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Seth Rullmann

English 91

Restrictions of LGBT

Just another day he thought
to himself as he peeled himself
from his bed and sluggishly got
dressed, making sure not to wake
his baby sister whom he shared his
room with. He begins his normal
routine; Take a shower, get
dressed, eat his cereal, take his
"medication", and leave. But today,
abnormality ensued. As he finishes
taking his "meds" he is stopped by
his mother on the way out. "Good
morning Vanessa. Uh, I mean, good
morning Alex." she says, with her
not-so-good save. But he ignores
her and leaves to go to school.
Just another, normal,
business as usual, day where
nothing has changed since
yesterday he thought again. He
recoiled after being pelted by
spitballs and called a sissy on the
He arrives at school and
everyone scatters, nobody will sit
within 2 desks of him, won’t even
be within 5 feet or talk to him. But
people stared, stared and stared
and stared. After school she takes
some more "meds" in the
bathroom. After leaving he is
confronted by 4 men. They beat
him within 3 inches of his life
shouting "Disgrace" and "Heretic"
and other such names. They tore
up his sleeves to reveal tons of
scars and bruises to which the

bullies promptly laughed at, calling
him "weak" and "emo". Then his so
called “best friend” Samantha
comes over and sees this. And
immediately poured her lemonade
on his arms, causing excruciating
Nobody accepted him
especially not today. Because today
was different, not some person
doing the same old thing that
happens every day, but this person
was different than yesterday
because this person used to be a
she but had a sex change
operation. Because while on the
outside Vanessa had been a
female, she was a man inside and
now has a physique to match. This
is quite astonishingly the normal
way for a transvestite to be treated
in these sad times, equally
shocking is the horrific treatment of
the whole LGBT spectrum on a
daily basis.

Other Societies

So sayeth “Gay Rights”
"Homosexuality has existed
throughout history and has enjoyed
short periods of open acceptanceeven celebration-among certain
cultures (For example, in ancient
Greece and Rome)". The treatment
of Homosexuality differs depending
on where and who you are.
Horrifically, many cultures decide
to outlaw homosexuality and have
great disdain toward LGBT, usually
as a religious result of its version of
'traditional marriage' and LGBTs
don't technically following those
guidelines. It’s actually completely
illegal and punishable by death or
imprisonment in quite a few Middle
Eastern and African countries.
(“Gay Rights”). But this sort of

treatment is at least quick and
done, the day by day treatment of
LGBT in our own society is terrible
on a good day.

Our Society

There are many LGBT people
who must endure similar if not
worse torture to that of ‘Alex’ every
single day because of the way we
view LGBT as a culture. Even the
original word used for LGBT and
such was Queer, which by
definition means either:
strange/odd, or to ruin/spoil.
Sounds like something one would
hear proclaimed at a gay rights
The root of the problem
comes from the Christian faith
which, as all are reminded many
times, states that marriage is the
bond between a man and woman
that would imply that marrying
otherwise, such as a man and man
or woman and woman, is a heretic
action against God, which is the
common undertaking of the
concept. Controversially this is not
the case, for love trumps all
Another part of that is when
transsexuals have their operation
to change their gender. This is also
taken as an act against God for
denying what the lord hath given
thou. Studies by the McCreary
Centre Society (1999) show that
34% of queer youth have been
threatened with violence and 17%
have been physically assaulted.
These are serious problems faced
by LGBT teens every day yet
everyone averts their eyes and
refuse to see the beauty and worth
of that which they strike against.

Leaps in judgment

However, throughout the
years LGBT have been slowly
gaining their rights in America for
long time. The “Don’t ask don’t
tell” policy made big leaps for the
progress of LGBT and all the rights
movements are definitely helping.
There are many organizations like
McCreary who are studying and
trying to fix these atrocities toward
LGBT and try to help individuals
who have been bullied with their
mental state.
In the end, it’s up to people
with open minds and open hearts
to help LGBT in its final stretch to
escape from the deep depths of
severe oppression. Horrible it is
that this may never be the case for
it has reached the point at which
the idea that gays are unnatural
has been drilled into too many
heads and therefor, is no return.
Nothing is fair, never has been,
never will be. Only balance can
ever be achieved. However the
scale is tipped far beyond the
might of a few people brave
enough to come out because they
will not even have the support of
Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and
Transsexuals but for from the
shadows because the fear and
ramifications of revealing one’s self
as LGBT are too severe and any
member identifying as part of nontraditional forms of love, are scared
of them. Many people discriminate
and oppress LGBT simply for being
different or odd, but as Dr. Seuss
said “You have to be odd to be

number 1.”

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