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Discrimination has returned!

Written by Lily Van Wormer

What if people weren’t treated equally
because they didn’t live the same way
as everyone else? Unfortunately there
are people in this world that live their
lives different than everyone else and
they are looked down upon by society.
In some places people think they have
some kind of illness. Some people
think they are living there lives the
wrong the way. LGBT people are not
seen as equals.

Rights of the LGBTs.
The rights for LGBTs have
changed over the years. There are
different rights for each state. Some
states allow LGBTs to get married and
adopt kids, while other states don’t.
Some States have Rights protecting
LGBTs while other states don’t.
New Jersey is one of the states
that are protecting LGBTs rights. New
Jersey is one of the seven states
including Washington D.C. that got the
highest recognition for “Working
toward Innovative Equality”. Some
other states that got into this ranking
were California,
Colorado, Connecticut,
Oregon, Vermont, and
Washington (Livio).
Surely all the states
should become like New
Jersey and allow people
to live how they want.
They should allow LGBTs
to have rights.

“New Jersey was also noted for
passing a law that outlaws licensed
therapists from performing gay-tostraight conversion therapy on
children” (Livio). Gay-to-straight
conversion therapy can be many
horrible things, but the main horrific
thing it is, that the therapist shock
people until they are no longer gay.
“Currently, 19 states have an
ant-discrimination laws that include
sexual-orientation and gender-identity
protection. Three states have passed
laws protecting just sexual orientation”
(“Lawmakers hear heated testimony
about sex-orientation bill”). So there
are more states passing laws for
LGBTs. Slowly but surely the rights of
LGBTs are transforming to something
better. Luckily there are more rights
for LGBTs than in the past.

How LGBTs are
How LGBTs are treated has
gotten better over the years. America
has been one of the countries that has
changed the way they view LGBTs the
most over the years. We have learned
that it is not an illness and that it can’t
be cured. But other countries are still
sadly thinking that LGBT people have
something wrong with them.

China is one of the countries
that is learning to accept LGBTs. 10
years ago being LGBT was considered
having an illness. Now people have
learned that they aren’t sick. Also in
china you could have be sent to prison
for being LGBT. That dreadful law has
finally been lifted (Harris Dan). China
is slowly learning that LGBTs are just
people and can’t help how they feel.
They are just different than everyone
There was a LGBT couple that
got married in China in Tiananmen
Square. People came to see the
wedding. “Spectators have gathered
to watch the ‘wedding,’ applauding
and wishing the couples well” (Dan).
It’s so wonderful that some people in
China are supporting LGBTs.

In China’s past LGBTs were
allowed and people thought it was a
good thing. They celebrated LGBTs in
fact (Dan). But then people started
thinking, being LGBT was terrible.
They would put them in a prison for no
good reason except for loving
In Delhi there was protest for
LGBTs rights. LGBT people wore mask
to hide their face so their own family
wouldn’t see who they really were.
They were scared there family might
hate who they were and disown them

just because they didn’t live the way
their families wanted them to live. If
these people were caught they could
spend up to 10 horrible years in
prison. The protest was LGBTs trying to
get people to stop discriminating and
push for society to accept them.
Protests were also held in Calcutta,
Bangalore (“Gay rights Protest in
Delhi-A Rare Occurrence”). Hopefully
India will start and eventually accept
LGBTs and realize they can’t help who
they love.

What effects
There are a lot that affect
LGBTs. Some things that affect LGBTs
are religion, age, family, and friends.
Luckily the way people see LGBTs have
changed. The rights of LGBTs have
gotten better because people have
started to realize that they can’t help
who they are and who they fall in love
In the UK they are trying to get
schools built just for LGBTs because
kids will bully LGBTs. The UK wants
schools open for LGBTs so that LGBTs
won’t get things stolen and beaten up
and food thrown at them. Kids are
being bullied so much and are so
terrified what their family will think of
them, they end up commenting
suicide. “Last September 14-year-old
Elizabeth Lowe hanged herself in a
Manchester park because she feared
telling her parents that she was gay”
(“The UK is planning to open its first
school for gay and lesbian students”).
It would be a very wonderful thing for
these schools to be built because the
LGBT kids wouldn’t get picked on and
feel horrible about themselves.

is very upsetting that these kids don’t
want go to school and want to
comment suicide just because they
are different. No kid should ever feel
this way.

LGBTs are more likely to
comment Suicide than any other teen.
Since LGBT kids are getting bullied
they don’t show up to school. So LGBT
kids aren’t getting the necessary
education they need. 28% of LGBT
students drop out because they don’t
think they belong. They aren’t even
finishing school because they are
being treated so poorly. Some LGBT
harmed. (“Gay Bullying Statistics”). It

Most religions think being LGBT
is terrible and it is wrong. Some
religions think it is a sin to be LGBT.
They think that LGBTs are living there
life the wrong way even though they
can’t help the way they are and who
they love.
Ask yourself would you want to
be treated these ways just because
you are different from everyone else.
Don’t look down on people that are
different from you. Don’t treat people
that think different from you poorly
just because you don’t understand
them. LGBTs are humans just like the
rest of us.

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