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Get Ruined
Written by Krista Martin

Forced Child Marriage
is an international crisis
In a single moment how
would someone be able to sell their
daughter to a stranger?
Internationally parents are selling
their daughters to men and forcing
their daughters into marriage at as
young of an age as 8, forcing their
daughter or daughters to marry
men that are decades older than
their daughter.
Forced Child Marriage is not
only a crisis but it’s also and
international crisis. According to
Day of the Girl, an organization
that tries to respond to crises,
a few of the highest number of
forced marriages occurred in
Niger, Chad, and Mali. They are
the most common places for
forced marriages and so the
marriage rates in Niger, Chad, and
Mali are at about 70%. From
current research it seems like the
highest number of forced
marriages are mainly in Africa.
Africa isn’t the only place
dealing with forced marriages. As
Alissa J Rubin published an article

and she mentioned that forced
child marriage was not
limited to just Afghanistan.
The number of forced
marriages is inclining each
year, this horrific event can’t
be stopped easily since it
is international, and it’s in Africa
and all the way to South Asia and
more countries. The truth about
this crisis is that it will continue to
get worse, it will spread, and more
children will be stripped of their
childhood and families, and
children will be forced to grow up
at such a young age.

The crisis’s growth
over years
This crisis has made more progress
in these last few years forced child
marriage has only inclined.
“Overall, the Moudawanais
perceived as a considerable step
forward for women’s rights, yet
study findings show that current
policy provisions are not effective
in abolishing forced marriages”
(Sabbe). Many efforts have been
tried to end forced child marriage
but no matter what people do the
number of forced marriage still
finds a way to quickly incline.
According to Day of The Girl, It is
estimated that 25,000 girls get
marriage every day. That’s 25,000
girls a day that are forced out their
families and are forced to grow up
too fast, the girls that are forced to

marry men often get
abused. If we the people
don’t take forced child
marriage into our own
hands, the number will
continue to rapidly rise and
more children will suffer.

Stripped Of Their
The question that is often
asked when people are aware of
this crisis is ‘why are they forced to
get married at such a young age?’
The women are forced into
marriage because the children are
wanted to be virgins when they get
married. According to Day of the
Girl, “Virginity is a symbol of honor,
both for the girl and her family.
Families often marry off a daughter
so early so that when she does
start to have sex, it is with her
husband” (Child Marriage). Since
the girls’ virginity is such an honor
the parents sell the daughter and
she is then forced to not only be
married but she is forced away
from her family, has to endure the
abuse, and is also stripped of her
The pain, the horror, and the
terrific event of being forced to
develop into married women is
not a joyful event for these young
women. Mentally and physically
these children are not ready to
give up their childhood, bear
children at such a young age, and

they aren’t prepared to be beaten
and abused. “Her husband’s
family used her as a servant,’
Every time they could, they found
an excuse to beat me’ she says.
‘My brother-in-law, my sister-inlaw, my husband, all of them beat
them, the abuse and leaving their
families is not a pleasurable event
for them.
Forced child marriage will not
get better unless we do something,
Today about 25,000 innocent
children were stripped of their
childhood and we all went on our
day living the life while young
children around the world are
suffering every day.

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