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IDABC Recognition eSignatures

IDABC Recognition eSignatures

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Published by Nicky Santoro
También facilitado por M. Caño y relativo a la firma electrónica ...
También facilitado por M. Caño y relativo a la firma electrónica ...

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Published by: Nicky Santoro on Jan 25, 2010
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From a technical point of view, among the eight issues presented above, two of them are considered
as having a major impact on potential interoperability:

• Signature validation: eGovernment applications are relying on the validation mechanisms
provided by the CSPs they trust. At the National level this can be a problem due to the high
number of accredited CSPs but at the European level, if every application would have to trust
all European potential CSPs, the situation would quickly become unmanageable at the
application level.

• Incompatible use of identifiers: This issue concerns signatures based on certificates where
the application requires that the certificate to contan a specific National/Sectoral/Regional
unique number to identify the signatory of a document.

Preliminary Study on Mutual Recognition of
eSignatures for eGovernment applications

November 2007


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