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Florida and Local Government Study Guide

1. What is the structure of BOTH the U.S. and Florida Constitutions?
2. Who is in charge of the Florida executive branch?
3. Who is in charge of the Legislative branch in Florida?
4. What is the Florida Declaration of Rights?
5. What does the 10th amendment say about state powers?
6. What is federalism?
7. How does federalism limit government power?
8. What are the three federal government powers called?
9. What are implied powers and what are they also known as?
10. What are expressed [also known as enumerated] powers? (Give 5 examples)
11. What are reserved powers? (Give 5 examples)
12. What are concurrent powers? (Give 5 examples)
13. Who is in charge of the executive branch at the state level?
14. What is the Supreme Law of the Land?
15. What services do the local level of government provide?
16. Who is the leader of the local government?
17. What is an ordinance?
18. What is a city council?
19. Who are county commissioners?
20. What is the purpose of a school board?
21. What are the requirements to run for the Governor of Florida?
22. What are the requirements to run for the State House of Representatives and State
23. What are the ways an amendment can be proposed to the Florida Constitution?
23. What is the only way an amendment can be ratified to the Florida Constitution?