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Research Activity: Careers

Occupation Profile Page

Name: ________________________

Speech-Language Pathologists

Tell us about the
job using the
description on the
profile page
(Summarize the
description in
your own words)

They help and treat the person with speech, language,
vice, and fluency disorders. Might use research to
related to speech and language problems. Might select
communication systems band teach their use .

What else is this
job called?

 Voice Pathologist
 Speech Correction
They diagnose and treat speech disorders. (Stuttering,
hearing problems that affect speaking ability, speech
difficulty caused by injury or illness, or mental problems
that prevent understanding words or sentences. Or help
those who want to improve their speaking skills. Many
work in schools helping children with speaking

If your occupation
has a video, watch
Summarize what
you learned about
this occupation
from the video.
What cluster is
this occupation
(job) a part of?

This occupation is part of the Healthcare Practitioner
and Technical cluster

List what they do.

List their
List their work
List the things
they need to

Norris, 2015

Use computer plication to identify or assist with
communication disabilities
 Conduct Lessons or direct educational or
therapeutic games to assist teachers dealing with
speech problems
 Develop speech exercise programs to reduce
 Design, develop, or employ alternative diagnostic
or communication devices or strategies
People who work in this occupation generally have the
interest code: SIA.
This means people who works in this occupation
generally have Social interests, but also prefer
Investigative and Artistic environments.
People who work in this occupation generally prize
Relationships, but also value Achievement and
Independence in their jobs.
 English Language
 Psychology
 Customer and Personal Service
 Education and Training
 Therapy and Counseling

Research Activity: Careers
Occupation Profile Page

List the things
they need to be
able to do.

What preparation
is required?

List the common
college majors.

List the industries
that employ this

List similar

Norris, 2015

Name: ________________________

 Active Listening
 Reading Comprehension
 Learning Strategies
 Speaking
 Social Perceptiveness
 Critical Thinking
 Monitoring
Most of these occupations require graduate school. For
example, they may require a master’s degree, and some
require a Ph.D., M.D., or J.D. (law degree)
 Communication Sciences and Disorders, General
 Speech-Language Pathology/Pathologist
 Audiology/Audiologist and Speech-Language
Pathology/ Pathologist
 Communication Disorders Sciences and Services,
 Offices of Other Health Practitioners
 Nursing Care Facilities
 Home Health Care Services
 Individual and Family Services
 Merced College
 CUNY l Hunter College
 Social Work Speech-Language
 Communication Sciences and Disorders, General