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March 03, 2015

NB Curriculum Outcomes
Grade 4 Math
N5: Describe and apply mental mathematics strategies, such as:
skip counting from a known fact
using doubling or halving
using doubling or halving and adding or subtracting one more group
using patterns in the 9s facts to determine basic multiplication facts to 9 ×
9 and related division facts.

Teacher's Instructions

Divide the students into 3 groups. Have them come up with a
team name. One person from each group comes up to answer a
question from each page! Make sure everyone gets a turn to
help their team. The goal is to further everyones knowledge on
multiplication in a fun and engaging way!
- Points can be tallied on a whiteboard (1 point per answer)
- Allow a student struggling to answer a question to ask their
teammates for help (make sure you explain to them that they
cannot give the answer)
- Ensure everyone has paper and pencil ready
- Ensure all students who give an answer, give their reasoning
as to how they got the answer before they sit down, so others
understand as well.

March 03, 2015
Page 6 (matching game):
- Read the instructions listed and elaborate.

- Guide a student to drag and drop the correct answer (in black) to one equation (in blue). Make sure different students
Page 7 (guitar count):
- Read the description on the page, elaborate, and explain
- Answer any questions before beginning

- As there are 3 teams, tell the students that you will recite an equation and need the teams to write down their answers
- The second fastest team will answer the second question

- The last team will have a bonus chance to come up with another equation that equals the same answer (8) - two optio

Page 8 (city scape arrays):
- Read the instructions on the page, elaborate, explain. Show an
example with an equation not on the board and erase it.
- Students will use the pen (of any colour) to draw their answer in
squares. make sure one person from each team is elected to draw it. If
they are unsure, they can take a guess, draw what they think, and
hand the pen to the next teammate who will edit it until the whole team
- If there are three markers available, allow 1 person at a time from
each team to answer. One team answers one question!
Page 9 (beat the clock):
- Set the clock when you say "go" and the students have yelled out
both numbers seen on the rolled die
- The team who comes up with the answer, raises their hand, you pick
based on who was fastest, and allow them to write their answer in the
star. If incorrect, the next team can go.
- Students will write their answer in the star shape. If wrong, erase and
allow another group to try.
Page 10 (congratulate):
- Congratulate all your students on a job well done! Announce who
won based on the scoring on the board. Prizes can be handed out.

March 03, 2015

Game Show

Can you find the answer
that matches a blue











March 03, 2015

How many acoustic guitars are there?
What two numbers can we multiply to
equal the total amount of guitars?
________ X _______ = _________

Help add windows to the
The architect gave us an equation! The amount of
windows you draw needs to be equal to your answer!


Draw a square for each window!



March 03, 2015

Can you beat
the clock?
Click both dice, solve the equation
and write your answer in the star!
> You have 1 minute <