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EDL621 Internship Planner, Summer, 2014

1. Student name, School/District, Cadre #: Douglas D. Van Pelt, Central City High School, Cadre 29
2. EDL621 Instructor: Sue Rasmussen
3. Cooperating Administrator/s:





Years in
25 years

Mr. Shawn McDiffett
Mrs. Cindy Wells
Assistant Principal
Mr. Ron Hester
Dean of Students
Mr. Darron Arlt
Mr. Justin Anderson
Activities Director

Central City High
Grand Island Senior
High School
Grand Island Senior
High School
Central City Middle
Central City Public


33 years

14 years


21 years

6 years


23 years

11 years


16 years

3 years

15 years

4. Learning Goals and Statement of Rationale of how you will be engaged in leadership during your internship, including your learning
goals (not activities.) The Internship requires a minimum of 80 contact hours; at least 15 hours (2 days) of which must be in a diverse
setting [See previous explanation]

 The ‘big picture’ for my internship will be to experience the role of a leader in implementing new programs.
o Rationale: effective school administrators should always be ‘searching’ for ideas/programs/technologies to improve student learning
in their schools. The world around us is constantly changing; schools must adopt the philosophy of leading the change rather than
reacting to this change!

 My primary goal will be to create a much needed ‘summer school’ program at Central City High School
o Rationale: during the past ten years, I have witnessed many students who have failed to successfully complete classes their freshman
and/or sophomore years and are forced to retake these classes during subsequent sessions. This eliminates opportunities for these
students to enroll in elective offerings that would enrich their school experience and in some cases leads to the student being

discouraged and possibly dropping out of school. A summer school program would help these ‘at-risk’ students stay ‘on-track’ and
provide time during the school year for courses that these students are more interested in.

 My secondary goal will be to develop a deeper understanding of student scheduling and the nuances to piecing together a ‘master
o Rationale: I believe administrators need to be capable of creating class schedules for their building; adjusting class sections and staff
assignments to provide for the best possible learning environment for all students. Working hand-in-hand with guidance counselors, I
see scheduling the first key piece for principal to craft into an engaging educational setting.

5. Diversity Requirement: The Internship requires a minimum of 15 hours (2 days) of which must be in a diverse setting. Diverse Setting
means with a diverse population outside your experience and represented on the EDL Diversity Wheel. See section on Diversity
Requirement in the syllabus. Please provide a rationale as to how you plan to meet this requirement.

 The primary diversity goal I have for my summer internship is to develop my understanding of the role of a school leader has
engaging ‘at-risk’ students.
o Rationale: educational leaders must develop strategies to provide a quality education for all students … I believe this mission
statement with all my heart. A large population of children who often have a need for alternative strategies are students from low socioeconomic backgrounds

 A secondary diversity goal for the internship is to grow my understanding of poverty and to develop methods to address the unique
challenges these ‘at-risk’ students face
o Rationale: I have not truly experienced the challenges many families face, therefore, I want to continue to develop my understanding
of these issues and to develop a number of diverse instructional methods/resources/strategies. This will allow me leadership options to
best provide the quality education that all children deserve.

6. List of supporting & engaging activities, by site and/or Cooperating Administrator: The Internship requires a minimum of 65 contact
hours plus 15 hours of diversity experience. Please include your plan for both requirements.
 Goal #1: to develop a deeper knowledge of the demographics of struggling students in Central City Public High School

I plan to use the Nebraska Department of Ed. website, the CCHS Principal and Guidance Counselor, the CC Chamber of Commerce and any
additional resources to glean pertinent information

 Goal #2: to observe and interview participants in several regional public agencies that deal with diverse clientele

I plan to visit at least three local/regional groups to learn their function and how they help migrant and diverse families

 Goal #3: to observe and participate in the creation of the master schedule for 2014/2015 at Grand Island Senior High School

I plan to spend at least five half-days observing and inputting student registration data into the GIHS Infinite Campus student accounting

 Goal #4: to observe, discuss and help administer the Summer School program at Grand Island Senior High School

I plan to spend at least five half-days observing the program … Monday, June 2 – the first morning of school to see how it is set up (4 hours);
Tuesday, June 10 – during the second week to observe how it has developed (4 hours); Monday, June 23 – the final week of the program to see
how it is wrapped up

 Goal #5: to create a comprehensive Summer School proposal for Central City High School with suggested implementation in the
summer of 2015

I plan to interview Central City Public Schools’ High School and Middle School Principal regarding the development of a summer school
program for CCHS. I will also incorporate questions on the GISH summer school focus into my internship experiences in Grand Island.


With information gained from my experiences and interviews, I plan to develop a preliminary proposal to present to the CCPS school board by
December of 2014.

7. Reading Support: You are expected to support your learning by reading a book of your own choice that supports your learning needs.
Option 1: Book Analysis: I will be supporting my internship by reading the book:
 “Engaging Poverty with Students in Mind”, by Eric Jensen
o (2013) ASCD Alexandria, VA. 176 pages
Shawn McDiffett

Cindy Wells
Ron Hester
Amanda Levos

Central City HS

Grand Island Senior HS
Grand Island Senior HS
Multicultural Coalition

Leadership Activities/Timeline


Developing a basic curriculum for summer
school at CCHS using ‘Odysseyware’

Computer, access
to Odysseyware

Observation and possible input of student
class registrations to gain experience with
Observe and help administer the Success
Academy Summer program at GISH

Computer, data

S; O; C/P
1.1; 1.2; 1.8; 3.3; 4.2; 4.7
S; O
1.3; 1.6; 3.3

Computer, data

S; O

Attend monthly board meeting

1.3; 1.6; 3.3
S; C/P

Joanne Garrison

Welcome Center

Observe and help with daily activities

1.1; 1.2 4.1; 4.2
S; C/P

Chuck Griffith

Merrick Foundation

Help with disaster (tornado) clean-up efforts
in Pilger, Nebraska

1.1; 1.2; 4.1; 4.2
4.1; 4.7

Contact Name
Ron Hester

Diversity Site
Grand Island Senior High

Joanne Garrison

Welcome Center

Amanda Levos

GIPS ELL coordinator

Miguel Garcia, Victor

Mexico to U.S. instructors

Diversity Experiences
Intended Experience
Develop relationship skills with students who differ
ethnically, racial, socio-economically
Develop an understanding of the process new families to
the area go through such as initial placement assessments
and interviews, registration for adult English classes, etc.
Observe discussion with Multicultural Coalition board;
Migrant State Parent Advisory Council
Coordinate ‘Mexico to U.S.’ educational differences


NOTE: Please type the plan prior to meeting with your Internship Instructor. Remember: The Internship Plan is a requirement for the
EDL Program. All Plans must be completed and approved by your Internship Instructor prior to implementing the plan.