, within my walls, a Memorial with an
everlasting name "Forget You Not" that shall not be cut off.
Colette Hunter (Stage Manager) - Colette has appeared at Avenue 10 in
"Christ Alive", "Shortsfest", "Cannibal the Musical", "Rocky Horror",
and "Conference of the Birds". She was also the stage manager for
"Blasted". Besides Avenue 10, Colette has also performed at various local
schools, Amarillo Repertory Theatre, and Amarillo Little Theatre and
Dance Academy. She would like to thank Jessica for letting her be stage
manager and work with such a great group of guys.
Jessica Burton (Director) - This is Jessicas first directing experience
outside of college classes. She has degrees in Technical Theatre from
Amarillo College and West Texas A&M University. This show has been a
delight to direct, and she couldnt have asked for a better cast.

Avenue 10s 2009 Season

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By Sarah Kane
February 13 28
Fat Pig
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March 13 28
Tis Pity Shes a Whore
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The New Father
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The Laramie Project
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June 26 July 11
Asylum Voodooscape
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July 24 August 8
All the Great Books (Abridged)
By The Reduced Shakespeare Company
August 21 September 5
Rocky Horror
By Richard OBrien
October 16 31
A Midsummer Nights Dream
By William Shakespeare
November 13 28