Suggested Format for the Internship Report This document is intended as a guide for students to follow when preparing

their internship reports. Submit the report to the course instructor (J. Flores or D. Wallace) after completing the internship activity: 1) Title Page 2) Table of Contents • Include an entry each main section as identified below (Introduction, Responsibilities, Major Projects, etc. • Provide an entry for each appendix, i.e., Appendix 1: Internship Proposal, Appendix 2: Documentation of Work Hours, etc.) 3) Introduction • Provide background information on the Company (paragraph). 4) Responsibilities • This should be a generalized description of Internship responsibilities (a couple of paragraphs at most). • Include a statement of the number of hours worked, with supporting documents in the Appendix. 5) Major Projects • Write summary descriptions for each major project, report, employee communication, or training packages developed (about a paragraph summarizing each) • Heading Examples: o Cyanide air sampling project o MSDS Inventory o Lead abatement project o Respiratory Protection Training o Compressor House Noise Survey o Acid tank ventilation project o Ergo Hazard evaluations • Provide examples of your work in an appendix (see below) 6) Internship Summary • Include pros and cons of your experience 7) Appendices • Include documents supporting the report, such as: o Internship Proposal o Documentation of Work Hours  A copy of check stubs showing first check and last check is sufficient (black out personal info like SS#). o Supervisor’s Evaluation  If you don’t have a copy, make sure that your supervisor has sent it to the instructors. A letter of evaluation from your supervisor is also fine, since it doesn’t have to be the form found on the Internship website, but it is required to finalize your grade. o Internship Presentation  A “handout” (6 slides per page) copy of the Seminar Presentation 8) Work Sample • Example: Cyanide sampling report to corporate EHS manager, etc.

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